Malcolm in the Middle

Season 3 Episode 2

Emancipation (2)

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Nov 14, 2001 on FOX
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Emancipation (2)
Still reeling over Francis' break for freedom, Lois and Hal find themselves face to face with their newly independent son. While at home, Francis wins back Hal's support, but Lois is a completely different story. Also, Malcolm and the Krelboynes meet their match when a new teacher—a former Krelboyne himself—is assigned to the class. He sets up a ranking system that pits the students against each other and eventually drives them to the brink of insanity.moreless

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  • emancipation

    francis is emancipated. what are his plans for the future? and how will lois and hal react?

    malcolm and his krelboynes are put to the test with a new strict teacher who used to be a krelboyne himself. what will they do, go insane? possibly.

    good continuation from the previous episode. francis' plot was kind of boring i thought but i was really interested in malcolm's plot. the ending to that plot was really funny. as such, my overall grade of the episode is an A+, a really good, well written and funny episode from the show's third season. Perfect episodemoreless
  • Yeah, yeah!

    Malcolm and the other Krelboynes have a new teacher. He was also a Krelboyne, but he is nothing like them. He is mean and puts them into ranks. It drives them insane to be the smartest. Malcolm tries to undermine the teacher, but it fails the first time. He then comes up with another plan. He makes the other students work super hard and it drives them absolutely crazy. Reese starts high school. Francis comes home and Lois won't talk to him at all. When she finally lets him talk to her, he tells her that it's payback.

    This episode was great! I love the insanity of the Krelboynes. Kevin, the newbie, is pretty cool! This episode gets a 10 out of 10!moreless
  • Not the greatest ep around.

    This episode isn’t one that I’d go completely wild over, like the last episode it had some good points and bad points. The really funny scene in this episode is where Francis gets dropped off outside of the house and Hal runs out and starts chasing him! The chase continues so that Francis, screaming like a little girl, has to climb up a tree and Hal resorts to biting him to get him down! So classic comedy acting there!

    I felt Lois not talking to him a little unbelievable, even for her.

    Once again, this isn’t the best episode of Malcolm ever but it has some good moments - like the one above.moreless
  • Francis gets emancipated!

    Francis struggle his way home where his mother and brothers does not seem to pay him any attention, because according to them he has "divorce" from the family. Hal tries to convince Lois to talk with Francis, or she will regret the whole thing for all her life. But Malcolm has other problems, when the Krelboynes are asigned to a new teacher, Mr. Herkabe, that puts the kids into a race to see who is smarter, but later Malcolm finds a way to solve every thing. This is a really cool episode... is one of my favorite ones.moreless
Mary Pat Gleason

Mary Pat Gleason


Guest Star

Bryan Burke

Bryan Burke


Guest Star

Chris Eigeman

Chris Eigeman

Lionel Herkabe

Recurring Role

Craig Lamar Traylor

Craig Lamar Traylor

Stevie Kenarban

Recurring Role

Daniel Von Bargen

Daniel Von Bargen

Edwin Spangler

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The list in that Lionel makes for the ranking of the class in the beginning are as follows:

      1. Malcolm
      2. Stevie
      3. Katherine
      4. Lloyd
      5. Dabney
      6. Della
      7. Kevin
      8. Maggie
      9. Tyler
      10. Henrietta
      11. Alysoun
      12. Ngan
      13. Milo
      14. Nathaniel

    • In this episode (on the original airing only), Lois mentions to Francis, "you've been nothing but a problem since the day you were born." However, that same line (exactly the way she said it) was used in the episode "Hal's Birthday."

    • Mr. Herkabe refers to Malcolm as number 1 to the 11th when he is at the top of the class, but the number 1 raised to any power is still one.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • (To Malcolm in class)
      Mr. Herkabe: What's this?
      Malcolm: A study of irrigation techniques of pre-roman society and how they led to the advanced meaning of western civilization.
      Lloyd: I thought we were just studying Mesopotamian farming techniques.
      Mr. Herkabe: We were.
      Malcolm: I just saw it as a jumping off point. I see how their influences spread through the Egyptians, the Carthaginians, basically through the whole ancient world. I think you'd be very happy with this paper.
      (Malcolm looks back at his friends. They stare back in jealousy)

    • (Lois and Francis argue)
      Lois: I treated YOU?! We made sacrifice after sacrifice for you and you caused us nothing but pain!
      Francis: You want pain? I've got your scars, baby. Three and a half years in that horrible school!
      Lois: We went without for that school!
      Francis: Maybe I should thank you! Thank you, Mother, for making my life a LIVING HELL!
      Lois: Living hell?! You've been nothing but a problem since the day you were born!
      Francis: It's over, lady, because I'M OUTTA HERE!

