Malcolm in the Middle

FOX (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

    • Morp
      Season 7 - Episode 21
      Malcolm creates a group of anti-prom students, to create a Morp, which is going to be held in the school basement on prom night.Reese gets paid by a girl to take her to the prom which includes a makeover and being taught to be a nice person. Dewey discovers there aren't any childhood pictures of him, so he concocts an elaborate scavenger hunt to punish Hal and Lois.moreless
    • Bowling
      Season 2 - Episode 20
      Malcolm and Reese go bowling. In one scenario, it is Hal that is with them and in the other Lois. Either way, disaster ensues. Meanwhile, at home, Dewey makes elaborated plans against either parent he is with, to let him watch TV.
    • Water Park (1)
      Water Park (1)
      Season 1 - Episode 16
      The family goes out to a water park, where a battle between Malcolm and Reese ensues. Meanwhile, Dewey is locked up in home with an old babysitter, but when she dies, Dewey goes out in an adventure for himself, and Francis and Spangler play pool to see who "loses."
    • Red Dress
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      A battle of wits and wills ensues between the boys and their angry mom, who wants to find out who ruined her expensive new red dress -- found partially burned and soaking in the toilet. It's Hal and Lois's wedding anniversary (hence the dress); and while the boys fend off their mother, with the long-distance assistance of Francis, a lonely and increasingly sozzled Hal bonds with the staff of the restaurant where he booked a table for the big night. Lois finally achieves an epiphany on the phone with Francis, who convinces her to for once "let something go". After she leaves for the restaurant, with the boys in tow, Hal arrives home to an empty house -- and we learn the truth about what happened to the red dress.moreless
    • New Neighbors
      Season 2 - Episode 13
      Malcolm and his family try to be nice to the new neighbors but soon clash. Only Hal and the father get along. Commandant Spangler, excited for his hero, Ollie North, to arrive, gets drunk, and it's up to Francis to save the day.
    • Rollerskates
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      Malcolm is angry because during a game of street hockey, he sprints up and down the street in shoes, only to have it start back the other way. So he decides he is ready to take skating lessons from his dad. He asks Reese and Francis how it is, but they both refuse to tell him. When he starts, he is angered by all the silly twists and spins they are doing. Meanwhile, Reese rollerskates in the house with a bunch of gunk on his skates which causes Lois to throw out her back while yelling at him.moreless
    • Smunday
      Season 1 - Episode 15
      The boys stay home from school when their mother thinks it's Sunday instead of Monday. Malcolm thinks of a plan to get Francis out of trouble once again. Hal gets sucked in by a Porsche dealership.
    • Pilot
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Malcolm introduces us to his world, dominated by omnipresent schoolyard bully Spath and made worse by his enforced friendship with Stevie, an asthmatic wheelchair genius. When a battery of tests reveals that Malcolm has an IQ of 165, he is moved into Stevie's special accelerated class, despite his protests that "around here being intelligent is exactly the same as being radioactive." On the bright side, Malcolm discovers a practical application for intelligence when he and Stevie spontaneously hit on a solution to Spath's persistent tyranny.moreless
    • Family Reunion
      Season 4 - Episode 3
      Hal's family is having a reunion and so the family goes. Lois is constantly insulted by the women, Hal's dad enjoys Civil War talk with Malcolm, Reese and Dewey try to get their hands on their grandfather's dough by being nice to him and Francis is bogged down by the children. Hal tries to bond with his dad especially when things get out of hand with Lois and the other women.moreless
    • Traffic Jam (2)
      Traffic Jam (2)
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      Hal, Lois, Malcolm and Reese are trapped in a horrendous traffic jam. Francis enters himself in a bet that recalls the egg-eating wager in "Cool Hand Luke." Malcolm becomes smitten over a girl he meets. Dewey has his own little adventure--all over the world--before his family returns home.
    • Krelboyne Picnic
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      Malcolm's family insist on accompanying him to a circus-themed picnic for the Krelboyne class, whom must each perform for the assembled students and families. Once there, Lois immediately feuds with Dorene, the loud-mouthed mother who dominates the other parents; Reese plans to "kick Krelboyne butt" and is hoist by his own underpants by Eraserhead's much bigger brother; Francis goes through an entire romantic relationship in the course of the single afternoon; and Hal grosses out the entire class by sneaking real meat into their vegetarian barbecue. When a desperate Malcolm turns Stevie's demonstration of catalysts into a gigantic stink bomb, Caroline is convinced she will be fired -- so Malcolm must go on and quell the crowd by demonstrating his ability to do advanced mathematics in his head.moreless
    • Hal's Christmas Gift
      Season 6 - Episode 6
      Hal and Lois, strapped for cash, decide that Christmas gifts will have to be homemade this year. When everyone makes much better gifts than Hal, he spins a bigger and bigger lie about the present he has in store for them. Francis decides to come home for Christmas and brings some shocking news to his parents, that not even his wife knows. Malcolm feels left out by Dewey and Reese.moreless
    • Traffic Ticket
      Season 2 - Episode 16
      When Lois refuses to give a cop a free ice tea, she is sure that he seeks revenge when he gives her a traffic ticket. Convinced that she is right, she blames Francis for it, so Francis decides to throw a stunt to get some money. After going with Craig, Malcolm discovers that Lois was wrong about the traffic ticket, and tries convincing her. Just as Lois admits her mistake, new evidence shows up.moreless
    • Graduation
      Season 7 - Episode 22
      Malcolm is elected class validictorian, and starts planning for his future. He gets a job offer and Lois turns it down for him, making him mad, until he finds out the reason why. Ida, Francis and Piama are in town for the graduation. Ida helps Reese try to secure a janitorial job, by creating a disgusting, huge mess that will surpass his probation period, allowing him to keep the job after the 30 day probation period. Craig starts packing Reese's things because they are moving in together after graduation. Dewey gets permission from his older brothers to burn evidence of the worst thing they ever did when they realize that they will no longer be together, but he decides to hold on to it as a memory. Hal struggles to find financial aid so that Malcolm can afford going to Harvard and also finds a secret out about Francis and is promised to not tell Lois.moreless
    • Lois Strikes Back
      Season 7 - Episode 16
      Four popular high school girls play an evil prank on Reese by pretending he has a secret admirer and then dropping a pig off at his front door. When Reese goes into a depression, Lois comes to his rescue. She plots her revenge on the four unsuspecting girls and wreaks havoc on their adolescent lives. Dewey tries to comfort Reese, and Malcolm is certain Lois is behind the attacks, and tries to stop her. Hal realizes Lois is at a dangerous emotional place so he decides to get some distance and stumbles upon the idea for making his own pitching machine out of stuff in the garage.moreless
    • Baby (1)
      Baby (1)
      Season 4 - Episode 20
      Hal tries to take the boys to a car expo but they are a week late. Instead they wind up at a bridal expo where Dewey plots to get revenge on Hal for something he did and Reese gets a job, but doesn't do it. Malcolm, who got an offer to go to a school in London, probes Hal about financial issues to help make his decision. Back at home Francis and Piama are visiting and Grandma Ida shows up claiming she is moving in because her house burnt down. They try everything to get her to leave to no avail. They finally come up with a way to get her to leave with Abe's help, but on her way out a surprise comes along.moreless
    • Hal's Birthday
      Season 3 - Episode 15
      Francis arrives in time for Hal's birthday, along with his new wife, Piama. Suddenly, that brings trouble among Lois and Francis, who discuss why he always does stupid things. When Malcolm, Reese, and Dewey try to help, they are totally forgotten, so they decide to escape to a fancy hotel somewhere in the city. When Hal, Lois, Francis, and Piama discover this, they try to find them, desperately.moreless
    • Home Alone 4
