Malcolm in the Middle

Season 7 Episode 20

Cattle Court

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Apr 16, 2006 on FOX

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  • superb

    Reese falls in love with a vegetarian, and to keep her interested, he lies and says he is a vegetarian also. But she finds out the truth and dumps him. Can he win her back?

    Dewey and Hal play a game, but Hal does not like that the game does not teach real life lessons, so he makes his own game.

    Malcolm is grounded but wants to go to a concert, and all is good, until Lois gets Craig to take the shift she was going to work on the night Malcolm was going to sneak out.

    Good episode. The ending was funny, Craig was funny throughout, and Reese's dream of himself in court was pretty funny. B+ episode, I think
  • Pork is great.

    I have to say that I really liked this episode of Malcolm in the middle. It was solid and it made me chuckle from time to time. It was basically an episode that had good writing, funny comedy, a good plot and some good acting. Lois looks like she is beyond her years with the way she dresses. She is trying to be young and every viewer know she looks WAY past her prime. Getting back to the show, it was funny to see Reese be a moron and for him to try to fool a girl that was smarter than he is. Thank you.
  • Good!

    Malcolm wants to sneak out on Friday while Lois is working, but when she asks Craig to take her shift, he agrees. Malcolm tries to get Craig mad at Lois so he won't work for her. Reese meets a vegetarian and pretends to be one, but it doesn't work as she finds meat on him. He saves the cows at his job to show he cares about her. Hal makes Dewey play a life game to show that life isn't that successful. He gets too caught up in it.

    This episode was pretty good! I recognized Tara Lapinski. I didn't like Craig at all though. This episode gets an 8.5!
  • Yet again the schemes of both Malcolm and Reese go awry.

    As always an extremely funny episode. Reese's attempt to have his cake and eat it predictably backfires. His attempt at redemption, like a Shakespearean play is written in the stars to end in tragedy. Poor Craig - no matter what he does, he will always get trodden all over (metaphorically and in this case literally)! Malcolm's conscience yet again prevents him from enjoying himself at the expense of an innocent. This is a trait that has persisted with Malcolm and endears him to the public. It means that he is not begrudged any success that comes his way because the audience can rest easy that he will eventually do the right thing - even if he does descend down the dark path for a little while!!

    I cant believe the era of Malcolm in the Middle is coming to an end. Its been a pleasure watching this series over the last 7 seasons.
  • Great performance by craig, Malcolm, and Reese.

    Very funny cold opening, when Dewey has a ratin his hand Lois tells him to get rid of it, Dewy agrees and goes in his room and drops it in his drawer. All you can hear is the rat screaming
    and roaring. Reese brought dinner which are parts of the animal you can't serve people. Reese goes to school with a bloody bag of meat.
    Reese meets an attractive vegetarian
    girl named Carrie. Reese plays along with her political, vegetarian talk, at first. Reese goes on a picnic with her, but he stapled bacon to the top of his hat, taped a pork chop to his leg. Great scene when the dogs are trying to get the pork chops out of Reese, and Reese is telling the animal that everyone hates them. While this is going on, Malcolm was manipulating Craig to go to a concert, Malcolm told Craig that he does'nt have to take Lois's shift. Malcolm ends up desroying Craig. Great episode.
  • Meat anyone?

    This is one of the best episodes of the season but not too great but great enough to watch over and over again. Malcolm supports to Craig about defending himself to Lois and explains his feelings for her. Reese on the other is trying to express his love with a girl who is a vegetarian but finds out about his obsession with meat and gives him a chance so he sets free the cattle and it goes out in the city. The Dewey and Hal part wasn't that great but overall the episode is great. Only two more episodes after this and they're over. Too bad, huh?
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