Malcolm in the Middle

Season 5 Episode 8

Block Party

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Jan 04, 2004 on FOX
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Block Party
Malcolm and his family come home early from their vacation find that the neighbors have thrown their annual block party celebrating their absence. Reese and Dewey set up a plan to get money by letting Reese-tortured kids get revenge. Hal and Lois enter a kielbasa-eating contest. Malcolm desperate to have someone like him unknowingly assists a robbery. On the ranch, Francis is asked by Otto to put on a cow costume to attract a bull, so they can get "seeds".moreless

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  • Funny party.

    It was very entertaining. That is what I have to say about this episode. I liked the writing and the plot as well as the acting. I found it to be very refreshing as everyone had their own story in such a small area. Reese pulled a scam, Malcolm whined and cried, Lois and Hal ate, Dewey was sneaky, and the neighborhood was pissed. In the end, the community actually liked the family in a way. I thought that the fight scene was very funny and I wish they would have brought out weapons and had a good old fashion street fight. Thank you.moreless
  • I liked it a lot!

    The family comes home early to find that there is an annual block party going on. It's been happening for five years whenever the family is away. Malcolm wants people to like him. He accidentally helps a robber, but then figures out that the robber stole from criminals. Lois and Hal enter an eating contest. Reese and Dewey start a business where they let little kids beat up Reese. It's $20 for 30 seconds. Hal and Lois become the winners of the eating contest and their neighbors realize that the family isn't so bad, but then they turn on each other. Otto buys a thing for a cow. It lets the cow mount it without having it mount the little cows. Francis has to work it, but he forgets the ferimones, which Otto puts on.

    This episode was funny! The cow thing was really weird and gross though. I liked everything else! Reese is actually a little smart, but so is Dewey. This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!moreless
  • The neighborhood organizes a block party because Malcolm's family is on vacation.

    This episode was above average. There were clever sub-plots within the episode:

    Malcolm realizes that nobody likes his family and is therefore trying to find out why neighbors hate them so much.

    Reese has got a brilliant idea: Anyone he ever bullied can beat him up for 20 seconds if they pay 20 dollars each. In doing so, he generates 460 dollars together with Dewey.

    Hal & Lois participate in a Kielbasa-eating contest and both eventually win by out-eating all the other neighbors.

    Finally, all their neighbors realize that the family is not that bad and that they're good people. The episode ends with a giant turmoil among all the neighbors because they've got their sights on each other. Exciting episode!moreless
  • A block party!?!?

    The family decides to return from their annual trip earlier because there was a problem, and discover that there is a party going around the neighborhood, apparently they have five years doing the same, and Malcolm is angry by that, later he helps a man and thinks he has done something OK, but later discovers that he was stealing a house, but even later discovers that the stolen house's owners are criminals. Hal and Lois compete into an eating sausage contest and both of them win, Reese and Dewey offer a lot of kids the opportunity to beat Reese for thirty seconds if they paid well, but in the end Reese become piñata. It was such a funny episode, is one of my favorite...moreless

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