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      Lois and Hal are spending the weekend at a family wedding, leaving Francis -- home for a visit -- in charge. When Malcolm overhears them discussing whether Francis has spent long enough at the military academy, he enlists his brothers in a scheme to get Francis home by preventing any of the usual disasters. But three of Francis's dude buddies turn up to party and trash the house, and while frantically cleaning up Malcolm gets a serious head injury that necessitates the usual trip to the emergency ward. Meanwhile, Hal and Lois discover that his family has a new nickname for her: "Lois Common Denominator." Her humiliation provokes Hal to declare his devotion to her.moreless
    • Christmas
      Season 3 - Episode 7
      When Malcolm and his brothers destroy their Christmas tree ornaments, Lois punishes them by canceling Christmas and moves all the presents into the garage. The only way she will reinstate the holiday is if the boys behave impeccably up to Christmas morning. Her plan works better than expected, and Lois is touched that her family responded so well to her challenge. Meanwhile, the boys decide that Lois could use this tactic for future holidays and retaliate by breaking into the garage and opening up all the presents. Elsewhere, Francis is forced to visit his Grandma Ida for Christmas.moreless
    • Dinner Out
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      Trouble comes when the Kenarbans invite the entire family to dinner with them, where Reese takes advantage of a new game, Lois and Kitty get into a discussion about Kitty's attitude, and Hal and Abe sneak out to drink some beers. Meanwhile at school, Francis must recruit Spangler's help to help them with some party-crazy girls that have taken over the school.moreless
    • Malcolm Babysits
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      Malcolm's cushy babysitting job provides relief from the trailer the family's using while their house is being fumigated, until Malcolm learns that the trust placed in him in his new position is strictly limited. Meanwhile, the military school's master key leads Francis to a corpse, for which he provides a proper send-off.moreless
    • Tutoring Reese
      Season 2 - Episode 19
      Malcolm tries to help Reese get better grades in order to prevent him from going to the slow learning class, but after he discovers that Reese has no chance, he decides to cheat for him. When Malcolm discovers that the grade was an "F," Malcolm discovers that Reese's professor is totally against him. Meanwhile, Francis tries to take revenge over Lois after she kicks him out, but later discovers that living with his friend Richie is horrible, so he begs for Lois to return home.moreless
    • Grandma Sues
      Season 4 - Episode 9
      Francis, Piama, AND Grandma Ida are all in town, which forces Malcolm to sleep in the backyard in a tent, putting him in an even worse mood than usual. After Grandma Ida falls on a leaf in the front she sues them. Things get worse when Lois finds out she is pregnant and tries to convince Grandma Ida to stop the lawsuit, but she refuses. Hal and Lois keep everything a secret from the boys, except that Francis knows about the lawsuit. Dewey and Reese come up with a plan to cheer everyone up by buying something really cool, unaware of everything going on.moreless
    • Malcolm vs. Reese
      Season 2 - Episode 21
      Malcolm and Reese are forced to be Francis' servants after he has an extra ticket to the wrestling event. When they think that the other one is winning, they fight against each other, but when Francis says that he will take a girl instead, they decide to get revenge. Meanwhile, Dewey tries to take care of Craig's cat.moreless
    • If Boys Were Girls
      Season 4 - Episode 10
      After being rattled by a battle among the boys, a pregnant Lois ponders the consequences of raising another brawling kid. While shopping with the boys she fantasizes that her unruly sons have morphed into well-behaved young daughters. Meanwhile, Hal searches for the perfect Valentine's Day gift. When he finally finds it, it is sold out and he is determined to get it.moreless
    • Hal Sleepwalks
      Season 6 - Episode 7
      Hal starts sleepwalking because he is stressed out about what to buy Lois for 20th wedding anniversary. Hal relies on Reese to help him, but instead Reese just uses him for his own things. Hanson and Zoe are signed up to run for student body president as a joke, and Dewey gets back at the boy who did it by signing him up, forcing him to win or be embarrassed. Malcolm gets an all-expenses paid trip around the world and feels the need to pay back society to secure his luck. He buys a guitar, but soon discovers he isn't very good at it.moreless
    • Sleepover
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      Malcolm sleeps over at Stevie's house and, appalled at his over-protected lifestyle, persuades him to sneak out to a late-night games arcade - where Stevie's wheelchair is stolen. Meanwhile, Francis copes with a bullying group of cadets by telling them home tales about real intimidation -- by Lois.
    • The Bully
      The Bully
      Season 2 - Episode 10
      Reese is suddenly the school hero when he joins the wrestling team, but after he gets thrashed by a girl wrestler, he misses that feeling of pride. He decides to give up being the school bully and instead tries to do many misguided good deeds. The school kids are excited to be out from under the reign of Reese, but Malcolm soon learns that not everyone appreciates his sarcastic comments all the time, and now that his brother is no longer there to protect him, everyone wants to beat up Malcolm because he hurt their feelings. Just as Reese is about to join a feel-good cult, the Krelboynes beg him to regain his crown as school bully because lots of little bullies are causing anarchy. Francis, scared of the school tradition of having every hair shaved from his body on his birthday, begs his parents to fly him home, but they can't afford it. Finally, he thinks he has an out when he injures his hand and the nurse takes pity on him and invites him over to her apartment for birthday cake.moreless
    • Reese Joins The Army (1)
      Reese Joins The Army (1)
      Season 5 - Episode 21
      The house goes crazy as Hal is falsely charged in a crime involving his company. He is put in an ankle collar and is immobile, forcing the rest of the family, including Piama and Francis, to pick up the slack. Reese discovers Malcolm with his girlfriend Beth and decides to run away. The family doesn't know, but Reese has joined the Army, where he doesn't exactly understand how the military works. Dewey also has his own problems with the family as no one listens or even knows about him leaving for a music competition.moreless
    • Lois vs. Evil
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      After Malcolm and Reese blow up the store's steam cleaner, and Dewey confesses to stealing a $150 bottle of cognac, Lois's firing prompts household economizing to an extent that causes Malcolm mortifying embarrassment at school: Julie (a girl who Malcolm likes) organizes a food-drive for his family. When Hal winds up in emergency with acute botulism as a result, Lois must re-think her position against apologizing to her odious boss, Mr. Pinter. Meanwhile, Francis thinks he's died and gone to heaven when he's assigned honor-guard duty at a Teenage Miss Alabama beauty pageant -- until he discovers that all the girls think he's gay.moreless
    • Pearl Harbor
      Season 6 - Episode 4
      Jessica has moved in a few doors down and is spending all her time at Malcolm's house. She convinces Malcolm and Reese that the other one is gay, and they start being nice to each other. Hal, tired of a neighbor always one upping him with Christmas decorations, decides to celebrate another holiday, Pearl Harbor. Dewey has to write an essay on why one of his parents is his hero, and at first picks Hal. When he makes things up Hal gets upset, so he switches to Lois, which infuriates Hal.moreless
    • Reese Drives
      Season 3 - Episode 13
      Reese is old enough to get his learner's permit, and, much to the dismay of Lois and Hal, has been perfect. During one of the driving lessons, Reese gets upset when he doesn't get his turn. When the distracted teacher gets out of the car to do banking Reese takes over and gets in a slow highway chase. Craig lies to Lois in order to get Malcolm over so he could help him install a new television system. Francis has a whole that needs fixing and gets himself in a chain of promises while trying to fix it.moreless
    • Company Picnic (1)
      Company Picnic (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 11
      It's Hal's company picnic, and Hal is nervous about meeting his new boss, because of his reputation when meeting new bosses. Malcolm prepares to see a girl who he has liked for a long time who moved away. Lois has her hands full trying to keep Dewey away from candy and also gets stuck in a conversation with a crazy woman. Meanwhile Francis finds out he owes a debt to Lavernia and when the loggers have a hockey game against women, he makes a bet that will help him get out of the debt, and is determined on winning the bet, even if it means sabotaging his own friends.moreless
    • Ida's Boyfriend
      Season 5 - Episode 11
      Ida announces she's getting married at the same time Malcolm gets his tongue pierced, Dewey ignores Reese, and Francis tries to get rid of a bad acting troupe Otto hired.
