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  • Why do all black comedies have dancing?

    I watched this show a couple times and I must admit that it was funny but that's due in no small part to Eddie who is carrying around a lot of dead weight. Eddie is probably the only legitimately funny character in the entire show. The one thing that made me stop watching this show is in almost every episode there is some form of dancing. Its ridiculous! Eddie just dances for no apparent reason and it makes him look silly - if I wanted to see people boogie I would watch Dancing with the Stars.

    Other than that its ok - Its cool that the kid from the Cosby's actually still has a "career". He hasn't done too shabby.
  • The episode had some funny moments, the attack of the Hybrid cars was funny.

    The episode had some funny moments, the attack of the Hybrid cars was funny. The episode started out with his dad driving a hybrid car and being very smug about it to the other residents. His dad moves to San Fransisco because everybody became angry when he started ticketing people for not driving hybrids.
  • The show follows the adventures of Malcolm Mcgee and Eddie Sherman. They are a tag team duo who live in Kansas City together sharing an apartment. However as close as these two are they get into hysterical situations and end up owning a bar.

    It was a decent show. Malcolm Jamal Warner and Eddie Griffin had pretty good chemistry together. However I think that if this show wasn't on UPN it would have probably lasted longer. The show is a funy situational comedy. It's probably one of the early succesful UPN sitcoms. It wasn't the greatest show around but it was still very enjoyable to watch. With characters like Nicolette and Tim the big gentle guy the show was pretty funny. For a UPN sitcom pretty decent.