Making the Band

ABC (ended 2002)


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  • Season 3
    • Band of Brothers
      Band of Brothers
      Episode 10
      It is time for O-town's next album to be in production and be released soon. When a critic says bad things about them though, O-town really wants to know who they are, and if they can prove themselves. They are called manufactured, blended, and packaged. O-town now feels it is time to take a stand and they want to write for the next album, and prove they care about their music. The only question is; will Clive Davis be convinced they can make a hit record?moreless
    • Jacob's hits...or misses
      The boys try writing, but don't know if Clive will like it. Everyone is able to write their songs, but Trevor struggles to find the words to write.
    • A Furor in Germany
      The guys go to Germany, and presents it in a movie form. The fans are crazy...maybe more crazy than anything. The guys do a concert. Ashley wanted to connect with his fans by speaking in German, but he told them his Grandfather comes from big oranges. He gets lost the next morning. A girl offers him to where he has to go. She takes him everywhere but the hotel. He meets a bunch of fans, and eats dinner. Meanwhile, the boys are having a lot of fun at the hotel without Ashley. Ashley trades his shirt, and then his pants. There is a homing device on his pants, so the fans could track him to the concert. Mike gets asked by a doorman if Ashley never comes back, if he could join the band as Ikaika. The boys get kicked out of the hotel because of the fan's loudness. Ashley finally meets up with the guys, and they do another concert.moreless
    • Breaking the Band
      After Ashley has some technical difficulties on-stage, and doesn't tell anyone, the boys blow up on him. The boys get some days off. Dan, Jacob and Erik just hang out. Ashley goes to Hollywood to try to get a role in a movie. Trevor spends some quality time with his Dad in NY. Ashley is forced to decide between acting and O-town. The movie shooting is 5 weeks, and he can't stay in the band and get five weeks off. Meanwhile, Trevor and his Dad visit where he used to live. They go to his old church, and Trevor gets heartfelt when his Dad starts talking about his dad. In the end, the boys are still together.moreless
    • All For The Fans
      All For The Fans
      Episode 6
      All for the fans right? O-town are followed by a couple of fans with missions to find out about O-town. They must get some skin from O-town, find out about underwear, get into Jacob's mind, follow O-town into a photo-shoot, and get them to describe the perfect kiss. Both the fans try to get kisses-and Trevor kisses one of them.moreless
    • Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This: Total Request Live
      After a concert, Jacob is mad because Erik winked just like he does. Erik explodes and yells. Later, the boys do a TRL show devoted to them. They are quizzed on questions about themselves which are revealed by their Moms. Jacob sang a song "Inchworm" with his zipper down and shirt sticking out, Erik posed a Ladies-man pose at age 4, Trevor's Mom sold his Fido doll, Ashley got his first kiss in a science classroom, and Dan used to play a game where he was "he-man."moreless
    • Going To The Chapel...
      O-Town does a contest for a local radio station. The girls fight over a date with their favorite boy. The boys have to choose which girls will be able to be in the contest by judging them from audition tapes. They choose 3 girls for each guy. The 3 girls will have different contests to see who will win a date with their dream O-Town guy.moreless
    • Time Off (Looking For Love)
      The boys get a free weekend at a Salt Lake City cabin. Each brings a girl except Trevor. Ashley and Jacob help him out by each bringing an extra girl for him. They have fun being with their girlfriends and hanging out. One night, they decide to play under the blanket with Trevor. The object is for the people to ask for one thing on his body. It is always the blanket, but Trevor doesn't figure this out and gets down to his boxers before realizing. After trying to get Trevor hooked up the whole weekend, he finally gets one of the girls' numbers.moreless
    • Making the Singer
      The guys get a turn-around, and get to judge 5 guys. They have to pick the best one based on dancing, singing, and stage presence. They pick JD. He gets to go along with the band everywhere seeing what it is like. He goes to rehearsals. A while after, he gets fired from his job. He sees this as an opportunity to pursue his career. He goes to the O-town opening for the Britney Spears tour. The next night,he gets a chance to perform at a club and show everyone what he is about. He rocks the crowd, and O-town's managers talk to him and want to work with him a bit.moreless
    • The Britney Spears Tour
      The guys get asked to open for the Britney Spears Tour. Jacob is reluctant, but soon all of the guys agree to it. They do the Radio Music Awards, and expect to win. They don't, but the guys had fun in Las Vegas.
      When they meet Britney, Trevor tells her that she is fine. Then, he gets embarrassed by stories from the guys and Britney's manager about the cell-phone call to a fake Britney. The guys have a good show that night, and are very happy with the stage and the elements.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1