Malcolm & Eddie

Season 2 Episode 5

A Police Officer and a Gentleman

Aired Unknown Sep 22, 1997 on UPN

Episode Recap

Malcolm makes himself a drink in the middle of the night at the apartment. Nicolette and Eddie then run out of his bedroom for Nicolette to sneak out. She heads to leave and then they kiss and then Malcolm turns on the blender and they realize he is standing them. Malcolm says they didn't really keep it a secret, and that he could usually hear them.

Malcolm walks into McGee's mocking Eddie's relations with Nicolette. Eddie asks Malcolm to not tell people what he knows. Then he smells something and Malcolm tells him that his new chef, Simone, is helping him cater on the side. Simone comes out and gives Malcolm a sample of her food. Nicolette comes in and asks to talk to Eddie. Nicolette tells him she didn't tell anyone, but Tim walks in and wishes them many happy years and then Hector walks in and tells them he heard it on the streets. Then, Nicolette asks him if he will escort her to the Police Academy Mixer Saturday night, and he turns her down and leaves. A man, Lt. Proctor, walks in and asks Nicolette to the Mixer.

In the garage, Malcolm and Eddie pay Hector for a taste of cheap seafood from his cousin. Hector says the merchandise is legal, and Malcolm gives him cash and says they have a deal, then he leaves. Nicolette rushes in and tells Eddie she will give him one more chance then asks him to the dance again. Eddie tells her no because they don't have that kind of relationship and then she tells him that she has a date and leaves. Nicolette comes back to McGee's and tells Lt. Proctor that she will be his date. Moments later, Eddie enters and grabs her hand and tells Lt. Proctor that she is taken. Lt. Proctor says he rather hear it from her and she says that she has never seen him before in her life.

Simone repeatedly knocks on the door and Malcolm let's her in. She's upset because someone just brought in pounds of cheap lobster. Malcolm convinces her that she can make something great with the lobster. Nicolette runs in and asks him of she could cater the mixer since the caterer backed out. Eddie walks in and she gives him the cold shoulder before both she and Simone leave. Malcolm tells Eddie that he heard he and Nicolette's relationship is over and it's obvious that Eddie is feeling down. Eddie offers to help Malcolm cater the mixer, and says it has nothing to do with Lt. Proctor and Nicolette.

At the mixer, Malcolm asks a love sick Lt. Proctor and Nicolette how they are doing. Eddie watches the two from the bar. Simone tries flirting with Malcolm. Lt. Proctor and Nicolette get up and slow dance. Eddie puts on his top hat and interrupts. Then Nicolette and Eddie dance a routine. Afterwards Eddie tells Nicolette she has to make a decision. She asks him if she goes back with him, what will happen and he says that they can go back to being a happy couple that no one knows about. She chooses Lt. Proctor, and Eddie goes back to bartending. Simone rants to Malcolm about her cooking. She leaves and then Eddie comes over and tells Malcolm they have to do something to stop Lt. Proctor and Nicolette from leaving. He runs over to Lt. Proctor and says the lobsters are stolen, and then Lt. Proctor winds up arresting Malcolm. Eddie offers Nicolette a ride home, but she turns him down and leaves.

Eddie chases Nicolette who arrives at her apartment. He offers her a few more night hours for their relationship, but she doesn't want a relationship like that and tells him they should just be friends. She tells him if he is ever ready for something serious, to contact her and then she goes inside. Eddie stands alone in the hall, feeling sad.