Malcolm & Eddie

Season 2 Episode 1

Been There, Done That

Aired Unknown Aug 25, 1997 on UPN

Episode Recap

At McGee's, Eddie and Tim walk in. Eddie asks Malcolm for ice because he hurt his arm and foot. Malcolm asks his new bartender, Jason, why he gave a regular customer a different drink then they usually order. Jason tells him he comes from a long line of bar tenders and knows what customers will want better than they do. Then, Nicolette walks in and announces that something wonderful just happened. She just past the written test to enroll in the police academy. She asks Eddie if she could use his garage as a gym and he agrees. Tim picks up Eddie and he falls on his other arm. Eddie blames Malcolm, because every time something good happens to him something bad happens to him, and lately great things have been happening to Malcolm. Malcolm says it's ridiculous, but when he turns around he finds money on the floor.

Later, a woman, Adrian Collins walks into the bar and Malcolm immediately has his eyes on her. Malcolm introduces himself to her and then sits down at her table. She tells him her family is very wealthy, and even owns part of the Chiefs. Malcolm says he owns a chain of sports bars and that this is the smallest. Then, he tells her he went to Princeton. Eddie comes out of the kitchen, complaining because he hit his head on a pan hanging from the ceiling, and the cook comes out and grabs the pan back.

Malcolm brings Adrian up to his apartment, and he says that he doesn't really live there and it was just his first apartment. She suggests they watch the Playboy channel, and he tells her they don't have it, but then she plays with the cable box and it comes in. The two sit on the couch and kiss, then Malcolm tells her that she is the perfect woman. Then, he confesses that there is only one McGee's, and he does live there, and lied to her. Instead of getting mad, she thanks him for being honest and they kiss again. Moments later, Eddie comes out of his room on the phone, complaining about his tow truck being towed. He says hello to Adrian and Malcolm asks how he knows her. He explains that she brought her car in yesterday. Eddie tries to get a dish out, but since both arms are in slings, he has trouble and they all fall on his head. Adrian says that she understands Eddie needs Malcolm and tells him that tomorrow she will cook him dinner, and then breakfast. She kisses him good-bye and then leaves.

Tim brings his car into Eddie's garage because the suspension is shot. Tim then leaves for the hospital, where they will be studying him. Malcolm comes in and tells Eddie he needs the apartment again that night. Malcolm asks Eddie if he can borrow $100.00, and that he thinks Adrian is the perfect woman for him. Eddie agrees to lend him the money, but is skeptical about Adrian. He says that he has "been there done that" with Adrian. Malcolm doesn't believe him at first, but Eddie tells him that when she brought her car in... It wasn't the only thing he "serviced." Malcolm says that Adrian definitely isn't the perfect woman anymore, and leaves. Later, Nicolette arrives at the garage and says that she heard Eddie was with Adrian. Eddie confesses that he just made the story up to teach Malcolm a lesson. He tells her "Why would I want hamburger when I got steak." He says they only bad thing he did with Adrian was a bit of insurance fraud.

Malcolm opens the apartment door for Adrian and she tries to kiss him, but he pulls away. She asks what's wrong and he tells her they need to talk. Malcolm tells her he knows what she did with Eddie and she says that she is really embarrassed. He says that he feels worst, and she should have told him. She says not to blame Eddie, and she had to talk him into it, and he wanted cash (of course she thinks he means the insurance thing).

Later at McGee's, Malcolm tells Eddie (who is now in even more casts) that he really liked Adrian. Eddie almost confesses, but then Malcolm insults him. Adrian walks into McGee's and says that it was to weird how he blew her off, and she wants to talk. She asks Eddie why he told Malcolm and Malcolm says that he is glad Eddie did. When Malcolm hears Adrian mention the insurance thing, Eddie tries to walk away, but Malcolm pulls him back and calls him on his lie. Nicolette comes running in and says that she did it and is now in the Kansas City Police Academy. When she walks away, Malcolm apologizes to Adrian for thinking she was with Eddie. She tells him that in a million years she wouldn't be with him, and then Malcolm defends him, and Adrian leaves. Eddie and Malcolm then promise to never let a woman come in between them. Later on, a beautiful woman walks in and Eddie (now in a wheel chair) tries to get her number. She agrees to let him buy her a drink, and then Malcolm knocks over some bottles by accident...the bad luck has now turned to him.