Malcolm in the Middle

Season 7 Episode 1

Burning Man

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Sep 30, 2005 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The Burning Man festival actually exists. Burning Man is an annual event held in the Black Rock Desert, in Northern Nevada. It takes its name from the ritual burning of a large wooden effigy on Saturday evening. The event is described by many participants as an experiment in community, radical self-expression, and radical self-reliance.

    • Malcolm loses his virginity in this episode to Anita (played by guest star Rosanna Arquette).

    • There's a scene with a rickshaw. On one of the takes during filming, Jane Kaczmarek accidentally thumps her trumpet on the head of the Asian Guy running next to the rickshaw. It wasn't planned in the scene, and happened near the end of the scene so it didn't mess up the take. But it was funny and she was so nice and apologetic. It won't make it on the episode on TV probably, but it might be on the DVD blooper reel. This just shows what a wonderful person Jane is and how she is nothing like her character in real life. As a sidenote, I was that Asian guy.

  • Quotes

    • Hal: Green eggs and toast. I do not like green eggs and toast.
      Lois: Oh, for God's sake, Hal, stretch a little! We're on vacation!
      Dewey: (scrubbing the floor) Vacation?! Which part of this is vacation - Armor-Alling the tires for six hours or scraping the dead bugs out of the grille with a toothbrush?

    • Lois: Boys, cookies!
      Reese: Alright! (reaching for a cookie)
      Lois: Aw, not that one. I put Dewey's antibiotics in that one. Take this one, it's biggest!
      Reese: (watching suspiciously) Did you put anything in this one?
      Lois: Of course not. Just take it!
      (Reese starts eating the cookie)
      Lois: Then take this one 20 minutes later!

    • Lois: (topless) Reese, you behave yourself. You hear me?
      (Reese stares at Lois in deep shock)

    • Malcolm: Reese, we're in the middle of the desert.
      Reese: I know what you're thinking. The Roadrunners are too smart to catch and eat, but the coyotes are idiots.

  • Notes

    • An episode of another FOX show, American Dad, was also set at Burning Man ("Francine's Flashback").

    • Did you know...that the Burning Man Festival was actually filmed at a private ranch in Santa Clarita, CA called Mystery Mesa Sanctuary? Spielberg is noted as having a history with the location where it was also used in the movie, War of the Worlds.

    • Cold Open: Lois gives Reese a certain cookie and he asks if she put something in it. She assures him that she didn't, but then tells him to eat another certain cookie in about 20 minutes.

    • Francis (Christopher Masterson) does not appear in this episode.

  • Allusions

    • Reese: I know what you're thinking. The Roadrunners are too smart to catch and eat, but the coyotes are idiots.

      Reese is obviously taking life lessons from Looney Tunes. Here he is making a reference to the Wild E. Coyote and Roadrunner cartoons, where the coyote tries to catch the roadrunner but always fails.

    • Green Eggs and Ham

      When Lois dyes their food green, Hal says "Green eggs and toast. I do not like green eggs and toast." This is a reference to the classic Dr. Seuss book "Green Eggs and Ham".

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