Making The Band 3

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Making The Band 3

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Diddy is at it again. The failure to form a hot group in Making the Band 2 made Diddy try it again. This time he has searched for the best dancers and singers around the states to form a hot, sexy, talented all-girl group. At the end of season 2, Diddy choose his supergroup: Aubrey, Aundrea, Dawn, Shannon, and D. Woods. The third season begins when the girls move into a new house, and continue to work on their act. The name of the group is Danity Kane. The theme to the third season is the Danity Kane song "One Shot (Handle Me)", a track from their debut album.


    MTV dances with Sean Combs' pilot


    Kennedy to do reality/written series for MTV

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    • I love this show and I could watch it over and over again but it’s not on TV enough in the UK.

      I liked the 1st season and I personally think that Diddy could have made a band with Aubrey, Aundrea, Malika, Aileen and Martii – but they were my favourites so I would say that. At the same time, I’m glad that they made a 2nd season because it was as good as, if not better than, the 1st season. I’m glad that Aubrey and Aundrea stuck around and that they didn’t fade into the background and leave you thinking ‘where were they this episode?’ I think the band that Diddy made (finally!) is really good and I especially love Aundrea (sooo talented. I liked the third season following the band and I hope that Danity Kane become superstars!moreless
    • Good

      making the band 3 is about ( you probably guessed) making a band. p diddy is trying to set up this all girl super group on tv and it is a very good show. the girls all have to train so that they will make the band it is a good show but at times it can get extremely boring but most of the time it is okay. in the united kingdom it airs om mtv uk at 7pm or 8pm i cant remember as it wont be back on for a couple of weeks. overall id say it is a good show.moreless
    • A show where people are picked from obscurity, people who can sing and dance that is, and get to train for a chance to have a record contract with a record companymoreless

      The show only gets a 5 because the show is nice to watch, but after the show ends the bands disappear. I know Diddy, is a mogul but isn't he most famous for music, what's happening with the music. The Band from making the band 2 disappeared quietly, then chopper came back with a single, and disappeared, now the new band, which doesn't even have a name, and if it does I don't know what it is, I think they had one song, that got onto the radio, which was cherri deniss's song, but they came out months after the band was announced, and after all that, work and time, especially for those three girls who came back, and the two that made it from there, it just seemed like a waste of time. I hope Aundrea and Aubrey did like malika and came out with a CD, and for the other girls Shannon Dawn and Wanita, look out for yourself. Also why does everyone seem to keep leaving diddy and Bad Boy? Although B5 seems to be doing somewhat okay, because they hooked up with Disney. But do they have to dance in every video, all throughout the video. They can sing, just do that sometime. If Diddy loses these girls, or doesn't do them right, then he deserves to lose them, Diddy is a businessman, and I can respect that but 3 seasons, this show has been on for three seasons, and there is no song, no video, nothing. And whatever happen to tiffany, the little girl with the big voice. You know the one whose hip popped out of place after she had to run 6 miles. What does running 6 miles have to do with singing and dancing. You can't say endurance, because Lori-ann handled that part. Diddy showed me something in the video episode of making the band 3 he said "Danity Kane," the girls new name, worked even harder than him in the beginning. And that was something. I still meant what I said about the other bands, but him saying that was enough to garner even more respect.moreless
    • im serious who let these girls on a stage

      some one needs to tell them that they suck and cannot sing they are the worst singing group ever diddy needs to just give up and start making the bad 4 because this is the wrost season ive ever watched this show is probably worst then american idol i dont mean the show is bad i mean the season is bad the cd is coming out soon im sure they wont go platnium and if they sell 100 cd that will suprise me there voices need tuning .thanks diddy for giving people a chance to become starts but no thanks for making the worst season ive ever seenmoreless
    • It's an interesting 30 minutes to view a struggling group of girls attempt to make their mark on the world of R&Pop...

      As an avid music fan, particularly of top 40, it's easy to fall prey to this type of television. Each of the girls has a different personality, and there is at least one that will relate to for any fan.

      But what's most interesting is the "inside look" so to speak into the music industry. To see things how they are really done, and more importantly, how people can deal with the pressure. I enjoy watching the recording sessions, shows and the meltdowns that will hopefully all add up to a hit album.

      If anything, it's worth watching if nothing else you like is on. Trust me -- you get hooked fast.moreless
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