    • Company Picnic (2)
      Company Picnic (2)
      Season 3 - Episode 12
      After Hal is mistaken by his new boss, as that guy's boss, Hal plays along. Malcolm is in a three-legged scavenger hunt with the girl he likes, but becomes upset after he confesses he likes her, and she says she likes another boy. Reese is also the the scavenger hunt, and at first doesn't like the big dumb bully he is with, but they grow to like each other when they bond over beating up the other contestants and stealing their items. Lois continues to balance keeping Dewey intact and dealing with the crazy woman, but now must talk to the husband as well. Francis continues to sabotage his own team, this time on the ice.moreless
    • Bomb Shelter
      Season 7 - Episode 18
      Reese and Dewey break one of their dad's trophies and while they are trying to bury it, they come across a bomb shelter. Hal follows them to it and when he finds out that they broke his trophy they lock him inside. He soon discovers that the bomb shelter is a paradise and wants to stay down there. Dewey and Reese decide that they will do all the chores before letting their dad out so he won't be mad. Lois enters a contest in which she has to keep her hands on a truck longer than anyone else in order to win it. Malcolm joins a dance class to impress a girl. When that girl turns out to be a bad dancer and gets injured he must get a new partner, who he, surprisingly, falls for.moreless
    • Mono
      Season 7 - Episode 13
      Lois discovers she has mono after a visit to the doctor. She then ends up giving it to Malcolm after her maternal instincts begin. As a result, both Lois and Malcolm are forced to spend two weeks together in Lois' room. Hal, meanwhile, is invited to all of his neighbors' parties after they know Lois will not be attending any of them. The neighbors try to set him up with someone, who thinks Hal is going through a divorce. Dewey makes Jaime his slave, and Reese wants a piece of the action when he sees how good Jaime responds to Dewey's commands, but can't figure out why Jaime won't do things for him.moreless
    • Zoo
      Season 4 - Episode 1
      Malcolm and his family visit the zoo. Hal and Lois argue over a former beau, who lectures on rain-forest animals at the zoo. Reese butts heads with a goat. Malcolm, who is in a foul mood and Dewey take a tumble into a tiger den. Francis and Piama run into car trouble while on a cross country road trip, but meet a German couple who offer him a job as foreman of a dude ranch.moreless
    • Hal Grieves
      Season 7 - Episode 14
      Hal's father dies, but he seems emotionless about it. After having a dream that his children laugh during his own funeral, Hal spoils the boys with a day of fun so that they will love him. Malcolm realizes that it is wrong, but Reese and Dewey take full advantage, and get him to buy them things. Lois and Abe try to come up with a way to help him grieve and Abe is determined to get him one of the stars of Star Trek to visit.moreless
    • Cheerleader
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      Reese becomes so head-over-heels for a girl on the cheerleading squad that he actually decides to join. Dewey tries to convince Lois and Hal to buy him a new toy. Francis suffers through a long lecture from Spangler.
    • Reese Joins The Army (2)
      Reese Joins The Army (2)
      Season 5 - Episode 22
      Reese, still in the Army, continues to be a great soldier by turning his brain off and obeying his Commander's orders until he finds himself in a mock-war situation where his Commander cannot help. After being captured he turns his brain back on and realizes it is like being grounded. He takes action and devises a plan to lead his team to victory. Unfortunately it backfires on him. Back at home,everyone has their hands full helping out. After all the witnesses testify, and a confession from Hal about the type of employee he was, Malcolm figures out the flaw in the case. And between Reese missing and Hal's court case, Lois falls deeper and deeper into insanity.moreless
    • Reese's Apartment
      Season 5 - Episode 15
      After Reese pulls a stunt, he gets kicked out of the house, and moves into an apartment. Francis tries to convince everyone that Reese needs to go back home. At first Lois and Hal ignore Francis, but start feeling bad for kicking Reese out and look for help. Dewey enjoys Reese's absence. Malcolm tries helping a football player write an essay for college.moreless
    • Malcolm Films Reese
      Season 5 - Episode 5
      Mr. Herkabe tells Malcolm that his midterm project is to film his brother. Later, Malcolm discovers that he humiliated Reese and that it was just a trap from Herkabe and he seeks revenge. Dewey skips school and begins to get extra cash as a street performer. Lois wants to buy a new washing machine and dryer. Hal discovers that people from his company keep being arrest due to fraud. Otto goes into a state of depression when the hotel gets a very bad review.moreless
    • Standee
      Season 6 - Episode 3
      Hal and the garbageman get into a trash-dumping war. Hal enlists Reese's help. Dewey enjoys his time in the garbage. Meanwhile, Lois gets her job back at Lucky Aide but is on probation. When an offensive billboard of a smiling black janitor, whose nametag reads "Slappy", holding a mop and a 6-pack of malt liquor goes up, Lois tries to take it away. When Malcolm puts it back up under orders from his boss. Lois tries to get him to take it back down, but he refuses.moreless
    • Dewey's Opera
      Dewey's Opera
      Season 6 - Episode 11
      When Lois buys a brand-new king-sized bed, Hal thinks that her motive is to put more distance between them and refuses to sleep in it. Moved to tears by an opera he sees on television, Dewey is inspired to write his own operatic masterpiece, "The Marriage Bed," which is based on his parents' fight and turned into a school production. Meanwhile, Malcolm and Reese build their own street luge board; and Jamie falls head over heels for the baby girl across the street.moreless
    • Casino
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      The family goes out to a weekend vacation to an old indian casino, where Hal cheats over them, thanks to Malcolm. After being banned, he, Malcolm, and Reese go into a trip into the desert and they end up in a bomb testing place for the USA army. As Hal is gone, Lois decides to use the luxury of the SPA with Dewey. Francis manages to go home, but there is no one to play with, until he receives the unexpected visit of Craig.moreless
    • Boys At Ranch
      Season 4 - Episode 8
      Hal and the boys go to Francis's dude ranch for a weekend. When the boys do their usual antics (this time with ATV's), they are punished Lois-style by Francis. This sets Reese and Malcolm on a quest of getting the Francis they know back. Dewey bonds with Gretchen by cleaning numerous parts of the ranch, while Hal and Otto get drunk and lost in the desert.moreless
    • Lois' Birthday
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      When Lois gives the boys $10 each to buy her a present (and she evens tells them what she would like), they decide to get something for themselves, which causes her to have grief. When Hal also forgets her birthday, Lois decides that is enough, so she escapes until the family finally decides that they need her. Meanwhile, Francis brings home a beautiful African woman.moreless
    • Robbery
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      Lois and Craig get in trouble when armed-robbers come to the Lucky Aide. Craig begins to get really annoying when he doesn't want to give the combination to set them free and that brings him to reveal something for Lois. Meanwhile at home, Hal and the boys face themselves against bats, where they use Dewey as bait. Francis tries to cheer up a recently dumped Finley by taking him to a strip club.moreless
    • Therapy
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      Malcolm begins taking therapy when he thinks he will be able to get out of an embarrassing Medieval l themed week in class until Reese discovers his plan. Hal and Lois clean out the closet which leads to the discovery of a talent that Dewey has, and the original intent of the room. Francis takes over the laundry at school, and starts charging his fellow cadets.moreless
    • Flashback
      Season 2 - Episode 25
      During a pregnancy scare, Hal and Lois look back at the eventful births of their four sons via flashbacks.
