Malcolm & Eddie - Season 2

UPN (ended 2000)




Episode Guide

  • Kansas City Split
    Kansas City Split
    Episode 23
    Malcolm's life changes after meeting a spiritual counselor, falls in love with her, and decides to sell his bar. His wedding plans dissolve after she decides she's really in love with someone else. Meanwhile, Eddie decides to take an executive job in Pittsburgh.
  • Car Trouble
    Episode 22
    Malcolm's car bites the dust, so Eddie talks Malcolm into buying a car from a police auction. Much to their surprise, the car contains a secret load of cash hidden inside. Things begin to heat up when tough guys show up interested in getting the car back.
  • A Delicate Procedure
    Needing Tim's help in getting a tattoo removed, Malcolm agrees to date Tim's feisty sister & really turns on the charm to soften her stoney heart. But Tim may not be too happy about the results. He threatens Malcolm that he should not hurt his little sister, or else! Now Malcolm must find a way out of this relationship, but he must be extremely careful.moreless
  • A Few So-So Men
    A Few So-So Men
    Episode 20
    Malcolm's dream to renovate McGee's into 1930s jazz club is in full swing when he discovers that the contractor he hired to build his bar turns out to be an old Navy buddy of Eddie's. Since he and Eddie did not get along in the Navy, the contractor leaves the job until Eddie gives him an apology, leaving Malcolm without a bar.moreless
  • 3/2/98
    Everybody thinks Eddie's pal Rusty is crazy. During his career as a NASCAR driver, Rusty had one too many racing accidents that have left him short of a few lug nuts. His presence at Eddie's garage and Malcolm's bar has been good for business, though. However, Nicolette discovers that Rusty is really an alias and that he's a lot crazier than anybody originally thought....moreless
  • Mixed Nuts
    Mixed Nuts
    Episode 18
    Malcolm, his sister Maura, Eddie and his mother Sheila are preparing a surprise party for Malcolm's father Marcus. Maura and Sheila start arguing over what they believe to be Marcus' favorite cake, but things really start heating up when Eddie's Grandpa, Aunt Ruby, Uncle Lud and Cousin Doyle make an unexpected entrance.moreless
  • Slender Arm of the Law
    Eddie tries to help out the retired race car driver who helped get his first job
  • Bachelor Daze
    Bachelor Daze
    Episode 17
    It comes as a shock to Malcolm and Eddie when they learn that their old pal, Nelson Carter, is getting married. After all, there was a better chance for the Pope to get married before Nelson ever decided to settle down. But on the day of Nelson's wedding—and after a wild night at his bachelor party—the two begin considering settling down themselves.moreless
  • A Decent Proposal
    A Decent Proposal
    Episode 16
    Nicolette enlists Malcolm and Eddie to help her shy beau find the words to propose. So the guys devise a plan to help Stanley gain some confidence by encouraging him to become a lady's man. As his confidence grows, the plan begins to backfire, with disastrous results for Nicolette.
  • Tough Love
    Episode 15
    Malcolm uses tough love on his sister who gets fired and dumped in the same week.
  • 12/9/97
    Malcolm dreams about a distant future where he and Eddie are still roommates.
  • It Almost Happend One Night
    Malcolm acts as chef Simone's husband to fool an old classmate.
  • 11/24/97
    An old rival's visit causes Simone to pretend she and Malcolm are husband and wife
  • The Way We Weren't
    The Way We Weren't
    Episode 12
    Friends guide feuding Malcolm and Eddie down memory lane.
  • Two Men and a Baby
    Episode 12
    Eddie enlists Malcolm to help babysit for his infant cousin
  • Two Men and the Baby
    The guys discover that baby-sitting Eddie's infant cousin draws women, but then they panic when they realize that the baby is missing.
  • Hoop Schemes
    Hoop Schemes
    Episode 10
    Eddie subs as coach of a peewee basketball team in order to show up a rival, and Malcolm worries that his trash-talk tactics will leave the team in the dumper.
  • Dream Racer
    Episode 9
    Malcolm inadvertently places a large bet on Eddie when he competes in a NASCAR race. Nicolette fears a dream she had about Eddie might come true.
  • Like Water for Chocolate Cookies
    Simone tries to win Malcolm's heart through his stomach with some special chocolate cookies, but once Malcolm tastes them, he only wants to use them to go into the cookie business with. Meanwhile, McGinley tries to lure Simone away from Malcolm, to work in his bar.
  • Trading Spaces
    Episode 7
    After Malcolm and Eddie each make suggestions to the other about ways to improve each other's business, they decide to make a bet, which leads the guys to switch places and run each other's business for a week.
  • The Courtship of Eddie's Mother
    The guys may become family when Eddie's mother starts dating Malcolm's father.
  • A Police Officer and a Gentleman
    Nicolette wants to make her relationship with Eddie a public one, while Eddie continues to want them to meet in secret. Nicolette is asked to the policemen's ball by another man, and feeling rejected by Eddie, she decides to go. Eddie gets jealous and tries to stand up for his woman, but he falls far short. Malcolm unwittingly buys stolen lobsters for the club's catering of the policemen's ball, and Simone does a fantastic job of making them a hit.moreless
  • Sibling Rivals
    Episode 5
    Malcolm and his sister vie for the attention of the same woman
  • Sibling Rivalry
    Sibling Rivalry
    Episode 4
    Malcolm, his gay sister, and Eddie compete for the attentions of a new waitress.
  • Casino Evil
    Casino Evil
    Episode 3
    When their customers opt to go to a competing bar down the block, Malcolm decides to turn McGee's into a gambling establishment and save himself from bankruptcy.
  • Roofless People
    Episode 2
    Malcolm's banker convinces him to hire his arsonist daughter as a waitress in order to have his loan for a new roof approved. Meanwhile, Eddie sweet-talks Nicolette into continuing their secret love affair, in order to keep things spicy.
  • 8/25/97
    Eddie's luck seems to take a turn for the worse, each time Malcolm's luck takes a turn for the better, leaving Eddie battered & beaten. Malcolm meets a girl who he believes is the perfect girl, until Eddie tells him that he's already "been there, done that!" Meanwhile, Nicolette is exuberant about taking the exam for the Police Academy.moreless