Malcolm & Eddie

Season 2 Episode 10

Hoop Schemes

Aired Unknown Nov 10, 1997 on UPN

Episode Recap

At McGee's, Malcolm tells a group of young boys how proud he is to be there coach. Even though they lost, he tells them they just played there best game of the season. Eddie tells him a loss is a loss.

Later, Tim walks in and tells Malcolm he lost his first patient, but he didn't really lose the patient, the patient ran away and they "lost" him in that sense. Eddie walks in and Malcolm tells him he has a scheduling conflict. He is supposed to coach a Little Dribblers game, but he has to drive over to the restaurant supply expo with McGinley. He asks him if he can coach the kids for him, but he doesn't want to. Then, Nicolette and Lt. Proctor walk in, they tell Malcolm they are thinking of throwing a party there on Saturday night for his police athletic league basketball team, The Termites. Malcolm tells them they won't be celebrating because they are playing his team. Nicolette then goes on about how much she likes watching Lt. Proctor coach, and Eddie overhears then tells Malcolm he will coach for him. Nicolette is touched by Eddie's offer, then she leaves with Lt. Proctor. Malcolm tells Eddie to be ready Thursday, and then Eddie asks him shouldn't he say Saturday, but Malcolm says no because he will be back by then, and Thursday is the game he is missing. Eddie says the only reason he agreed was so he could play Lt. Proctor's team, and Malcolm laughs.

Thursday, McGinley and Malcolm drive to the expo. McGinley and Malcolm talk about McGinley's son, who is on the basketball team. Then, they get into a fight and McGinley and Malcolm ends up walking out of the car in the middle of no where.

Meanwhile, Eddie brings the team to the garage and congratulates them on their first win, even though it was because of the other team's forfeit. McGinley's son says he doesn't understand how the other team's coach's van broke down. Hector takes Eddie aside and asks if they recently serviced the coach's van, and he says yes, then shows Hector a piece he removed. Then, Eddie tells the kids that it's a shame he isn't there coach because he could get them to beat The Termites. The kids suggest he become their coach, because "winning without playing is the bomb." The kids say they want Eddie to replace Malcolm, and he agrees. Malcolm walks in and Eddie tells him that he's their new coach.

Tim has all of the kids in the garage and is exercising them. Eddie comes in and Tim leaves for lunch, then Hector and Eddie teach the kids how to "trash talk." Hector leaves and Malcolm comes in and the kids ask him to ref the game, and maybe show some favoritism as well. Malcolm agrees, but only because he feels the kids need to have a good example.

Saturday, at the gym, Eddie and the team study up. Nicolette walks in and tells Eddie that she can't decide who to root for. Then, Lt. Proctor and Malcolm walk in, questioning Eddie's new player, Randy, who he swears in only eleven (its clear the boy is far older than the other children, and a good two feet taller). Malcolm kicks Randy out, then Nicolette says she has decided who to root for, and she and Lt. Proctor walk off. McGinley walk in, complaining about McGinley, Jr. not playing enough (even though he doesn't want to). The game almost starts, but Max elbows a player on the other team, they start using their "trash talk," and then the two teams start fighting. Malcolm and Lt. Proctor break it up and blame Eddie, then Malcolm cancels the game. After everyone leaves, Lt. Proctor and Eddie get into it. Eddie suggests they play one on one and the loser losses Nicolette. Nicolette walks in and tells Lt. Proctor she's waiting, but he tells her he has to play first. The guys play until twenty-one, and Eddie wins. Nicolette tells them she is angry at them and is no ones to win. Then, she and Lt. Proctor leave and Malcolm returns to tell Eddie he is taking over coaching again.