Making the Band

ABC (ended 2002)


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  • Just liked when it was about O-Town only

    Said in title. Hate the rest.
  • Minor impact on my little brain.

    "Making the Band" is the original and older version of the show. The later versions are jmuch better but I guess this is still ok. I enjoyed watching it for awhile when I was a bit younger but now im more into other shows and i hardly ever watch this show anymore. it gets kind of boring at times but sometimes, it just really catches your attention. I wish I could find eps online to refersh my memory of this show but sadly I can not find any. I just dont remember this show verey well, Ill try to catch it next times its on
  • The making of a new boy band by the master of all puppets, Lou Perlman. Reality meets nsync, twisted up with the backstreet boys, all pureed into this show.

    I rated this show high, because I was well entertained. To me, that is important, no matter what the content, as long as I keep watching. It tells the story of a group of young men, who want to be made into pop-star icons. Lou Perlman, the master of all boy bands du jour was the "boss". The only one calling the shots. He had minions, mind you, that watched over the guys, and made sure they all practiced, and played nice. Lou set them up in a nice house, with all the accomodations that a boy would like. They worked tirelessly, and even turned catty on each other, to secure a place in O-TOWN. His final group was short lived, a love sick young pup had to go back to Hawaii to his girls waiting arms. So, the guys actually get to make a decision, and in comes DAN. This group made it, and they made it BIG. It was a pleasure watching them realize their dreams, and get all that recognition, and fame. Some got some pretty big egos, that are now deflated, no doubt. But given the chance, I am betting they would take that ride all over again, maybe do a few things different, but theres one thing they didnt do, was skimp on the fun.