Malcolm & Eddie

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Unknown Nov 25, 1996 on UPN

Episode Recap

Nicolette walks in to McGee's and approaches Eddie and she tells him she found a new roommate. Malcolm tells her she can live with whoever she wants as long as the check isn't late.

Malcolm practices his bar tending skills in front of Tim. A man, Malcolm's grandpa walks in, and Malcolm greets him. A few minutes later Eddie brings over Regina, a woman who is planning on moving in with Nicolette. Eddie and Regina leave, to go fix her car. Grandpa then tells Malcolm that Grandma is getting on her nerves. Malcolm gives him advice, telling him he needs to show her who wears the pants, then Grandpa leaves.

Later, Grandpa walks into the apartment and tells Eddie and Malcolm that he is moving in. He says Malcolm can sleep on the couch because he is taking the bedroom since it was Malcolm's bad advice that made Grandma kick him out. Then there is a honk outside, and its Grandma. Malcolm tells her to come up, but she says no thanks and then takes all of Grandpa's things and leaves them on the curb.

Regina walks into the garage and Eddie tells her everything he did to her car. He says in return he wants dinner, she agrees and offers to cook. Nicolette walks in and overhears them. She tells Regina she needs to talk to Eddie alone, so Regina leaves. Then, Nicolette asks Eddie how he could ask her out and Eddie tells her he gives her no play, and doesn't understand why she still chases him. She tells him if he wants hard to get, than that's what she'll give him, and then she goes and flirts with Hector.

Eddie walks into the apartment and a group of Grandpa's friends are eating and playing instruments. Malcolm enters and Eddie takes him aside and tells him about his date with Regina. Grandpa interrupts and says that the dinner date has been rescheduled, because earlier Regina stopped by and he explained to her that he had plans in the apartment. Eddie tells Malcolm to talk to Grandpa, because he can't live like this, and goes into his room. Malcolm and Grandpa then argue, and Grandpa comes out on top.

At McGee's, Malcolm and Grandma talk. Malcolm wants her to fix things. She says that Grandpa used to make her feel so special, but no longer does, then her cab arrives and she goes to leave. Malcolm tells her that tomorrow he wants her to come by for Thanksgiving dinner and that Grandpa won't be there. Once grandma leaves, he tells Eddie to help him tomorrow so they can get his grandparents back together.

The next night Grandma arrives at McGee's and Malcolm escorts her in. The bar has transformed into a formal restaurant, to look like the Burgundy Room (a restaurant where Grandma and Grandpa used to frequent). Malcolm sits Grandma down and tells Holly to get her something to drink. Grandma asks Malcolm if Holly is "the one that doesn't give him any play," and he tells her yes. Holly rolls her eyes and goes to get Grandma's drink. Eddie and Regina walk in and take a table, and shortly after Nicolette and Hector arrive. In private Hector tells Eddie that he sees why he never wanted Nicolette, because she is crazy. Grandpa arrives and Malcolm tells him to close his eyes for a surprise, and then he walks him to Grandma's table. Malcolm then handcuffs his grandparents together. A few moments later, Malcolm announces Sammy Davis, Jr. and Eddie comes out and does an impersonation of him. Eddie sings, and Grandma and Grandpa make up.
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