Malcolm & Eddie

Season 1 Episode 13

Club Story

Aired Unknown Jan 13, 1997 on UPN

Episode Recap

Malcolm and a woman, Lydia, walk into McGee's, and Malcolm goes behind the bar to get her a drink. The two just came from a date at a restaurant. They head over and grab a table and Lydia tells Malcolm she likes him a lot and thinks it's time to take the next step. He jumps to conclusions, but she stops him and tells him she's talking about meeting her father. Malcolm says he would, and that her father is a brilliant investor. She asks if he can come meet him tomorrow, Saturday, to the country club. He tells her that he can't go because that's the busiest night at the bar, and she asks if Eddie could run the bar, and he says no quickly. Eddie walks over to their table asking Malcolm for fifty dollars for the garage, but Malcolm doesn't want to give it to him.

Malcolm walks into the apartment and Eddie follows. Eddie tells him that he needs to go to the country club and try to get Lydia's father to invest so he can franchise. Eddie offers to run the bar, but Malcolm tells him no. Eddie reminds Malcolm that he runs a successful business, and rambles on about how he can handle it. Malcolm finally agrees. Then, Nicolette knocks on the door and walks in with her new roommate, Chloe. Malcolm says its nice to meet her, and then tells her that every time Nicolette gets a new roommate, they get attached, and then the roommate suddenly disappears. Nicolette insists that this time it's different since Chloe is a nurse and works nights they will never see each other. Malcolm tells Eddie to be nice to the customers tomorrow night, no matter what, and then leaves. Eddie tells the girls that he needs a gimmick for the bar and Nicolette recommends a Tahitian Island night, but Eddie says that's ridiculous. Chloe suggests a Hawaiian Island night and Eddie yells at them to chill out and let him think. Then, Eddie comes up with the idea of a Jamaica Island night.

The next evening, Malcolm and Lydia arrive at the country club. Lydia introduces her father, Leonard, to Malcolm. Lydia tells her father about McGee's and he asks if Malcolm wants money from him. Malcolm says he didn't intend on talking business with him, but happens to have a list of the bar's potential if it was nation wide.

At McGee's, Eddie welcomes everyone to the island party, and a reggae band plays. Chloe comes out and tells Eddie they are ready. Eddie asks her if she is sure they never met before, because he feels as if he knows her, and she tells him if they had met, he would remember. Eddie then announces "McGee's Island Girls," and a group of Chloe's friends come out. Before Chloe joins them, Eddie says he knows where he knows her from now, and says that she isn't a nurse, she's the naughty nurse from the Bare Essence club. She seems pleased that he knows her work and asks him not to tell Nicolette because she likes to keep that part of her life private. Eddie isn't sure if it is right to have the girls from the club there, but then Holly comes over and tells him that they need him behind the bar because as soon as the women got on stage every guy came up to order a drink. On his way to the bar, a man approaches him and asks who is in charge. Eddie says that he is and the man explains that he is Agent Frank from the sheriff's office. He tells Eddie that the establishment is not licensed for exotic dancing. Eddie tells him that it isn't exotic dancing, it's just Jamaica Night and you have to wear something skimpy because it's hot. Agent Frank just stares at him and Chloe walks over asking when the girls should remove their tops, then, he tells Eddie that he is shutting them down. He says he needs to see their liquor license and Eddie says that he has to call Malcolm to get it because he doesn't know where it is. He agrees to give him ten minutes to call.

Eddie arrives at the country club (because he had left messages for Malcolm, but they weren't returned). The man at the door won't let him in though. Meanwhile, Malcolm continues to tell Leonard about McGee's. Then, Eddie comes over to the table acting like a waiter. He asks Malcolm where the license is and he tells him that its in the safe in the kitchen. Then, Eddie heads back to retrieve it. Leonard tells Malcolm he'd like to invest, but before he does he wants to see McGee's in action. Malcolm says that tonight isn't the best night, but he insists.

Eddie arrives back at McGee's and asks Tim if there were any problems while he was gone. Tim says no and then Eddie heads over to Agent Frank's table to hand him the license. He says that he won't shut McGee's down, but will charge them the five thousand dollar fine. Nicolette walks in wearing curlers and tells Eddie that it is to loud for her to sleep. She looks over and sees Chloe dancing and asks Eddie why she is on stage. Then, Nicolette goes over to Chloe and kicks her out. Leonard and Malcolm walk in and see the women on stage. Malcolm tries covering by saying that this isn't McGee's, but Tim walks over to them and says how well the bar is doing. Malcolm runs over to Eddie and asks what is going on. Leonard tells Malcolm he doesn't want to invest in a low form of business like that, and goes to leave, and then Chloe walks over and recognizes him. Then, the press arrives and Leonard tells Malcolm that he can't be seen there so when they come and take a picture of them, everyone covers his face.

The next day at the apartment, Malcolm and Eddie look at the Life & Leisure section of the newspaper that has the headline "Hot Time In Cold Town Last Night" next to the picture of Malcolm, Eddie, Tim, and Chloe covering Leonard's face. Malcolm lectures Eddie for almost getting the bar shut down and getting him fined five thousand dollars. Malcolm says that Lydia won't talk to him anymore, but then there is a knock on the door and it's Lydia and Leonard. Lydia says they got the apology and understand that it was Eddie's fault. Eddie says it wasn't a bad thing since he was able to pay the fine and still have a profit. Leonard asks to speak to Malcolm in private, then he tells Malcolm he can't invest, but thanks him for not telling Lydia about Chloe.