Making Waves

ITV (ended 2004)


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  • The lives and loves of the crew of a Royal Navy warship patrolling the waters around the UK.

    I have to declare an interest as I wrote Ep 3 of this show. It went out in a graveyard slot while I was on holiday and was never repeated - in fact is was cancelled right after my episode aired (make of that what you will). The Royal Navy, who had given the producers a whole warship to film in, not to mention premises and personnel, were absolutely furious.

    I had been brought in to rewrite an episode the producers weren\'t happy with - because everyone and his uncle had been given a go at re-writing it, from what I could see. That was the problem with the show - the producers hired excellent writers with an outstanding grasp of drama and technical detail, and then proceeded to try rewrite the show themselves, a job for which they were utterly unqualified. I was asked to have a go at rewriting Ep 6 too, but they hated what I did and I got the boot. That show still has no writing credit. They did invite me to the launch party though! To this day I have never seen the episode I wrote, or any episode for that matter, so I can\'t honestly review it at all..! O and one of the producers caught a virus on his computer and the email address I\'d given them was flooded with spam for months. Which says it all really.
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