    • Emancipation (2)
      Emancipation (2)
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      Still reeling over Francis' break for freedom, Lois and Hal find themselves face to face with their newly independent son. While at home, Francis wins back Hal's support, but Lois is a completely different story. Also, Malcolm and the Krelboynes meet their match when a new teacher—a former Krelboyne himself—is assigned to the class. He sets up a ranking system that pits the students against each other and eventually drives them to the brink of insanity.moreless
    • Blackout
      Season 7 - Episode 7
      Francis sneaks home to take a giant fish from the garage and accidentally allows Jamie to lose a balloon which causes a blackout. In the midst of getting the fish he gets caught and makes up a lie to Lois so she won't know the truth as to why he is there. Malcolm tries to avoid getting caught with three dutch girls. Hal and Reese attempt to cook two pieces of Kobe beef. Reese thinks that he is getting one but Hal really plans on giving the other one to Lois because it is their anniversary. Dewey is upset after he is promised he could pick dinner but doesn't get his way.moreless
    • Bride of Ida (1)
      Bride of Ida (1)
      Season 7 - Episode 11
      Lois, Hal, and Dewey go out of town for a piano competition. They wind up missing the flight thanks to Lois, and Dewey starts to think she is purposely sabotaging him. Hal discovers the good life in the Commodores' Club when he accidentally bumps into one of the members and gets a hold of his card. Ida is looking after Malcolm and Reese and decides it's time Reese becomes a man and sets up a three-part competition between the two. If Reese wins all three parts then he wins a prize; a wife.moreless
    • Halloween Approximately
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      The boys are disappointed that Francis did not make it for Halloween, but he proposes a trick that includes a giant slingshot, but later they get in trouble when they are overcome to the smart Krelboynes. Hal and Lois steal the car of what Hal considers a speed racer, but later finds out the great pleasure of driving such a car.moreless
    • Evacuation
      Season 2 - Episode 24
      When Hal accidentally looses a couch while driving it to the dump, it causes a toxic chemical spill when it gets hit by a train. Everyone in town is forced to evacuate to the school gym. Hal, feeling guilty, tries to help people out, including a boy who lost his parents due to a toxic cloud, whom is none other then Dewey. Reese forces people to give up their possessions because he has supplies that they need. Malcolm, is grounded and Lois is determined to punish him despite not being at home. Meanwhile, Francis is on a double date with Eric. But his date is 12.moreless
    • Baby (2)
      Baby (2)
      Season 4 - Episode 21
      While Lois is in labor, the house is hectic, and Hal, desperate to get home, has crashed the car on the way out of the expo. At the hospital Hal has delusions due to the drugs given and the boys decide to sign up for a parenting class so they can be better brothers.moreless
    • Dewey's Special Class
      Season 5 - Episode 18
      Malcolm convinces Dewey to do poorly on an I.Q. test, so that he won't become a ridiculed Krelboyne student. Dewey does so badly that he is placed in a class for the emotionally disturbed, and Malcolm tries to get him out of it. Reese tries to figure out what kind of genius he is. Hal and Craig compete in a dance competition.moreless
    • Lois' Makeover
      Season 3 - Episode 10
      Lois gets a makeover that instantly makes other employees look at her and even help her with other things, which she suddenly begins to enjoy, but later discovers that she is not being herself. Meanwhile, Hal plays basketball against the boys, but when Hal discovers how good they are getting, he fakes a broken talon, and Francis is in Alaska in a new rat-killer job.moreless
    • Stevie in the Hospital
      Season 7 - Episode 19
      Malcolm wants to visit Stevie in the hospital but keeps on finding ways to not go due to a psychological issue about seeing Stevie that way. Reese gets a job as a telemarketer and is the best in the entire office. After forgetting to pick up a key ingredient for Dewey's project, causing him to fail, Lois goes insane because he keeps on messing with her stuff. Hal gets a toy motor boat and gets into a boating war with a 10 year-old boy.moreless
    • Jessica Stays Over
      Season 7 - Episode 5
      The neighbor's daughter, Jessica, who's staying with the family for the week, shows Malcolm a thing or two about manipulating Lois to get the car. At first Malcolm enjoys it but soon feels really close with her and opens up completely. Reese decides to ship himself to China to beat up his pen pal, but really is just in the garage with Dewey making him think he is going. After Hal kills a hive of bees the lone survivor follows Hal around looking for revenge.moreless
    • Hal's Dentist
      Season 7 - Episode 17
      Hal's friend Trey tells him to come to his dental office when he chips a tooth during a poker game. After receiving a $2,000 bill Hal is furious and a fight breaks out between them. Reese teaches Lois how to ride a bike. After a mattress falls from the sky Malcolm and Dewey find sleeping as their new favorite pastime.moreless
    • The Bots And The Bees
      The Bots And The Bees
      Season 1 - Episode 14
      Malcolm and his Krelboyne classmates enlist the help of Hal for a school project, which involves a robot, and an enormous swarm of bees. Lois visits Francis at his school after he becomes injured and soon clashes with Spangler.
    • Reese Cooks
      Season 2 - Episode 18
      Run out of ideas on how to punish Reese, Hal decides to sign him up for a cooking class. It turns out that Reese is a natural and really enjoys it. When he sabotages everyone else's dish in the cook-off, Hal and Lois think they finally have a way to punish him effectively. Malcolm tries to convince Cynthia to not throw a party for the whole school, because he thinks no one will show up. Eric tries to get Francis to do his half of the history project, but Francis keeps on getting distracted.moreless
    • Humilithon
      Season 4 - Episode 2
      It's the first week of high school for Malcolm and he is determined to rid his Krelboyne past and become popular, but it only backfires on him. Hal and Lois are forced to help out around the school as part of the PTA. Lois has a blast and Hal hates it. Dewey enjoys his fifteen minutes of alone time after school. Francis is forced to do extra jobs around the ranch as Otto gives everyone vacation.moreless
    • Dewey's Dog
      Season 3 - Episode 17
      Dewey gets followed home by a dog and decides to use it to get revenge on Reese and Malcolm for the years of torture, when Craig arrives he gets sucked into it as well. Hal tries to take Lois out on a date a numerous amount of times and when he finally does they both wind up sick and trying to hide it from each other. Francis is visited by someone from his past.moreless
    • Funeral
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      The family gets ready to attend a relative's funeral, which affects Malcolm's plans to spend time with Julie. Upset that everyone doesn't want to go and that no one pulls their own weight around the house, Lois goes on strike. Meanwhile, Reese desperately tries to get the family to attend the funeral so he can get rid of Dewey's expensive birthday present he broke.moreless
    • Block Party
      Season 5 - Episode 8
      Malcolm and his family come home early from their vacation find that the neighbors have thrown their annual block party celebrating their absence. Reese and Dewey set up a plan to get money by letting Reese-tortured kids get revenge. Hal and Lois enter a kielbasa-eating contest. Malcolm desperate to have someone like him unknowingly assists a robbery. On the ranch, Francis is asked by Otto to put on a cow costume to attract a bull, so they can get "seeds".moreless
    • Forwards Backwards
      Season 4 - Episode 5
      Malcolm and Reese take turns getting revenge on each other, each time upping the anti. Dewey is worried about a school play. Hal is over his head when he tries to buy a comic for Malcolm's birthday, and goes to Craig for help. Francis squares off with an "evil" cow.
    • Charity
      Season 3 - Episode 5
      In an effort to contribute to society and to make her boys useful at the same time, Lois "volunteers" Malcolm, Reese and Dewey for charity work at a local church. The boys are assigned to sort giant piles of donated items. Initially they are irritated at their new task but they soon realize the donated stuff is a lot nicer than their own possessions, and they begin swapping out their old stuff with the second-hand items. And eventually start selling things to the neighborhood kids. Francis finally arrives in Alaska but it is nothing like what he thought it would be.moreless
    • College Recruiters (2)
      College Recruiters (2)
      Season 7 - Episode 12
      Reese and Raduca are living in the garage and at first Lois is upset, until she sees how whipped Reese is. Reese and Raduca study to get her a green card. Hal interviews all of the college recruiters for Malcolm, since he doesn't have any interest in them. Dewey goes to visit Francis and at first thinks he has it made, but soon realizes that Francis is just too lazy to get a decent life.moreless
    • Reese Comes Home (3)
      Reese Comes Home (3)
      Season 6 - Episode 1
      When Reese realizes the Army is too much for him to handle, he deserts and dresses as an Afghani woman. But Lois is on a march to find him, and travels to Kabul to hunt him down. Meanwhile, Malcolm volunteers at a veterans hospital as a way to make up for his guilt of making Reese leave.moreless
    • A.A.
      Season 7 - Episode 15
      Francis receives a visit from Lois and Hal to celebrate his one-year anniversary of sobriety. However, when they attend one of his A.A. meetings, it's revealed that it was Lois who forced him to start drinking. Back home, Dewey finds Hal's spare key for his car and tries to get Malcolm and Reese to drive him to the arcade, but they want to pull pranks on other neighborhoods instead. Dewey decides to hide the key, forcing Malcolm and Reese to try multiple tactics to get him to give it up.moreless
    • Convention
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      Hal and Lois go to a convention, where Hal gets into a fight with a man that stole a great idea that he had, and now seeks revenge. Meanwhile, Malcolm and Reese fight to get the sexy babysitter's (Patty) attention, but it all turns to youngest sibling, Dewey.