    • Mr. Herkabe: (picks up a paper coffee cup) Who's Dabney?
      Dabney: That's me, sir! (stands up) I got the liberty of ordering you a decaf soy latte.
      Mr. Herkabe: Let me guess. Emotionally needy, closet bed-wetter, you get no affection at home, so you'll be seeking it from me. Look elsewhere, son.

    • (all the Krelboynes are looking at some information about Mr. Herkabe)
      Lloyd: Notice anything?
      Stevie: He was a Krelboyne.
      Kevin: We won't have to talk down to him.
      Dabney: Finally! Someone who knows our pain!

    • Dabney: (being attacked by a new bully) Hi, Reese. This is Gus. He's in the lead to replace you as a school bully. He used a wedgie that will knock your socks off. I'm not saying this because he's got me in a headlock.
      Reese: If you grab your wrist and steady your fingers, you'll get better leverage.
      Lloyd: (to Gus) You listen to him. He's the man.

    • Reese: Hello, babies. How's baby school, babies?
      Malcolm: Didn't high school start a half-hour ago?
      Reese: Hey, if I'm on time today, they're gonna expect it everyday.

    • Spangler: As a thanks, I want you to have this. (shows Francis a sword, Francis picks it up) Now, normally these are reserved for cadets who have distinguished themselves or have parents who donated a building. But you left your mark here in your own way. So, what the heck.
      Francis: (draws the sword) Wow, sir, this is great.
      Spangler: Farewell, cadet.
      Francis: Thank you so much! (plays with the sword)
      Spangler: Careful! That's razor...
      (Francis draws the sword to Spangler's hand cutting it off, which is off-screen; later we see Spangler typing on a typewriter until he lifts up his other injured hand and sighs)

    • Hal: Alright, fine. I have lost a son, but gained a baby.

    • Lloyd: NOOOOOO!
      Mr. Herkabe: Where are you going, number 3?
      Lloyd: It's hot, it's hot, and I'm STUPID!!!
      Kevin: I'm stupid, too!
      (the whole entire class, with the exception of Malcolm and Herkabe, runs outside and act stupid as some of the guys strip and scream)
      Malcolm: (to Herkabe) You were right; you can't beat the system, but you sure can break it!

    • (passing through Malcolm)
      Lloyd: Sorry.
      Dabney: I tried, my hand wouldn't let me.
      Stevie: I regret... (takes deep breath) nothing...

    • Mr. Herkabe: (hands over the test to Malcolm who got an F on purpose) I am very disappointed in you. (gets up to the whole class) Eveyone else, well done!
      (Malcolm looks around and sees the class wondering around as they look at the ceiling, Malcolm has been betrayed)

    • Malcolm: What does being number one get you?
      Mr. Herkabe: Nothing. Just the satisfaction of knowing that you are number one, and that you (points to Kevin) are not number one.

    • Dewey: Someday when you come back, you're unemployed and have no place to live, you can come stay at my castle.

    • Reese: I said 'I'm sorry.'
      Lois: Oh, I've heard 'sorry' before.
      Reese: I don't think so.

    • Mr. Herkabe: Yes, number 5.
      Dabney: It's Dabney, sir.
      Mr. Herkabe: I know, what is it, number 5?
      Dabney: I forgot.

    • Woman Taxi Driver: Are you sure your parents won't be mad?
      Francis: No. They've had a couple of days to think it over. I think they'll be okay.
      (Hal grunts and runs out of the house and chases Francis; Francis runs and screams)

    • (after Francis and Hal have a fight; walking home)
      Francis: Sorry, I use the castrates.
      Hal: Don't worry, what have I always told you?
      Francis: Testicles are valid.

  • NOTES (5)