Malcolm in the Middle

FOX (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • Season 7
    • Dewey's Opera
      Dewey's Opera
      Episode 23
    • Company Picnic Part II
    • Graduation
      Episode 22
      Malcolm is elected class validictorian, and starts planning for his future. He gets a job offer and Lois turns it down for him, making him mad, until he finds out the reason why. Ida, Francis and Piama are in town for the graduation. Ida helps Reese try to secure a janitorial job, by creating a disgusting, huge mess that will surpass his probation period, allowing him to keep the job after the 30 day probation period. Craig starts packing Reese's things because they are moving in together after graduation. Dewey gets permission from his older brothers to burn evidence of the worst thing they ever did when they realize that they will no longer be together, but he decides to hold on to it as a memory. Hal struggles to find financial aid so that Malcolm can afford going to Harvard and also finds a secret out about Francis and is promised to not tell Lois.moreless
    • Morp
      Episode 21
      Malcolm creates a group of anti-prom students, to create a Morp, which is going to be held in the school basement on prom night.Reese gets paid by a girl to take her to the prom which includes a makeover and being taught to be a nice person. Dewey discovers there aren't any childhood pictures of him, so he concocts an elaborate scavenger hunt to punish Hal and Lois.moreless
    • Cattle Court
      Episode 20
      Reese meets a cute vegetarian named Carrie and pretends that he shares the same interest. When she finds out he was lying Reese starts to feel guilty about his love of meat. After playing a game with Dewey, Hal sees that it teaches nothing about the real world so he creates his own game. Malcolm is grounded on the weekend but still has a plan to go to a rock concert. After Lois gives her shift on the night of the concert away to Craig so she can be home, Malcolm tries to convince him to give it back, by telling him to not be a pushover. Graig takes the advice to heart and makes a decision that could ruin his life.moreless
    • 4/9/06
      Malcolm wants to visit Stevie in the hospital but keeps on finding ways to not go due to a psychological issue about seeing Stevie that way. Reese gets a job as a telemarketer and is the best in the entire office. After forgetting to pick up a key ingredient for Dewey's project, causing him to fail, Lois goes insane because he keeps on messing with her stuff. Hal gets a toy motor boat and gets into a boating war with a 10 year-old boy.moreless
    • Bomb Shelter
      Episode 18
      Reese and Dewey break one of their dad's trophies and while they are trying to bury it, they come across a bomb shelter. Hal follows them to it and when he finds out that they broke his trophy they lock him inside. He soon discovers that the bomb shelter is a paradise and wants to stay down there. Dewey and Reese decide that they will do all the chores before letting their dad out so he won't be mad. Lois enters a contest in which she has to keep her hands on a truck longer than anyone else in order to win it. Malcolm joins a dance class to impress a girl. When that girl turns out to be a bad dancer and gets injured he must get a new partner, who he, surprisingly, falls for.moreless
    • Hal's Dentist
      Episode 17
      Hal's friend Trey tells him to come to his dental office when he chips a tooth during a poker game. After receiving a $2,000 bill Hal is furious and a fight breaks out between them. Reese teaches Lois how to ride a bike. After a mattress falls from the sky Malcolm and Dewey find sleeping as their new favorite pastime.moreless
    • Lois Strikes Back
      Episode 16
      Four popular high school girls play an evil prank on Reese by pretending he has a secret admirer and then dropping a pig off at his front door. When Reese goes into a depression, Lois comes to his rescue. She plots her revenge on the four unsuspecting girls and wreaks havoc on their adolescent lives. Dewey tries to comfort Reese, and Malcolm is certain Lois is behind the attacks, and tries to stop her. Hal realizes Lois is at a dangerous emotional place so he decides to get some distance and stumbles upon the idea for making his own pitching machine out of stuff in the garage.moreless
    • A.A.