    • High School Play
      Season 2 - Episode 9
      Malcolm gets a role in the high school play and is so captivated by high school gossip that he forgets his lines. Lois discovers the joys of massage. Hal and Dewey build a society of model buildings in the living room. Francis tries to show his individualism at school when the commandant cracks down on personal belongings.moreless
    • Lois Battles Jamie
      Lois Battles Jamie
      Season 6 - Episode 8
      Lois begins to think she is losing her touch when Jamie seems too much for her to handle. When Hal realizes that Lois is losing her confidence, he brings Francis home in order for him to explain to Lois how was she able to have confidence as a mother. Malcolm, Dewey and Reese find a diving board and try to think of what to do with it, but come up with nothing. Reese is really upset with not being able to think of something and when he explains why, Malcolm and Dewey come up with the ultimate plan.moreless
    • Stupid Girl
      Season 4 - Episode 4

      Malcolm gets a crush on a girl, Alison, but has problems because he thinks too much. He enlists the help of Reese who shows him how to shut his brain off, but it has bad consequences. Stevie is staying at the house because his parents are out of town and Lois enjoys his company because he is such a good kid. Hal wins $1000 from a lottery ticket and rents a steam roller. Otto gets tricked into buying cow sun block, and Francis must get the money back.

    • Billboard
      Season 6 - Episode 10
      When Lois catches the boys vandalizing a trashy billboard for a strip club, Malcolm alters the vandalism into a women's rights protest, which sparks a colossal media circus. In no time, feminists, conservative religious groups and national news reporters descend on the scene. Lois tries to think of ways to get her boys down. After Hal grants a TV interview, a woman from his past turns up at the faux protest and he tries to hide from her.moreless
    • Stilts
      Season 6 - Episode 20
      After Lois and Hal are reminded of the tight budget they must uphold, Hal discovers one of his boys has been dialing a 900 number. His attempt to explain the error to the hotline's billing department turns awry when he forgets to hang up the phone, incurring a whopping $800 charge. Reese takes a job at a research clinic that pays him to pop experimental pills. Malcolm takes on a mortifying job at the Lucky Aide as a costumed Uncle Sam on stilts after the current one gets fired. Dewey thinks that Jamie has found Lois' secret stash when he finds a pearl necklace.moreless
    • Malcolm Holds His Tongue
      Season 4 - Episode 7
      After joining the basketball team at school, Malcolm soon finds himself under the coach's skin due to his constant complaining, which eventually gets him kicked off the team. Determined to put an end to his horrible habit of talking before he thinks, Malcolm starts "holding his tongue" which solves all the problems with his coach, girlfriend, and parents, but it ends up causing more stress than before. Hal takes up speed walking and is desperate to be the best. Reese gets Craig to take him and Allison to a concert and Craig succeeds in ruining his date. Francis gets new boots and believes he knows how to loosen them up.moreless
    • Mini-Bike
      Season 2 - Episode 22
      Malcolm, Dewey, and Reese find an old mini-bike that they quickly fix, but unfortunately that brings rivalry among the brothers, especially when Lois forbids them to use it. When Lois realizes how rough she has been, she tries to make up with the boys, but unfortunately Reese used it against her judgment and breaks a leg. Meanwhile, Craig is driving everyone in the family crazy. Hal visits Francis at school for a father/son weekend event.moreless
    • Monkey
      Season 3 - Episode 22
      After saving Hal and Lois from a robber, Reese decides to become a police officer. Meanwhile, Craig enlists the help of a monkey nurse that at first seems to do whatever he wants, but ultimately, he tries to kill him, until Hal comes to the rescue, Malcolm and Dewey face sleep troubles, and Francis and Piama are forced to retire from their home toward a new location.moreless
    • Burning Man
      Season 7 - Episode 1
      When Hal and Lois discover Malcolm and Reese's plan to sneak off to the Burning Man festival, they decide to make it a family outing. The people at Burning Man think Hal is part of a performance art show. Lois gets in touch with her artistic side. Reese embraces every aspect of Burning Man. Malcolm gets injured and meets a women who he falls for. Dewey is forced, by Hal, to do work to keep the RV he borrowed from his boss in tip top shape.moreless
    • Stock Car Races
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      Malcolm is upset about having to dance in front of the school with the other Krelboynes, so he decides to ditch school. But when Hal convinces him that taking him to school will be the highlight of his day, Malcolm feels guilty and goes. The boys are shocked though when Hal tells them they aren't going to school. He takes them to the racetrack to see the last race of the best driver ever Rusty Malcolm. After two laps, the boys decide to get some cokes. While arguing over who should watch him though, the boys lose Dewey and enter a forbidden room, only to be caught by a security guard. Meanwhile, Francis' disobedience affects the rest of the cadets.moreless
    • Surgery
      Season 2 - Episode 17
      Malcolm complains about a stomachache and Lois takes him to the hospital, where Malcolm finds out strange things happen there, and when he discovers that he doesn't have anything wrong, he tries to prove it to the doctors. Meanwhile, Francis leads a hunger strike when Spangler bans TV, and Reese, Hal, Lois, and Dewey get totally crazy for a board game.moreless
    • Cliques
      Season 3 - Episode 21
      After the Krelboynes blow up the class, they are forced to go back to the general school population, where they all join a new clique, except Malcolm, who just hangs out with his old friends. But soon all the cliques are fighting each other. Dewey gets the chicken pox and to entertain himself he plays with Dominos. Hal can barely control knocking them down, especially when Lois catches Reese trying to do the same thing, and says that no matter what happens he will be blamed if the Dominos get knocked over. Reese then makes sure Hal stays clear of the Dominos. When Francis learns that a part of his house in on Native Reserve he starts up a casino.moreless
    • Krelboyne Girl
      Season 2 - Episode 12
      There's a new girl in the Krelboyne class: Cynthia, a fresh recruit from New York. She is really weird but earns Malcolm's affections with wit and Israeli butt whoopin' moves. Meanwhile, Dewey is wearing a home made hazmat suit killing all the home's scary germs, because he doesn't want to lose his eyes. Hal covers for Francis but then starts to feel guilty.moreless
    • Book Club
      Season 3 - Episode 3
      Lois goes to a book club to talk about a book, but later discovers that what they actually do there is drink and tell everyone what they feel. Meanwhile, Hal tries different crazy tactics so the boys don't do something stupid and Francis hitch-hikes through Canada.
    • Thanksgiving
      Season 5 - Episode 4
      Malcolm decides to skip Thanksgiving to go to a party, but things turn out different than what he expected when he finds himself drunk and a girl offers him sex. Reese becomes totally abusive to Hal and Dewey for not doing exactly what he says. Francis and Piama come to the house on the brink of divorce, and it is up to Lois to fix it.moreless
    • The Grandparents
      The Grandparents
      Season 2 - Episode 15
      Lois's nightmare parents, Victor and Ida, come for a surprise, and puts the house in more turmoil than it usually is. Francis motivates his fellow cadets to break out for a weekend and go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, but then spend the entire time there suffering from eating bad sushi.moreless
    • Old Mrs. Old
      Season 2 - Episode 11
      After Malcolm breaks the arm of an old woman, he must turn into her new assistant, but after the Krelboynes decide to trick the old woman by driving in her car, and Lois discovers it, Malcolm thinks that he is in deep trouble, but the old woman protects him in the end... for a price. Meanwhile, Dewey takes a purse to school, and Reese tries to prevent it, but later discovers its benefits, and Richie joins Francis in military school, where he gets all the attention of Spangler and soon the rest of the cadets decide to take revenge.moreless
    • Cattle Court
      Season 7 - Episode 20
      Reese meets a cute vegetarian named Carrie and pretends that he shares the same interest. When she finds out he was lying Reese starts to feel guilty about his love of meat. After playing a game with Dewey, Hal sees that it teaches nothing about the real world so he creates his own game. Malcolm is grounded on the weekend but still has a plan to go to a rock concert. After Lois gives her shift on the night of the concert away to Craig so she can be home, Malcolm tries to convince him to give it back, by telling him to not be a pushover. Graig takes the advice to heart and makes a decision that could ruin his life.moreless
    • Experiment
      Season 5 - Episode 19

      Malcolm and Stevie attempt a science experiment but can't figure it out. Reese volunteers to help out and when they step out of the room, he somehow does it, but can't remember how. When Dewey's annual candy selling event for school comes up, he lies to the customers in order to sell them. Hal fantasizes about the prizes that Dewey could win. Francis takes a pig under his wing to try to toughen him up, so that he can get milk from his mother, and not be killed by another rancher.

