Malcolm & Eddie

Season 1 Episode 15

Hai Karate

Aired Unknown Feb 03, 1997 on UPN



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    • Malcolm: Holly look, run down to the liquor store and buy a really good bottle of wine.
      (she unfolds the bill Malcolm handed her)
      Holly: (sarcastically) Ooh, ten dollars, why don't I buy two bottles?

    • Nicolette: That's it. I'm tossing your little narrow behind out of my formally happy, soon to be Holly-free home.
      Holly: Oh oh oh go on and another thing, my behind is not narrow... Except in comparison to yours.
      Nicolette: Oh we gonna see how narrow your behind is when I put my foot up it.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Episode Title: "Hai Karate"

      Hai Karate was a popular cheap cologne that was sold until the 1980s. Originally, each bottle came with a miniature self-defense manual, so the men who wore it could defend themselves from all of the women the cologne would attract.

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