Malcolm in the Middle

Season 6 Episode 11

Dewey's Opera

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Feb 20, 2005 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Chad wears three signs in the episode. The first says: "Do not corner", the second says ".Jamie" (the character he plays in Dewey's opera), and the last one says "Spooked by applause."

    • During Hal's solo song to Lois, he sings "You know how I panic when I see a monkey." This is most likely a reference to the episode "Monkey," in which he and Craig faced a deranged Capuchin.

    • In the episode "Lois Battles Jamie," Reese mentions that his inner voice that tells him to do dangerous things is growing quieter and quieter; being replaced by the voice that tells him it is too dangerous and he could be hurt. We see the further development of that here when he immediately says that luge boarding is too steep and too dangerous and that he might die once he sees the incline.

    • Hal mentions that there is a rule about boredom in the house, then giving Dewey the remote for the TV.

    • When Hal is ranting about his paranoia about Lois leaving him, he says she'd be on a beach in Ibiza which he pronounces eye-bee-za. This is a common mispronunciation, it actually being pronounced ee-vee-thah.

    • Hal says Lois bought the king size bed, the largest one made. However, the largest commercially available mattress is emperor size. In addition, though harder to find, there are enormous beds called carousel mattresses that take up significantly more room because of their round shape.

    • The reason Lois bought the king-sized bed was to be able to pass gas without Hal smelling it, but Hal said when she sound asleep, she lets them loose like a sailor.

    • When Malcolm is going to skate down the road, his helmet isn't "locked", in the next shot it is

  • Quotes

    • (after Dewey explains to Malcolm and Reese how he feels because of the opera)
      Reese: All that I understood was... hit me, hit me, and never stop hitting me.

    • Dewey: I was just sitting there and this... this opera came on. People screaming and hating. It was our family but with music, and it all mixed together in counterpoint that underscored the futility of their lives. And the stretto showed the minor key had been hiding in the subdominant from the very first bar!

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