    • Malcolm Dates A Family
      Season 5 - Episode 14
      Lois blows her top over a hidden 15 percent ser charge in the bill at her family's favorite pizza place and stages a boycott, but Hal and the boys are sneaking slices on the side. Malcolm meets Angela and becomes instantly smitten with her intellectual family. He spends more time with them than with her. Francis is reluctant to let Otto hire an assistant for him but soon relies on him for everything.moreless
    • Kitty's Back
      Season 6 - Episode 5
      When Kitty decides to return to Abe, she comes to Lois and asks her help with the reconciliation. Lois replies that she finds what she did unforgivable and creepy. Abe confronts Lois after he takes Kitty back and tells her that he is angry that she said Kitty was creepy. Lois refuses to apologize and says that she won't allow Abe to be angry at her. Stevie has a speech to give and Malcolm helps him out by pre-recording it. Francis comes for Dewey's birthday and gives him the 'brotherhood initiation' and causes him to be very sick. After being terribly sunburned, Reese tries to make a suit of his peeled off skin.moreless
    • Shame
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Parallel stories pit Malcolm against Kevin, a bullying, obnoxious new kid who goads Malcolm into beating him up; and Francis vies with his intimidating military-school commandant, who's presenting sex-education lectures. When Malcolm discovers that Kevin is only seven, he is guilt-stricken and tries to make amends by entering a charity marathon race. Meanwhile, Hal chops down the front-yard tree, alienating the neighbors (who can now see the house) but fascinating his sons with the wood-chipper.moreless
    • Watching The Baby
      Season 5 - Episode 2
      Hal and the boys offer to watch baby Jamie so an exhausted Lois can finally get some sleep. Hal leaves the boys in charge while he goes to the Lucky Aid to pick up more diapers. When he gets there he realizes he forgot his wallet so Craig makes him work it off. Hal discovers that the night crew can't stand Craig and starts a mutiny. While the boys are watching Jamie, three beautiful teenage girls arrive and woo Malcolm, Reese and Stevie away for the night, leaving Dewey alone with the baby. Dewey concocts an elaborate bedtime story for Jamie involving each member of his family. Meanwhile, Lois is asleep and falls off the bed and her breathing rolls a ball of dust back and forth and it gets bigger and bigger.moreless
    • Christmas Trees
      Season 5 - Episode 7
      Hal and the boys begin selling Christmas trees, but every time that they are about to gain money for actually doing it, something unexpected happens. At the ranch, Francis and Piama are reminded of home when Otto's relatives come to stay at the ranch, while Lois recruits the help of vagabonds in order to find a squirrel that bit Craig, to confirm if it has rabies.moreless
    • Goodbye Kitty
      Season 5 - Episode 3
      Stevie is excited about his mom coming back after a 2 month business trip, but the truth is his parents are divorced. Abe tells Hal and soon the whole family knows. While they fight over who should tell Stevie, Reese goes and does it. After finding out about it, Stevie begins to fall into a total depression and begins to talk with a computer. Malcolm tries everything to convince him to be back as he was, but it's useless. Hal, in an attempt to console Abe begins to turn into a second wife. Reese finds Lois' diary and thinks it's from a girl from school. Dewey returns to infancy to get more attention. Francis and Otto must kill a horse, but neither of them are able to do it.moreless
    • Mrs. Tri-County
      Season 6 - Episode 22
      Lois gets entered into the Mrs. Tri-County Pageant by the boys but only as a joke. She thinks they really meant it so she goes. The other women there treat Lois badly. Hal pushes Lois to perfection. Malcolm is blackmailed into delivering love notes to a contestant for Herkabe who is a judge. Reese discovers that, according to the Mrs. Tri-County Pageant manual's scientific formula, he is beautiful.moreless
    • Kicked Out
      Season 4 - Episode 12
      Hal is in charge while Lois is away, and has "zero tolerance". Malcolm sneaks out and when he gets caught sneaking back in he winds up getting kicked out of the house, and goes and lives in his girlfriend's attic. Hal feels guilty and goes on a frantic search for him. Francis gets annoyed with Otto and Gretchen's nephew when he constantly plays the piano every time Francis moves.moreless
    • Reese vs. Stevie
      Season 7 - Episode 3
      Reese tells Stevie that he is going to beat him up which puts Stevie on the edge. When Hal catches Dewey smoking, he makes a deal with him that he will stop drinking coffee if Dewey quits smoking. Lois tries to get Jaime to talk by telling him everything about her.moreless
    • Malcolm's Money
      Season 7 - Episode 10
      When looking through the mail Hal comes across a check for $10,000 in Malcolm's name and he convinces Lois to keep it with an intent to pay him back in full later on. Hal accidentally tells Dewey about it and now he is in on it to. Now they can't seem to agree on how to spend the money. Malcolm tries over and over to get the right year book photo. Reese gets his old job back at the slaughter house, but is now a delivery man. He hates it at first until he delivers to an old age home and discovers how amazing it is.moreless
    • Carnival
      Season 2 - Episode 23
      Malcolm, Reese, Dewey, and Stevie decide to do a trick on their parents in order to go to a carnival, but hardly have any fun there. When they come out from an attraction, they find the place empty, and then begin to get followed by a drunk security guard, but ultimately get help from the freak show guys. Meanwhile, Lois, Hal, Abe, and Kitty discover the kids' scheme and request Francis' help to find them.moreless
    • Cynthia's Back
      Season 3 - Episode 14
      Cynthia returns, but now in a very bad and angry manner. When Malcolm tries to find out what is going on, he discovers something shocking about her physical maturation, and he promises not to tell anybody. But he accidentally tells Reese, who plots to date Cynthia so he can see the development up close. Karen tells Lois that she kissed Hal on New Year's Eve, but Hal denies it. Dewey teaches Hal how to fly a kite. Francis looks to a totem pole for answers in his life.moreless
    • Halloween
      Season 7 - Episode 4
      After Malcolm and Reese go on a haunted Halloween tour of the neighborhood, they discover that there was a multiple murder and then suicide twenty years ago. Malcolm winds up sick and stays home with Hal who spends the whole night freaked out about the deaths. Reese and Dewey egg a man by accident and he starts chasing them. Lois' work gets chaotic, ruining her night.moreless
    • Health Insurance
      Season 7 - Episode 2
      When Hal forgets to pay the family's health insurance, the company will not reinstate it until Monday, so he panics and locks the boys in their room to keep them from getting hurt but ends up hurting himself. Lois thinks that Craig is snitching to the boss about the employees starting a union.moreless
    • Francis Escapes
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      Francis goes AWOL from military school and comes home to get together with his ditzy girlfriend, so they can get away forever. She turns out to be a thief who doesn't pay attention to Francis. So he hides in the backyard while Malcolm (who is the only one who knows he is there) tries to make excuses to Dewey for what's in the backyard.moreless
    • Houseboat (1)
      Houseboat (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      Malcolm's family takes a summer vacation trip on a houseboat with the Kanarbans. Malcolm gets roped into going fishing with his dad. Abe and Kitty argue the whole time. Reese and Stevie set sail to a cheerleader camp. When Francis is forced to fix something that fell on him and broke, he gets pushed to the edge and decides he's had enough of Marlin Academy.moreless
    • Hal Quits
      Season 2 - Episode 14
      Malcolm becomes concerned with his future and his career. He takes an aptitude test, which doesn't help because he finds out that he is equally excellently qualified to do anything. Hal, after having a bad time at Dewey's class career day, quits his job and decides to paint. His family is amazed at the transformation: suddenly he's happy and more attentive to both his sons and his wife. However, he soon becomes obsessed and spends twenty-four hours a day painting. Francis gets a job over spring break at Lucky Aide, where Lois works, and loses his mind working for Craig in inventory.moreless
    • Stereo Store
      Season 4 - Episode 13
      Due to the doctors not allowing Lois to return home yet, Hal has to pick up a second job at a stereo store. He gets instant praise from his boss, although his co-workers aren't much to brag about anyway. The boys are upset when they get a 16 year-old baby sitter, who uses mind games to get them to do whatever she wants. A movie is being shot at the ranch, and when Francis finds out what kind he is shocked. When Gretchen gets hired to play a role, Francis tries to stop it.moreless
