Malcolm in the Middle

Season 7 Episode 1

Burning Man

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Sep 30, 2005 on FOX

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  • A really silly episode.

    One thing I can say about this episode is that it wasn't boring. I think that it was interesting from beginning to end and I enjoyed seeing all the creepy people running around. The way I see it, this was a vacation episode from the writers. My favorite parts of the show was where Reese was acting stupid, like usual. This was really fun and it was just the beginning to a fun show. Hal was funny, Dewey was bored, Lois was Lois, Malcolm was a jerk, and Reese was stupid. Nothing changed from other shows, but it was fun to see. Thank you.
  • The all family ends up at the burning man festival after another masterplan from Reese and malcolm fails. During the festival they all find their own adventure : Loïs finds independance, Reese: creation, Malcolm : sex and Hal his inner talent for acting.

    Definetly one of my favorite episodes of malcolm. While i really love this show, this episode definetly stands in my top 5, and though i've only seen it twice i remember every scene clearly. I thought all the characters (maybe except Dewey) had their great moment in this episode and were able to really show a new side of them. Plus this Jaime baby is so cute that an episode you see a lot of him in, is worth it anyway.
    It makes it even sader to think that this episode was the first episode of the last season, because when a show can produce such good writing it shouldn't be ending so soon afterwards.
  • Season Opener!

    After Reese and Malcolm try to sneak out to the Burning Man Festival, Lois and Hal find out and make it a family vacation. There, anyone can do whatever they feel. It's a place of freedom and self-expression. Reese takes to it wholeheartedly. Lois and Jamie also seem to enjoy it. Hal has borrowed his boss' RV and doesn't want anything to happen to it. Dewey has to spend his time cleaning it. Malcolm meets an older woman and they have sex. She tells him that they can't see each other, so Malcolm tries to get her back, but it doesn't work. When it comes time to burn the man (wooden), Reese is selected to do it, but he doesn't want to. Instead, Reese throws the torch and makes the RV explode.

    This episode was okay! It was really weird and didn't make too much sense. It was like a big cult! I can't believe Malcolm had sex! I don't agree with that until after marriage. This episode gets a 7.5 out of 10!
  • Next year we're totally going back! - Yeah, totally!

    This episode is a solid Season opener to the final season of Malcolm in the Middle:

    Malcolm and Reese are talking about going to the Burning Man festival, like every year. But this year they're really going - with their entire family!

    Each family member had their little story line. Hal being the perfect suburbian model Dad. Dewey helping him to polish up the van.

    Reese discovers the spirit of Burning man and that he can do whatever he wants to. He learns about the miracle of creation and is shocked when, in the end, the people want to ignite the Burning Man statue.

    Lois joins a group of crazy women and eventually parades topless on the beach.

    And finally Malcolm getting laid by a MILF guru. How cool is that, huh? Anyway, in the end things get a little messy and the Burning Man festival turns into the Burning Van festival. This episode had it all. Good storylines, rough jokes, and great humor. This episode illustrates why I simply love this series!
  • A family trip to the legendary burning man festival...

    This must be one of the best Malcolm episodes out there. I think most people have heard of Burning Man and even if they didn\\\'t it will just blow their mind to see what\\\'s going on there ;)

    I used this episode to get 2 friends who were visiting into Malcolm... they were very sceptical and tv ignorants, but after this episode they just wanted to watch more and more.

    Not that there ever was a bad Malcolm episode in a whole (almost whole) 7 seasons, but every now and then there just is one that really stands out.
  • Two words: Excellent episode.

    I am so glad I recorded this episode on tape. It is funny as hell. Malcolm gets a reading then sleeps with the psychic reader (but he still needs better lines thought), Lois, Jaime, and Reese goes tribal, Hal freaks out, and Dewey gets to work. BTW, where's Francis? What would he do if he was in this episode? I cracked up when I saw the ending where Reese was commanded to 'burn the man.' But he didn't want it to end so he throws the torch and ends up inside the trailer Hal borrowed. The trailer exploded and people chanted "Burning Van." LMFAO! Dewey seemed happy. I also heard that Burning Man is real. I got to go to Burning Man. Totally! *takes a quick sip of my Slurpee* Oh God, really bad Slurpee headache.
  • This episode was hilarious!!! It was sooooooooooo funny, I loved Hal and Reese especially in the episode. I think Malcolm sleeping with the weird new age lady was a bit uhh... but it was still soooo funny!

    This episode was hilarious!!! It was sooooooooooo funny, I loved Hal and Reese especially in the episode. I think Malcolm sleeping with the weird new age lady was a bit uhh... but it was still soooo funny! Also the whole part about the van blowing up was kind of expected since Hal was making such a big deal about it but i still loveddddd itttttt!!