Making the Band 4

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  • Season 3
    • 4/30/09
      Danity Kane's demise is reviewed. Previously unaired clips of Aubrey, Dawn, Aundrea, Shannon and D. Woods are shown to provide insight on why the band broke up.
    • 4/23/09
      Sway Calloway hosts this look back at the season. Included: Day26 perform songs from their sophomore album.
    • 4/16/09
      In Part 1 of the 2-Part Season Finale, Diddy officially relieves Aubrey, D. Woods, Shannon and Aundrea from their Danity Kane contracts- leaving Dawn all alone. Meanwhile, Qwanell must stay in New York while Day26 and Donnie headline on a major cruise.
    • Judgment Day
      Episode 18
      The fate of both Danity Kane and Day26 is determined when Diddy arrives and tells Que that he might be out of the band.
    • Fight Night
      Episode 17
      Tensions finally mount, resulting in a confrontation between Que and Brian. Day26 has to decide if something is wrong with Que and what exactly to do.
    • Spiral
      Episode 16
      Things go from bad to worse for Day26. Que gets into two brawls and the group has to talk it out or risk losing it all. Meanwhile, Donnie is relieved at the news that his second album request has been approved.
    • The Curse
      Episode 15
      Diddy wonders if there's a "Making the Band" curse when Que and the band continue to argue.
    • Leader of the Pack
      Episode 14
      Tempers flare as money problems continue to plague Day26. Feeling the pressure especially hard is Que, who lashes out at Will. The gang has to pull it together in time for a new gig. Meanwhile, Dawn and Aundrea are fed up with the dirty living conditions of the guys' apartment.
    • 3/5/09
      Day26 is fed up with having to wait on legal paperwork before being able to get back into the studio. Tensions mount, causing an explosive fight between Que and Brian.
    • 2/26/09
      Diddy hooks the boys of Day26 and Donnie up with a penthouse suite in New York. Choosing to spend more time with his son, Kavion, Will brings him to the house for a visit. Meanwhile, Dawn and Aundrea head to San Francisco to fill their Danity Kane obligations and try and lure Shannon back into the group.moreless
    • 2/19/09
      Day26 starts work on two new songs while Donnie focuses on promoting his album. Meanwhile, Aundrea returns and tries to mend the situation with Dawn.
    • 2/12/09
      While the boys of Day26 head to London to perform in a show, Dawn and Donnie contemplate their futures at BadBoy.
    • Get an inside look at the fate of Danity Kane, fan reactions and an exclusive look at the rest of the season.
    • Live Finale
      Episode 9
      After Diddy announces that Aubrey is no longer part of Danity Kane, the rest of the girls must determine if they're willing to leave as well. In the live Season Finale, Sway goes behind the scenes to delve deeper into the details of what caused Danity Kane problems.
    • Damaged
      Episode 8
      After a trip to TRL to wrap up the tour, Diddy rewards the groups with a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Meanwhile, Donnie promotes the release of his debut album before everyone meets with Diddy. At the meeting, Diddy discusses the fate of Danity Kane.
    • Sex & the Diddy
      Episode 7
      Danity Kane films their fourth music video, "Bad Girl", will a little help from Missy Elliott. Meanwhile, the boys of Day26 decide to heat up their presence on stage.
    • Three-Way Split
      Episode 6
      Donnie Klang shoots his first music video with the help of Diddy, while Danity Kane and Day26 go their seperate ways for a portion of the tour.
    • Hit the Road
      Episode 5
      The groups head out on the road for their tour. Along the way, Que and Dawn try to connect while Dawn's father visits.
    • Showtime NYC
      Episode 4
      Donnie Klang, Day26 and Danity Kane perform in their first show on the first day of the "MtB" tour.
    • Breakdown
      Episode 3
      Laurie Ann and Bryan clash in the dance studio, while Aubrey and D. Woods party during Fleet Week.
    • 8/26/08
      Diddy is hard on the bands, leaving Aubrey and Donnie feeling especially upset.
    • 8/19/08
      In the season three premiere, Laurie Ann Gibson returns to take Danity Kane, Day26 and Donnie Klang's dance skills to a whole new level.
    • Greatest Hits
      Greatest Hits
      Episode 1
      The members of Danity Kane and Day26, with the help of Donnie Klange, look back at some of the greatest moments in MtB4 history.
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  • Season 1
  • Season 1