    • Future Malcolm
      Season 4 - Episode 19
      Malcolm runs into a man named Leonard at the park who is very similar to Malcolm. Although he does not see the connection, Malcolm grows attached to the man and helps him out. Lois is upset that she keeps on gaining weight, but doesn't know that it is thanks to Hal. Dewey is convinced that the baby is telling to do things that keeps getting him in trouble. Meanwhile, Francis decides to become a nude model and begins to delight in the exposure.moreless
    • Poker
      Season 3 - Episode 8
      Hal is invited by Abe to go to play poker, but he is embarrassed with Abe's friends because he is not a professional. As a result, Abe and Hal decide to fight against each other in a poker showdown, with the help of their genius kids. Meanwhile, Lois takes Reese to dancing lessons, where he begins to make big money, but when he insults Dewey, he decides to get revenge. And in Alaska, Francis is turning mad for a piece of rope in a blizzard that traps him in a hut.moreless
    • Ida Loses A Leg
      Season 6 - Episode 14
      During Grandma's unwelcome visit with the family, she loses her leg while saving Dewey from a moving truck. Consumed with guilt, Dewey is determined to find his Grandmother's leg and give it the proper burial. Francis, on the other hand, begrudgingly becomes the caretaker for his stubborn, cranky grandmother. Meanwhile, Malcolm and Reese are given a new idea for a prank that forces them to stay awake days at a time to avoid the embarrassment of having their faces glued to the floor.moreless
    • Malcolm's Girlfriend
      Season 3 - Episode 4
      Malcolm gets a girlfriend, much to the dismay of Lois. He seems really happy, but it has effected his grades, and friendships. Dewey makes a friend and uses him to get the birthday he's always wanted. Francis gets put in jail and is entertained by the guards who live a Soap Opera like lifestyle.moreless
    • Health Scare
      Season 3 - Episode 6
      When Hal's doctor discovers something suspicious during his routine check-up, Lois and Hal become frantic, nervous wrecks as they wait for the test results. As a result of her anticipation, Lois becomes even stricter with the boys, leaving them to misinterpret the new house rules. Also, it's Dewey's turn to take care of the classroom hamster, and he becomes too attached and sets him loose in his orange rolling ball. Meanwhile, in Alaska, Francis comes to blows with his boss.moreless
    • Buseys Run Away
      Season 6 - Episode 2
      The Buseys disappear after Dewey leaves the special needs class. Malcolm and Reese think Dewey has turned on them when he no longer wants to pull stunts. Hal becomes the leader of a group of brainless bodybuilders.
    • Reese's Party
      Season 4 - Episode 18
      When Hal and Lois go out of town for a "last chance" getaway before the baby comes, Reese has a big bash that gets out of hand. College-age thugs show up, cancel the party and set up a drug-making operation in the garage. Hal and Lois spend the whole time fighting. Dewey is off with Craig and helps him live the childhood he never had.moreless
    • Polly In The Middle
      Season 5 - Episode 17
      Hal sets up Abe Kenarben on a blind date with Jaime's babysitter Polly but then realizes Lois has also set her up on a blind date with Craig. Malcolm tries to convince Dewey that his shirt isn't lucky, but Dewey keeps proving him wrong. Francis is embarrassed by Piama in front of his co-workers.moreless
    • Malcolm's Job
      Season 5 - Episode 6
      Lois makes Malcolm and Reese get jobs. Reese gets one at a butcher shop. Malcolm gets a job working with Lois at the drugstore loading dock. Malcolm goes to talk to Lois and is shocked to find that she smokes. She makes him promise not to tell, then turns her back on him and writes him up for a silly offense. Meanwhile, Dewey runs away to the Ranch to be with Francis because he says he is tired of Reese and Malcolm. Hal is also busy, secretly betting on and entering Jaime in baby competitions.moreless
    • Hal Coaches
      Season 3 - Episode 16
      Hal decides to make himself Dewey's new soccer coach, but that brings trouble in the end. Meanwhile, Malcolm is addicted to a virtual computer game, but unfortunately his character is the only one who seems to be doing badly. Reese blackmails a married neighbor, after learning that the man is sleeping with other women in the neighborhood. Francis and Piama fight when Lavernia starts treating Francis nicely because of something Piama does.moreless
    • Long Drive
      Season 4 - Episode 11
      Pregnant Lois has to stay at her sister's house for several days. While on the way there, she lectures Malcolm on everything about sex to Malcolm's strong disliking. Meanwhile, Hal's singing group finally gets to perform at the Elks Club but during rehearsal Dewey stirs up trouble when he points out that his father is always placed in the rear. Reese spends the day in jail with a group of troubled teens with the hope to shock-scare him. But Reese soon realizes the big bad prisoner can't really do anything so Reese begins to mock him. Meanwhile, Francis accidentally blows up Otto's beloved cow when he sprays it with cow dewormer then tries to brand it. Otto, not knowing the full story, is left brokenhearted thinking the cow ran away.moreless
    • Garage Sale
      Season 4 - Episode 15
      Malcolm suggests that the family have a garage sale in order to earn money to pay for the repairs in Hal and Lois' room (caused by Hal in "Hal's Friend"). Lois, finally returning, decides to put Reese in charge, because while she was away she was reminded of her childhood and how she was never encouraged, and now wants to give Reese a chance to prove himself. Malcolm hates that Reese is in charge especially when he is instructed to throw out a Nortair 680B computer part (worth $1300). Malcolm plans on making everyone realize the mistake and enlists Craig's help. Hal finds an old transmission that he used to run a pirate radio and decides to hook it up for old times sake. Dewey decides to sell things from the house. Meanwhile, Francis tries to get Otto to open up about his long lost son.moreless
    • Buseys Take A Hostage
      Season 6 - Episode 21
      When Hal decides to attend his first annual Neighborhood Association meeting with Malcolm, he is strongly encouraged to take on the role of President. Being his dad's right-hand man, Malcolm sees a perfect opportunity to add some excitement to the community, while Hal's agenda is a little bit different. Francis takes on a new job as a camp activities coordinator and turns to Dewey for his input on some creative new games. While Dewey revels in his afternoon of fun, his fed-up classmates take their teacher, principal and janitor hostage. When Reese finds out that he has final exams in all of his classes and must pass to graduate he studies for the first time ever.moreless
    • Motivational Speaker
      Season 6 - Episode 19
      Hal is forced to go to a motivation seminar. When the motivator leaves after making everyone but Hal cry, Hal accidentally takes over. He gets rave reviews and is soon hired to do motivation seminars every weekend. Reese begins hanging out with a pack of dogs. Dewey gets in trouble with Lois, after Lois finds out that he is seeing another mom.moreless
    • Secret Boyfriend
      Season 7 - Episode 6
      Malcolm gets paired up with a popular girl for chemistry who turns out to be smart and really likes him. She doesn't want to loose her rep of being popular so they have to hide their relationship. Lois demands Reese get a job and when he doesn't she takes things away from him and he eventually is forced to live outside the house. Hal is determined to give Dewey his free game of mini-golf he feels he should have won, but Dewey couldn't care less.moreless
    • Hot Tub
      Season 5 - Episode 10
      Malcolm, excited that he just got his Learner's Permit, volunteers to take Polly to the drug store, but she really goes to get her mother's ashes back from her ex. This causes Malcolm to loose his license and get caught up in a fight between Polly and her ex. Dewey finds a new friend, Noah, who befriends Reese, but has ulterior motives. Hal buys a new hot tub, and Lois gets mad at him. Otto is convinced that he has a curse due to taking Gretchen away from an old friend of his.moreless
    • Chad's Sleepover
      Season 6 - Episode 15
      Hal forbids Dewey to allow Chad to come over for a sleepover but Dewey goes and gets Lois to agree. Hal is upset with Dewey but he tries to convince his dad he can handle Chad. Lois goes through every piece of paper in the house to try and find a warranty for a blender that is broken. After not being told about "Ditch Day", Malcolm and Reese contemplate why they are so hated.moreless
    • Hal's Friend
      Season 4 - Episode 14
      Malcolm tries to emancipate Dabney from his overbearing mother while Hal invites his ne'er-do-well old buddy to the house. Dewey pretends to talk to Lois on the phone so he can get Reese to do jobs for him. At the ranch, Francis is forced to share a room with Otto.
