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Malcolm in the Middle

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Nov 19, 2000 on FOX
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Episode Summary

The family goes out to a weekend vacation to an old indian casino, where Hal cheats over them, thanks to Malcolm. After being banned, he, Malcolm, and Reese go into a trip into the desert and they end up in a bomb testing place for the USA army. As Hal is gone, Lois decides to use the luxury of the SPA with Dewey. Francis manages to go home, but there is no one to play with, until he receives the unexpected visit of Craig.moreless

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  • perfect

    the family goes to a casino, where hal and the boys get kicked out because malcolm helped him cheat.

    lois and dewey have a spa day which was meant for her and hal.

    francis sneaks home knowing he'll have the house to himself, until he learns Craig is there.

    good episode, the only thing I hate is the ending where Dewey just hangs up on Hal. That's one of those moments that makes him my least favorite character on the show. The rest of the episode was good, especially Francis and Craig's plot at the house. Overall grade for this- an A+moreless
  • This was a fantastic episode!

    Malcolm and his family go on a family vacation to a casino and resort. Hal gets banned from the casino when he tries to use Malcolm, a minor, to help him win. He decides to take the boys to a ghost town, but Dewey stays behind. Lois wins a free spa treatment for two, so she does it with Dewey. Malcolm, Reese and Hal get lost while on their hike. They climb a fence. The ground they are on ends up being military ground used for artillery. Francis ditches military school to go home. He plans to have a party, but none of his friends can come. He catches Craig there and they spend the day together.

    This episode was great! It was really funny and I enjoyed it a lot! All the explosions were cool! This episode gets a 10 out of 10!moreless
  • A really great episode in Season 2!

    When the family goes to a hotel close to the casino for the weekend, the first thing Hal did was going to the casino and gamble. Kids aren't allowed in there, so Malcolm helps Hal cheats by sugnaling him at the window, but they got caught and Hal was banned from the casino. Then Hal took Malcolm and Reese to the desert, but they didn't realize that they accidenatally went to the army's bomb area until something exploded. Meanwhile, Francis escapes from military school and comes home because the family was away for the weekend, but unexpectedly, Craig came over. This episode was really interesting, and it's great because the events are definitely unexpected!moreless
  • Something that you shouldn't miss...

    The family goes to the casino where Hal gets banned and gets his money taken away, and later he gets lost in desert where is an actual trained bomb area, where they soon get caught by the army. While Lois and Dewey are having "a date" and they have a lot of spa, and everything, and Craig tells something to Francis that help him to get free rides around the country, and everything, and I like it so much, this episode was great, a series classic of Malcolm in the Middle.moreless
  • A classic episode!!!!!

    I personally thought this episode was remarkable! It had a good storyline of how it evolved from the brothers not able to get into the casino, to Malcolm cheating giving Hal all the keys to gambling, to Malcolm and Reese and Hal going on a hike and and up stranded in an artilery range! I give this episode an 8.9 rating!
Michael Horse

Michael Horse

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Ajgie Kirkland

Mjr. Hughes

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Todd Eckert

Hotel Man

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Kasan Butcher


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David Anthony Higgins


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Malcolm states that the animal is a puma not a cougar, and yet after it blows up he calls it a cougar every time he mentions it.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Malcolm: What sounds more idiotic, "Let's go to the desert, kids" or "Good idea, Dad"?

    • Lois: Why are you avoiding the casino?
      Hal: Well, you could sit here and I could tell you all about it and you might find it all very amusing, or you could think about the fact that I'm offering to take the boys off your hands for the whole day.
      Lois: Don't forget the sunblock.

    • Reese: I'm thirsty.
      Malcolm: Yeah, well, we would have water if some idiot hadn't used to it write a S.O.S in the sand.
      Reese: Oh, I see. You people let me carry the water and all of a sudden I'm the idiot.

    • Dewey: I don't like ghosts. They eat little boys.

    • Malcolm: They don't do anything, they're just there!

    • Hal (to army general): Well, the thing is that when we saw the fence we did not know if we were going in or out, Malcolm, do you want to explain it?
      Malcolm (terrified): No, I don't.

    • Craig: Shouldn't you be in military school?
      Francis: Shouldn't you take out my father's housecoat?
      Craig: That is not revelant. (watches Francis with toast) That's my toast.
      Francis (seriously): We will divide it.

    • Reese: You know what nobody's mentioned, is that this is supposed to be the greatest army in the world, and you couldn't even kill the three of us. I gotta tell ya, I'm not impressed.

    • Malcolm: (sees some explosive devices) Okay, I just figured this out... RUN!!

    • Hal: (to Malcolm) Son, sometimes the genius thing gets a little annyoing.

    • Malcolm: That's not good, cougars don't just blow up!
      Reese: As near as I can figure, I did it with my mind.
      Malcolm: Reese! That's insane!
      Reese: I wouldn't talk to me like that if I were you.

    • Hal: Please you can't ban me from the casino. If you do, my wife will kill me. So, let's just make up. (Withdraws the winning money Malcolm helped him get) I give you this, and you let me back in.
      (The head casino master (HCM) takes the money and pockets it.
      HCM: That's very thoughtful. You're still banned.
      Hal: Then give me my money back.
      HCM: What money?
      (Hal leaps up to attack HCM but his tough two guards restrain him. Hal calms down and sits back down. The guards dramatically fix his shirt.)

    • Hal: Dewey I only have one phone call, so put your mother on the phone so she can come pick us up.
      (Dewey puts the phone down)
      Lois: Who was that?
      Dewey: Wrong number.

    • Reese: Yes! I win again.
      Dewey: No fair. My goalie doesn't have any legs.

  • NOTES (2)