Malcolm & Eddie

Season 1 Episode 13

Club Story

Aired Unknown Jan 13, 1997 on UPN



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    • Eddie: Now we cool?
      Agent Frank: I could shut you down and fine you five thousand dollars, but I like you, so I'm only gonna fine you the five thousand dollars.
      Eddie: Well I like you too, so I'm only going to charge you twenty-five hundred for that drink... And it's a two drink minimum.

    • Tim: But hey, I think that little girl over there likes me.
      Eddie: What makes you think that?
      Tim: Well, I gave her four hundred and twenty dollars.

    • Malcolm: Alright, alright, you are in charge. Now are you sure you can handle it?
      Eddie: A third grader could handle it.
      Malcolm: Even better, you know one?

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