Malcolm in the Middle

Season 6 Episode 21

Buseys Take A Hostage

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM May 08, 2005 on FOX
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Buseys Take A Hostage
When Hal decides to attend his first annual Neighborhood Association meeting with Malcolm, he is strongly encouraged to take on the role of President. Being his dad's right-hand man, Malcolm sees a perfect opportunity to add some excitement to the community, while Hal's agenda is a little bit different. Francis takes on a new job as a camp activities coordinator and turns to Dewey for his input on some creative new games. While Dewey revels in his afternoon of fun, his fed-up classmates take their teacher, principal and janitor hostage. When Reese finds out that he has final exams in all of his classes and must pass to graduate he studies for the first time ever.moreless

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  • I liked it!

    Reese is studying for his final exams. Hal and Malcolm go to a meeting for the neighborhood association thingy. Hal is president, but Malcolm is using him to control what goes on. The Buseys are lost without Dewey, who is helping Francis with activities he has planned for his new job. The Buseys take some faculty members hostage. Francis thinks Dewey is emotionally disturbed. Dewey learns that the principal is abusing the Buseys to make money.

    This episode was pretty good! I liked Reese and Dewey's storyline! I was also glad to see Francis again! This episode gets an 8.5!moreless
  • Cool!

    The buseys go completely insane in not knowing what to do when they accidentally hit the teacher and begin to say a lot of things to him, then they decide to tied him up in a chair and that causes them to fear up. Later, the principal and the janitor come and they end up having three hostages. Francis comes with Dewey and puts him through a circuit, and later convinces Dewey to go and help his friends. Cool episode!moreless
Jennette McCurdy

Jennette McCurdy


Guest Star

Ron West

Ron West

Mr. Flerch

Guest Star

Jim Jansen

Jim Jansen

Principal Jeffers

Guest Star

Cameron Monaghan

Cameron Monaghan


Recurring Role

Danny McCarthy (IV)

Danny McCarthy (IV)


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Chad's sign reads: Angered by sniveling.

    • The Wilkersons live in the town of Newcastle.

    • Malcolm's math on the home owners money actually IS NOT right. He says that 150 homes paying $23 over 20 years plus book interest, minus a retainer, equals over $83,000. That works at an average book interest (APR) of 1.75% with a retainer of $0. He must not have been listening to the attorney stating that the retainer was $2000 per year. The home owners actually have only $35k. It would amount to $83k at an incredible average APR of 9.2%.

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  • NOTES (4)

    • Cold Open: Reese is watching a soap opera with Lois. When Malcolm walks in, he quickly covers hoping not to be embarassed.

    • Last appearance of the Buseys and the boys' junior high school. The Buseys are not mentioned again for the remainder of the series, and Dewey seems to have gone back to the normal class in season 7.

    • Jennette McCurdy played "Female Dewey" in "If Boys Were Girls". Here she plays a completely different character.

    • Sam Lloyd is probably best known as lawyer Ted Buckland on the NBC sitcom, Scrubs.


    • Hal: Not now, Malcolm. The villagers are coming!

      This is what Hal says after explaining his vision of Mulberry Village. At the same time you hear an angry mob in the background. In Frankenstein, the villagers all rallied up to go finish of the monster. (The same reference could actually be made to "Beauty and the Beast")

    • Hal: That's where the best, most neighbourly children will be plucked from the corrupting influence of their families and placed into 'round the clock friendliness training. I call them, 'The Mulberry Youth'!

      As the whole "Mulberry Village" vision has indeed many elements from dystopian societies, the Mulberry Youth is a reference to the Hitler Jugend' (German for the Hitler Youth') which were the Nazi organization for young men. Many young German boys and men were brainwashed by Nazi agitators during their 12 year reign in Germany.

    • During the whole sequence of Hal explaining his vision for "Mulberry Village", many references to dystopian novels as George Orwell's "1984" and Yevgeny Zamyatin's "We". For instance, children are taught to inform on their parents, if they do not hug their kids. It's also a reference to the totalitarian socialist and facist societies around the globe, especially the Nazi-Germany, where kids were taught to inform on their parents, if these did not speak well of the government.