Malcolm in the Middle

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Nov 22, 2000 on FOX
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Hal and Lois go to a convention, where Hal gets into a fight with a man that stole a great idea that he had, and now seeks revenge. Meanwhile, Malcolm and Reese fight to get the sexy babysitter's (Patty) attention, but it all turns to youngest sibling, Dewey.moreless

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  • great

    hal and lois go to a convention where hal has a fight with a man.

    malcolm, reese and dewey are babysat by a hot babysitter just a few years older than them. malcolm and reese try to impress her, but is she more impressed with the youngest?

    good episode, my grade would be higher but i liked malcolm and his brother's plot more than the main one with hal. malcolm's plot interested me a lot more and i thought it was funny. Hal's plot unfortunately bored me. As such, my overall grade for this episode is still a B or somoreless
  • The baby sitter was hot.

    I think that the reason I like this episode was soley based on the hot babysitter. She was really hot. I don't think she could act a lick, but that didn't matter all too much to me. The epsidoe had some funny moments and some really predictable ones at that. Here is what I didn't like. The stupid fights between Hal and the guy he didn't like. I was bored with that whole plot and I wanted it to end. I did like the battle between Malcolm and Reese. It was actually quite entertaining to see them try to outsmart one another. Overall, I have to say that it was decent. Thank you.moreless
  • I liked it!

    Malcolm, Reese, and Dewey get a hot babysitter. They want all her attention. She calls Francis and likes him a lot. She was fat when he knew her, so he thinks that she's still fat and not attractive. Dewey outsmarts Malcolm and Reese and gets all the attention. Hal and Lois go to a convention, where Hal keeps getting into fist fights with a co-worker. Francis rejects the babysitter.

    This episode was great! I didn't really like Lois or Hal's plot though. I wish Francis knew what she looked like now! This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!moreless
  • Not that bad...

    Francis tries to evade Patty as he thinks that she is still a fat-bottomed girl, so he makes a stupid decision, while the boys are thrilled with the enchanted beauty, which naturally brings some conflict among the brothers, but when Dewey takes his advantage as the little boy, which causes the boys to plan something in order to get Dewey out of her, but they end up outside, while Hal and Lois are at a convention fighting, where Hal fights against an old colleague of him that stole his idea that brought a company of million of dollars.moreless
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Robert Curtis Brown


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Kyle Sullivan


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In the episode "Bomb Shelter", Hal is trapped in a bomb shelter that is located under the sand box. However, in this episode Reese and Malcolm pull up the same door which is thought to be as the septic tank. They put a blanket over it and lay a book next to it, and later Reese falls through it in the septic tank.

    • Hal and Lois go to the M.L.F.P.S.J.R.X.V. convention.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Reese: Where are you Going?
      Malcolm: To find out what's wrong and make her feel better.
      Reese: No, I'm gonna find out what's wrong and make her feel better.
      Malcolm: You'll only make her more upset.
      Reese: I happen to be sensitive.
      Malcolm: You're stupid and a creep.
      Reese: I'll kick your ass!

    • Malcolm: Now somebody innocent has to suffer.

    • Reese: Oh, man.
      Malcolm: What are we gonna do now?
      Reese (falls into the sewer): Ahhh... Oh, my God! What is this stuff!
      Malcolm (to the camera): Well, at least the night isn't a total loss. (opens a can of soda and drinks it)

    • Dewey: What is that?
      Malcolm: It's the cest pool.
      Dewey: We have a pool?
      Malcolm: It's the sewage of the house.

    • Malcolm: I don't believe this. I'm the genius and I'm being outsmarted by a kid who can't even tie his own shoe!
      Reese: We're not going to get away with this.
      Malcolm: We're taking him down.
      (Reese nods his head)

    • (Barbara & Tom are watching Hal fight Jack while Lois tries to stop them)
      Barbara: Oh, for God's sake, Tom. Do something!
      Tom: I'll refill your drink.
      Barbara: Okay.

    • Malcolm: Come on, Reese. Hurry up!
      Reese: Sorry, I had to put the "lemonade" in the fridge.

    • Reese: Hehe. He's cute! I hate him for being cute!

    • Malcolm (fixes his hair in front of the mirror, then turns to the camera): What?!

    • Patty (to Malcolm; on the phone with Francis) Francis? Is that Francis? Tell him it's Patty Henderson from 8th grade algebra.
      Malcolm (to Francis): Patty Henderson says hi!
      Francis: Oh, my God! Patty Henderson is your babysitter?!?!
      Patty: Let me talk to him. Hi!
      Francis: Don't let her... Hi... Patty!

    • Patty (about Francis): He was so nice, and so cute.
      Reese: Yeah, I'm a lot like him.
      (Malcolm rolls his eyes)

    • Reese (to Malcolm about Dewey's stick): Hey, is his stick bigger than mine?
      Malcolm: I don't know. They're just sticks.
      Reese: Why do I get the crappy sticks? I never have anything nice. My life SUCKS!!
      Malcolm (gets up towards Dewey): Gimme that! (takes the stick out of his hands and breaks it while Dewey cries)

    • Barbara (retching after a few drinks): I'm okay. (continues retching)

    • Barbara: And not so much ice this time. I'm not cold.
      Lois: Hey, why don't you two pay for dinner since we paid for parking?
      Barbara: Are you accusing me because I'm drunk?
      Lois: Yep!
      Barbara (looks at Tom): I wish he would.

    • Malcolm: You were gonna make her a card?!
      Dewey: No.
      Reese: You like glitter, Dewey?
      (next scene)
      Patty (walks in): Dewey?
      (Dewey is a mess again)
      Malcolm: This is what he is. He's a walking disaster area.
      Patty (using baby's voice): Guess who needs another bath?
      (Dewey smiles as Patty sends him to the bathroom)

    • Reese: You, sitting around with your big eyes and your dopey voice. I have to resist hugging you myself.

    • Dewey: I can dance... wanna see?
      Patty: Okay.
      Dewey (gets up and dances): Poopy, poopy, poopy, poopy, poop-y! Poopy, poopy, poopy, poo. (repeats over and continues dancing)
      Malcolm (to the camera): This is embarrassing.

    • Patty: Hungry?
      Malcolm: I don't know what I am.

    • Tom: Well that was still good on how you got him to scream like a girl.
      Hal (embarrassed): No, that was actually me.

    • Lois: In 30 seconds, I'm going to instruct these men to let you go.
      Hal: (all worked up) Thank you, Lois. Thank you.
      Lois: And then you will have a choice. You can indulge your primal urges with him, or... you can come back to the motel...and indulge your primal urges with me.
      Hal: (looks at Lois, then at Tom, then at Lois again) Don't trivialize my anger, Lois! I mean, there are some things that you just don't try to talk people out of. (calming down) I have a legitimate situation here.
      Lois: (sympathetic) I know, baby. (kisses Hal)
      (Hal calms down whimpering. The guards release Hal and Tom. Hal and Lois leave, arm in arm, but as Hal passes Tom, he smacks him. He gets feisty, but soon realizes that Hal/Lois are leaving innocently.)

    • (Hal and Tom are restrained by guards. Both of them are sweating up a rainstorm.)
      Hal: It's too late! Something snapped! I am way past the point of no return! We're talking primal animal urges! I'm gonna let nature take its course...AND KILL HIM!

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