      Episode 15
      Francis receives a visit from Lois and Hal to celebrate his one-year anniversary of sobriety. However, when they attend one of his A.A. meetings, it's revealed that it was Lois who forced him to start drinking. Back home, Dewey finds Hal's spare key for his car and tries to get Malcolm and Reese to drive him to the arcade, but they want to pull pranks on other neighborhoods instead. Dewey decides to hide the key, forcing Malcolm and Reese to try multiple tactics to get him to give it up.moreless
    • Hal Grieves
      Episode 14
      Hal's father dies, but he seems emotionless about it. After having a dream that his children laugh during his own funeral, Hal spoils the boys with a day of fun so that they will love him. Malcolm realizes that it is wrong, but Reese and Dewey take full advantage, and get him to buy them things. Lois and Abe try to come up with a way to help him grieve and Abe is determined to get him one of the stars of Star Trek to visit.moreless
    • Mono
      Episode 13
      Lois discovers she has mono after a visit to the doctor. She then ends up giving it to Malcolm after her maternal instincts begin. As a result, both Lois and Malcolm are forced to spend two weeks together in Lois' room. Hal, meanwhile, is invited to all of his neighbors' parties after they know Lois will not be attending any of them. The neighbors try to set him up with someone, who thinks Hal is going through a divorce. Dewey makes Jaime his slave, and Reese wants a piece of the action when he sees how good Jaime responds to Dewey's commands, but can't figure out why Jaime won't do things for him.moreless
    • College Recruiters (2)
      Reese and Raduca are living in the garage and at first Lois is upset, until she sees how whipped Reese is. Reese and Raduca study to get her a green card. Hal interviews all of the college recruiters for Malcolm, since he doesn't have any interest in them. Dewey goes to visit Francis and at first thinks he has it made, but soon realizes that Francis is just too lazy to get a decent life.moreless
    • Bride of Ida (1)
      Bride of Ida (1)
      Episode 11
      Lois, Hal, and Dewey go out of town for a piano competition. They wind up missing the flight thanks to Lois, and Dewey starts to think she is purposely sabotaging him. Hal discovers the good life in the Commodores' Club when he accidentally bumps into one of the members and gets a hold of his card. Ida is looking after Malcolm and Reese and decides it's time Reese becomes a man and sets up a three-part competition between the two. If Reese wins all three parts then he wins a prize; a wife.moreless
    • Malcolm's Money
      Episode 10
      When looking through the mail Hal comes across a check for $10,000 in Malcolm's name and he convinces Lois to keep it with an intent to pay him back in full later on. Hal accidentally tells Dewey about it and now he is in on it to. Now they can't seem to agree on how to spend the money. Malcolm tries over and over to get the right year book photo. Reese gets his old job back at the slaughter house, but is now a delivery man. He hates it at first until he delivers to an old age home and discovers how amazing it is.moreless
    • 12/16/05
      Mr. Herkabe starts torturing Reese by making him look dumb. Malcolm, who is in the same class, eventually sticks up for him. Mr. Herkabe says he will stop bothering Reese if Malcolm purposely screws up so that he won't get an award for best GPA ever, currently held by Mr. Herkabe. Lois gets annoyed by Jamie's new babysitter when she won't stop talking about all her issues. Hal finds out that Dewey has a crush and he goes overboard trying to help him.moreless
    • Army Buddy
      Episode 8
      A former female army buddy of Reese's comes to their house for a visit and Reese starts thinking she wants to be more then friends. When Lois finds renewed energy with orthotic inserts for her shoes, Hal fears she will not look to him for support anymore and plots to destroy the inserts. Malcolm gives Dewey a bunch of junk in order to pay off a $10 debt. One of the comics turns out to be rare and worth a lot. Dewey forces Malcolm to do embarrassing things in order to get the money back.moreless
    • Blackout
      Episode 7
      Francis sneaks home to take a giant fish from the garage and accidentally allows Jamie to lose a balloon which causes a blackout. In the midst of getting the fish he gets caught and makes up a lie to Lois so she won't know the truth as to why he is there. Malcolm tries to avoid getting caught with three dutch girls. Hal and Reese attempt to cook two pieces of Kobe beef. Reese thinks that he is getting one but Hal really plans on giving the other one to Lois because it is their anniversary. Dewey is upset after he is promised he could pick dinner but doesn't get his way.moreless
    • Secret Boyfriend
      Episode 6
      Malcolm gets paired up with a popular girl for chemistry who turns out to be smart and really likes him. She doesn't want to loose her rep of being popular so they have to hide their relationship. Lois demands Reese get a job and when he doesn't she takes things away from him and he eventually is forced to live outside the house. Hal is determined to give Dewey his free game of mini-golf he feels he should have won, but Dewey couldn't care less.moreless
    • 11/4/05
      The neighbor's daughter, Jessica, who's staying with the family for the week, shows Malcolm a thing or two about manipulating Lois to get the car. At first Malcolm enjoys it but soon feels really close with her and opens up completely. Reese decides to ship himself to China to beat up his pen pal, but really is just in the garage with Dewey making him think he is going. After Hal kills a hive of bees the lone survivor follows Hal around looking for revenge.moreless
    • Halloween
      Episode 4
      After Malcolm and Reese go on a haunted Halloween tour of the neighborhood, they discover that there was a multiple murder and then suicide twenty years ago. Malcolm winds up sick and stays home with Hal who spends the whole night freaked out about the deaths. Reese and Dewey egg a man by accident and he starts chasing them. Lois' work gets chaotic, ruining her night.moreless
    • Reese vs. Stevie
      Episode 3
      Reese tells Stevie that he is going to beat him up which puts Stevie on the edge. When Hal catches Dewey smoking, he makes a deal with him that he will stop drinking coffee if Dewey quits smoking. Lois tries to get Jaime to talk by telling him everything about her.moreless
    • Health Insurance
      Episode 2
      When Hal forgets to pay the family's health insurance, the company will not reinstate it until Monday, so he panics and locks the boys in their room to keep them from getting hurt but ends up hurting himself. Lois thinks that Craig is snitching to the boss about the employees starting a union.moreless
    • Burning Man
      Episode 1
      When Hal and Lois discover Malcolm and Reese's plan to sneak off to the Burning Man festival, they decide to make it a family outing. The people at Burning Man think Hal is part of a performance art show. Lois gets in touch with her artistic side. Reese embraces every aspect of Burning Man. Malcolm gets injured and meets a women who he falls for. Dewey is forced, by Hal, to do work to keep the RV he borrowed from his boss in tip top shape.moreless
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