Malcolm & Eddie

Season 2 Episode 16

A Decent Proposal

Aired Unknown Jan 19, 1998 on UPN



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    • Nicolette: You know what I was thinking? I was thinking of naming our first two children Malcolm and Eddie.
      Malcolm: Well, what if they're girls?
      Nicolette: Well, then we'll get cats. Somebody in our house is gonna be named Malcolm and Eddie.

    • Eddie: Stanley. What's up, you got the message?
      Stanley: Yeah, I'm here, but I don't have much time... I was in the middle of a very important police matter.
      Eddie: So what'd you decide on, the doughnut, or the holes?
      Stanley: I went with the bear claw.

    • Malcolm: Eddie, I'm worried about Nicolette.
      Eddie: Why man, she seems fine.
      Nicolette: (sighs) This is the worst day of my whole life.
      Malcolm: Wow Ed, I don't understand why it never worked out between you two, you know her so well.

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