Malcolm in the Middle

Season 6 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Apr 10, 2005 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, Dewey said that he is enjoying his own bed for first time, but he also slept alone on "Reese Joins The Army" and in "Reese Apartment" when Reese was gone for few days. And probably in "Academic Octathalon", when Malcolm wasn't at home for few days.

    • The Monarch caterpillars could not have transformed into butterflies in less than a week. In real life, a Monarch caterpillar stays in the chrysalis stage for 10 to 15 days when changing into a butterfly.

    • Goof: Malcolm asks how the man living in the store knows his name, however he is wearing a name tag, so even if the man wasn't living there he would have been able to know that.

    • While there were a few live butterflies used in the close ups of Reese, it is clear that the swarm emerging from the box is CGI.

    • When Reese locks Hal out, why didn't Hal just go to the boy's window and have Dewey let him in?

    • The man living in the Lucky Aide is a plot plucked right from the headlines. There are dozens of filed reports, each a different person, of men and women living in malls, stores, on top of store roofs etc... It is illegal, as Lois rants about, because it is a vagrancy charge. Not to mention most of these cases, as the man in the show has, are charged with stealing electricty to run their appliances; in this case his radio.

    • Craig mentions that he played tic tac toe with a chicken at the county fair, and it beat him 8 times in a row. This is an actual event. The most famous of the chickens (there are 16 others, but she is the best) Ginger, has been booked at casinos everywhere, and often travels the country with fairs. The contest involves the chicken and a wager that if the challenger wins they get $10,000. In the many years that Ginger has been playing, she has lost only 5 times.

    • It is mentioned that Malcolm gives Lois 3/4 of his paycheck. This is actually legal. Parents are allowed to claim, and cash, their children's paychecks until they are 18 or are no longer living in the same house; whichever comes first. A child can file for a waiver of emancipation, but that is only done in extremes involving abuse or other such scenarios.

    • Reese is told to spread caterpillars across lawns and then to leave his boss' business cards. This is called seeding, and is illegal and punishable by a very big fine. It also incurs negative marks with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

    • Lois says that Jamie needs a bath at 6, 8, and before he goes to bed, continuing the cycle of Jamie being very dirty for one reason or another.

    • The butterflies are a species called monarch.

    • At this point, it seems that Reese lost his meat-cutting job. He does regain it next season, though.

    • When Malcolm is slamming things in the kitchen, he takes the things out of the second cupboard and slams it shut, then when putting it back the cupboard is already open.

  • Quotes

    • Malcolm: I guess we have a lot in common. Like loving grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches and Stephen King books. I wouldn't be suprised if you were a big Coldplay fan, too.
      Wendy: (to Malcolm) What the hell are you doing, following me around? ARE YOU STALKING ME?! YOU STAY AWAY FROM ME, CREEP!

    • Wendy: (to Malcolm) Sucks that you have to work the night shift. Now you'll miss the party. Debbie's parents are out of town. Whoa! I've gotta run! Skinny dipping starts at midnight.

    • Reese: These fumes are strong. Can I get one of those paper masks next time?
      Krijak: Do I look like I'm made of money?

    • Malcolm: At what age did you just accept that your life was a piece of rotten garbage and always will be?
      Craig: Twenty-two.

    • Craig: Malcolm, I think you're forgetting the graveyard shift motto: "Who cares?"

    • Hal: (finding Reese taking care of the caterpillars) Oh, crap! I'm too late. You bonded with them, didn't you? Well, welcome to my world. Now you're stuck with feelings of unjustified love for a bunch of ungrateful, mindless, eating machines. See how you like it!

    • Norm: She just wants someone who's honest and straightforward.
      Malcolm: That's great! I'm totally honest and straightforward.
      Norm: Actually, you're more like blunt and aggressive.

    • (Reese is resting on the floor in his room. A Monarch butterfly lands onto his arm.)
      Reese: (gets up) Oh my God... Winston, is that you? Jeez... I thought you were gonna look totally gay as a butterfly but you look amazing! (sees two more butterflies hanging onto him) Harv? ...and Julio! I knew you'd be one of the first; you were always the head of the class.
      (Some more butterflies begin flying around the room, coming out of the box.)
      Reese: This is fantastic! Look at all of you guys! Wow... I forgot how many of you there were... OK, that's a lot of fluttering! That's enough...
      (The room is now full of flapping Monarch butterflies.)
      Reese: Get off of me... GET THE HELL OFF OF ME! (he begins screaming like a maniac as hundreds of butterflies fly around the room like crazy and cover him)

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