Malcolm in the Middle

Season 7 Episode 8

Army Buddy

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Dec 02, 2005 on FOX
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Army Buddy
A former female army buddy of Reese's comes to their house for a visit and Reese starts thinking she wants to be more then friends. When Lois finds renewed energy with orthotic inserts for her shoes, Hal fears she will not look to him for support anymore and plots to destroy the inserts. Malcolm gives Dewey a bunch of junk in order to pay off a $10 debt. One of the comics turns out to be rare and worth a lot. Dewey forces Malcolm to do embarrassing things in order to get the money back.moreless

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  • Silly but okay.

    It wasn't a great episode, but it was just okay. I didn't like the main storyline of Lois and the army person. It was kind of gross to have a middle-aged woman mixed with a butch female army soldier. It was kind of funny, but sick. I did like the way Reese was trying to get her attention away from his mom. He even tried being naked for her. The funny part was when she denied him. Overall, this was just an okay episode that probably should have been rated lower. I rated it a bit higher because it had some funny bits. Thank you.moreless
  • Good and bad

    Reese's army buddy, Abby, comes there for a visit. They love to wrestle and attack each other. Since he owes Dewey money, Malcolm gives him some old comic books. What he doesn't know is that the comic books are worth something. Dewey pays him back through making Malcolm do ridiculous things. Malcolm thinks that Abby has a thing for Reese. Abby says that Lois is inspiring. It turns out that she's homosexual and has a crush on Lois. Hal loves making Lois relax after a hard day at work, but when Lois gets these feet comforters, Hal is mad and tries to destroy them.

    This episode was sort of good! I liked how Hal is so sweet to Lois. The weird thing was the part with Abby and Lois and also the part with Reese and Abby. That was a little too uncomfortable thinking that Abby was gay It was just awkward, but the rest was really funny! This episode gets an 8.0 out of 10!moreless
  • An episode about a budding rivalry between a tougher army chick and Reese. Funnily she is way stronger than he is and has him succumbing to humilition..but can this be a platonic friendship or does each other want more?moreless

    Now Reese offering his Innocence which incidentally is wrapped in a BOW-TIE-just goes to show the brilliance in the show\'s writing team.

    I\'m beginning to miss the appearances of Stevie and Craig those supporting roles that do justice to the show all the same...Hal\'s sabotage is still funny as hell.
  • This was a good episode, especially funny was seeing Hal try not to lose his "role" in the family to a shoe insert thing.

    This was a good episode, especially funny was seeing Hal try not to lose his "role" in the family to a shoe insert thing. Also Reese's Army buddy Abby (Larisa Oleynik) was more akward than funny. A young hot girl being attracted to Lois and trying to feel her up isn't the funniest of plot lines. Seeing Reese in all his glory profess his love to the girl in love with his mom - now that's funny.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • It is revealed that Reese is a virgin.

    • Hal says that he could only find the Japanese version of the washing machine repair manual. However, in the episode "Chad's Sleepover," Lois shows that she saves every scrap of paperwork from all appliances.

    • Abby tells Lois that she loved the story Reese told her about him being made to cut the lawn with manicure scissors. This is actually considered child abuse by today's standards.

    • Abby mentions a possum. This is the fourth time the family has had problems with a possum.

    • Lois tells Hal that she learned that men can get yeast infections. This is actually true.

    • When Dewey is pestering Malcolm by saying 'I want my money' over and over again, Malcolm tells him to shut up. Dewey then hits playback on the tape recorder on the desk, which starts playing the same message without needing to be rewound.

    • During Tucker's converstaion with Lois in the garden, the American flag patch on her right shoulder was backwards.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Reese: You were right, Malcolm. She wants me bad. This is a disaster.
      Malcolm: Why? You've got a girl that's crazy about you.
      Reese: She's my buddy. The best friend I've ever had. But in a roll-around-on-the-floor-and-make-her-smell-my-armpit kind of way.
      Malcolm: Everyone has their own kind of foreplay. The important thing now is how you feel about her.
      Reese: It's hard to say. Now, when I think about her, I get all nervous in my stomach. Like my bowels could cut loose at any moment.
      Malcolm: That's love, dude.
      Reese: Wow. You'd think somebody would put that in a song.

    • Abby: I have to confess, I'm a great admirer of yours, ma'am.
      Lois: Me?
      Abby: Yes, ma'am. Reese told me so many amazing stories about you. Is it true you once made him cut the front lawn with a pair of manicure scissors?
      Lois: I can't take all the credit for that. After all, he was the one who didn't refill the ice cube tray.

    • Lois: I'm sorry. Did you just make a pass at me?
      Abby: Ma'am, forgive me.
      Lois: Oh, no, no, no, it's not that I'm not flattered, but I'm the mother of, like, five children. I've been married for 100 years. Why would you think.. ?
      Abby: I was wrong, ma'am. I was way out of line.
      Lois: Do I give off that kind of vibe? Because I would hate to think people are walking around with me giving them false hopes. Would it help if I changed my hair?

    • Abby: You dropped your bow.

    • Abby: Oh my God, you tied a bow.

    • Abby: I'm Abby Tucker, it's nice to meet you.
      Lois: I'm Lois. This is Malcolm.
      Abby: Oh, right, Pea Pod. (to Reese) I see what you mean.

    • Abby: I've been waiting to get you alone, you miserable, scum-sucking piece of garbage.
      Reese: Short stack, is that you? I don't believe it! What the hell are you doing here, you ugly grub eater?
      Abby: I had a few days' leave. Thought I'd spend it with my favorite idiot.

    • Lois: The thing is absolutely nothing is on sale. They take all the stuff off the shelves, dump it in the bins and the people go nuts. I dropped my car keys in one of 'em. I had to wrestle a woman for 20 minutes to get 'em back. Then this 90-year-old man with glaucoma comes in. He wants to pay for his toiletries with a bag full of pennies. We finally settled on five dollars, six buttons, and a run-over bottle cap.

  • NOTES (3)