Malcolm in the Middle

Season 3 Episode 3

Book Club

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Nov 18, 2001 on FOX

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  • great

    lois needs to do something, so she joins a book club, only to discover the women in the book club don't read books, but talk about their husbands.

    francis hitchhikes his way through canada.

    hal tries to make sure the boys don't do something stupid while lois is away, because he knows if he can not handle the boys then lois will feel like she can never leave the house again and leave him alone with them.

    good episode, hal's plot was the best but the other two were kind of boring i thought, and as such my grade is a B-
  • Funny

    Lois joins a book club for mothers. She finds out that they really just talk about how horrible their family life is. They also talk about this annoying perfect mom, so they decide to go over there and ruin something. Francis hitchhikes to as far as a he can with this guy. The guy makes him do crazy stuff if he wants to stay in the truck. Malcolm, Reese, and Dewey want to do something bad at home, but Hal won't let them. They finally get a chance to, but Lois catches them.

    This episode was great! Francis's plot was funny and weird. I liked the song he sang. I recognized Edie McClurg. She was in 7th Heaven. This episode gets a 9.5!
  • Lois goes out to a book club, Hal has to look after the boys and Francis hitches a ride to Alaska...

    I think this episode is great and underated. After trading all his money for "alaskan dollers" Francis is still 2000 miles away from his job in Alaska and gets a ride from a "wannabe psychologist" trucker who makes his journey interesting by forcing him to wear funny props.
    Meanwhile Lois goes to a book club because she's fed up of listening to boy noises all the time. She ends up drunk with her friends and they go to "the perfect housewife's" house in an attempt to sabotage her. They end up being chased by the police.
    Left at home Hal has to look after Malcolm, Dewey and Reese. His conflicting ideas confuse the boys as he's not sure how to act towards them. You see him talking to various versions of himself with opinions such as "they just need love" to "get the car and go". In the end Hal resorts to taking a bath and not interfering because "you'd only screw it up".
    When Lois gets back she has a go at the boys for having fireworks whilst being put under arrest.
  • Not that great...

    Lois attends a book club where she gets drunk and begins to do a lot of things in order to forget her family, but later finds out that she really cares about her family really much, meanwhile, Hal tries to prevent the boys to do anything apart from the normal in order to prevent them to ruin Lois's special night. Is an average episode, I like more the Hal and Francis's storyline, rather than the book club one, but still is an OK episode.