Malcolm in the Middle

Season 3 Episode 21


Aired Sunday 8:30 PM May 05, 2002 on FOX

Episode Fan Reviews (2)

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45 votes
  • Very funny!

    Dewey has the chicken pox, so he must stay home. He builds a big domino track and Hal wants to push it really badly. Meanwhile, Malcolm and his fellow Krelboynes accidentally misuse the chemistry set and they must go to real school for a while. The Krelboynes separate into cliques. Dabney joins the jocks, Lloyd joins the goths, Kevin joins the posers, and Stevie joins the skaters. Madness errupts, so Malcolm tries to stop it. It ends up getting all the Krelboynes beat. Reese won't let Hal push the dominos. After Dewey cleans them up, Hal is upset, so he builds another one and wants to video tape it. It knocks down without him there and he misses it. Francis learns that part of their house is on Native ground, so he builds a mini casino. He and Piama fight, but they quickly make up.

    This episode was great! I loved the domino sequence! I would hate to be Hal and miss it. The cliques that the Krelboynes were put into sort of fit. This episode gets a 10!
  • Krelboynes with the rest of the school!

    What a cool episode! Malcolm and the rest of the Krelboynes are forced to get with the rest of the school population, at first they are afraid, but later they manage to fit in, in different type of groups, which soon begins as battle between the different groups of the school and that makes things worse. This episode is really cool and I think that is one of the best episodes, is really funny, and really cool!
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