Malcolm & Eddie

Season 2 Episode 19

The Slender Arm of the Law

Aired Unknown Mar 02, 1998 on UPN

Episode Recap

Malcolm and Eddie walk into the basement of the building. They wonder what they should do with it, since they've owned the building well over a year, and haven't done anything with it besides store things. They try to move a chest to start cleaning, but it's to heavy, so they decide to continue to use it as a storage room.

At McGee's, Malcolm tells Nicolette he saw her at the gas station that morning. She says she saw him too and noticed one of his brake lights was out, so, she hands him a ticket. He asks her why she did that, but she said even though they are friends, she is an officer and has to do her duty. She asks Malcolm why Rusty is in there again, and he says he is there all day every day. Rusty is talking to two customers, and they leave. Eddie walks in and Malcolm tells him Rusty is chasing away all of his customers. Nicolette heads upstairs and Malcolm walks behind the bar. Then, Rusty and Eddie sit down and talk and Rusty says he needs a job. Eddie hesitates at first, but then offers him a job at the garage. Malcolm calls Eddie over and asks why he did that, and Eddie tells him it will show Rusty somebody cares and keep him away from McGee's.

The next day, in the garage, Eddie tells Hector about Rusty, then he says he hired him because he feels like he owes him. Rusty walks over and tells Eddie all of the repairs he's done that day, and that he got there at four in the morning to get a head start. Malcolm walks in and asks Eddie how Rusty is doing. Then, he asks him if he's ever heard of the "Kansas City Classic Car Club." Eddie has, and then Malcolm tells him that he told them about Rusty, and now they are holding there weekly meetings at McGee's, and he wants Rusty to visit.

At the apartment, Eddie hangs up the phone and then tells Malcolm how well his business is doing thanks to Rusty. Nicolette comes over and tells Eddie that Rusty's picture was on the computer at the police station, and his real name isn't Rusty, and that he's an escaped mental patient, who escaped year's ago. She asks Eddie where he is and he doesn't want to tell her. Then, she leaves.

Later, in the basement, Eddie and Malcolm, along with Tim, hide Rusty. He thanks them and says he doesn't want to go back to the institute. They tell him they want to question him, and he agrees. Tim, shows him some pictures, and tells him to say the first thing that comes to mind. Tim asks Malcolm and Eddie to leave so he and Rusty can be alone, and they oblige.

At McGee's Malcolm and Eddie prepare for the "Kansas City Classic Club." Tim walks in and tells the guys Rusty seems fine to him. Then, Nicolette walks in looking for Rusty. Malcolm tells her that Rusty isn't coming, and he's long gone ever since he found out she was looking for him. Nicolette leaves and Malcolm sits down with Eddie. Moments later, Nicolette returns with Rusty, who she found in the basement. She says she figured it out because each time they said his name, they'd look at the door to the basement. Rusty tells Nicolette he doesn't want to disappoint the guys and wants to speak for the club's meeting so they get their money's worth. She agrees, and then Malcolm announces him. Rusty speech is crazy, and Eddie tells Nicolette to go ahead and make the call to have him taken away.

Later, Malcolm and Eddie talk about the people coming to get Rusty. The men arrive and hear Eddie rambling, and take him, but then end up taking Malcolm.