    • Academic Octathalon
      Academic Octathalon
      Season 4 - Episode 16
      The Krelboynes are in an academic octathalon and Malcolm isn't thrilled, especially after being asked to cheat by Mr. Herkabe and his classmates. Reese agrees to take Alison to a formal dance but doesn't want to spend the money so he tries to get out of it. Dewey tells Hal he doesn't love him anymore when Hal says he can't give him rides to bed because he is too big. Hal also faces an ant problem. Francis accidentally starts a chain of arguments between couples about chores.moreless
    • Malcolm Visits College
      Season 5 - Episode 16
      Lois tags along with Malcolm as he visits a college, when she finds out he is staying in co-ed room, she stays. She soon gets along with the roommates better than Malcolm, and also battles the RA for him. After his father denies him a piano, Dewey begins stealing objects from around the house to amuse himself and to drive Hal crazy. Reese meets a girl, who he thinks is a narc, and he pretends he is a dealer, unaware that she is really an undercover cop. Otto opens up a daycare at the ranch.moreless
    • Vegas
      Season 5 - Episode 1
      The family travels to Las Vegas when Dewey enters his rabbit into a competition. Reese continues to fatten up the rabbit much to the dismay of Dewey and they get disqualified from the competition. Reese unknowingly sells the rabbit to a restaurant. Now it is up to Dewey (with a little help from a "choking" Reese) to try and save the rabbit. After Malcolm tells Hal and Lois that they embarrass him, and that is why he didn't tell them he won state science honors he feels guilty and as a form of repayment, Malcolm gets great seats for him and Lois to see Lois' favorite singer. Lois then gets lucky and is invited backstage where all she really wants to do is figure out why Malcolm doesn't want her around. Hal, frantically searches all across Las Vegas for a slot machine that he has had dreams of winning the jackpot on. Francis is also in trouble when he gets behind on duties at the ranch, and for the first time sees that Otto isn't just a pushover for everything when they get stuck in a well together.moreless
    • Ida's Dance
      Season 6 - Episode 18
      Lois goes over to visit Ida, but gets unpleasantly surprised by the St. Grotus Day festival. Malcolm fails a music appreciation course, and reluctantly goes to Dewey for help. Reese and Hal secretly watch scary movies while Lois is not around, but it ends up revealing some unexpected secrets about both Reese and Hal.moreless
    • Reese's Job
      Season 3 - Episode 9
      Richie manages to get a job for Reese in a burger place, but when $400 is stolen, he gets in trouble. Malcolm is tutored by a new Krelboyne that is younger than him, and both of them decide to help Reese. Dewey tries to get a dog, but Hal and Lois sabotage his plans. In Alaska, Pete is getting married via mail-order bride and Francis isn't too thrilled with the idea.moreless
    • Malcolm Defends Reese
      Season 7 - Episode 9
      Mr. Herkabe starts torturing Reese by making him look dumb. Malcolm, who is in the same class, eventually sticks up for him. Mr. Herkabe says he will stop bothering Reese if Malcolm purposely screws up so that he won't get an award for best GPA ever, currently held by Mr. Herkabe. Lois gets annoyed by Jamie's new babysitter when she won't stop talking about all her issues. Hal finds out that Dewey has a crush and he goes overboard trying to help him.moreless
    • Butterflies
      Season 6 - Episode 17
      After Lois is scheduled to work the "graveyard" shift, she forces Malcolm to do it with her. He starts noticing weird things going on and soon discovers a man, Norm, living in the Lucky Aide. He agrees to keep Norm's secret as long as he provides Malcolm with tidbits on his new crush, a fellow Lucky Aide employee. Meanwhile, when Reese takes a job as an exterminator, he quickly learns that to drum up business he must infest the neighbors' lawns, and chooses caterpillars as his weapon. But instead of spreading the caterpillars, he has a change of heart and begins to nurture them. Dewey enjoys having his own bed for the first time.moreless
    • Tiki Lounge
      Season 6 - Episode 13
      When Hal and Lois realize how little time they spend together, Hal turns the garage into a private tiki lounge where he and Lois can retreat. Things go smoothly until they feud over philosophical beliefs. Meanwhile, Mr. Herkabe cons Malcolm into joining the Booster Club, which he hates. He wants to leave until he is told that no one likes him and that he wouldn't do well at the auction. Reese gets in a battle with Jamie.moreless
    • Malcolm's Car
      Season 6 - Episode 9
      When Malcolm spots a roughed up 1967 Cuda in his neighborhood, he instantly falls in love with it and purchases the car. But he gets so caught up in the difficult task of restoring it that he blows off Stevie as well as Reese who needs him for an illegal betting scheme of his. Hal on the other hand, is having success when he stumbles upon his hidden talent -- hairstyling. Lois doesn't have time to worry about Malcolm or Hal, as she is caught up in scandal between Craig and their Lucky Aide boss Fred. Craig says he is taking time off to tutor Fred's wife in golf but Lois finds out he is actually having an affair with her.moreless
    • Lois' Sister
      Season 5 - Episode 13
      Lois' younger sister, pays the family a visit and brings with her expensive gifts for the boys, biting remarks for Lois and a cold shoulder for Hal – whom she has never forgiven for dumping her for Lois. At first Lois and Susan battle. When Lois discovers that Susan needs a kidney transplant, she puts her anger aside and offers to donate her kidney to Susan, which Susan only sees as the perfect opportunity for Lois to one-up her. Hal locks up Dewey's cotton candy machine and the engine to the car given to Malcolm and Reese in the garage. Dewey breaks in and goes cotton crazy, and Malcolm relies on Reese to come up with a genius plan to get the engine back. Francis takes charge of a girl guide group until a mutiny takes place.moreless
    • Army Buddy
      Season 7 - Episode 8
      A former female army buddy of Reese's comes to their house for a visit and Reese starts thinking she wants to be more then friends. When Lois finds renewed energy with orthotic inserts for her shoes, Hal fears she will not look to him for support anymore and plots to destroy the inserts. Malcolm gives Dewey a bunch of junk in order to pay off a $10 debt. One of the comics turns out to be rare and worth a lot. Dewey forces Malcolm to do embarrassing things in order to get the money back.moreless
    • Softball
      Season 5 - Episode 12
      Malcolm signs up to play softball to get away from Lois only to find out she is the coach. He initially drops out, but winds up playing. Francis comes all the way home to prove to Lois that he is not lazy, after she called him that on the phone. Dewey cons Reese into doing a dangerous stunt involving collecting toilet seats from a local junkyard. When Hal, afraid his company will go under, tries to find work accidentally applies to become a member of the CIA.moreless
    • No Motorcycles
      Season 6 - Episode 16
      When Francis and Piama choose to celebrate Francis' 21st birthday at the house, Hal is reminded of a promise he made to his son as a young child, involving a motorcycle trip that Lois quickly forbids. Hal and Francis have no choice but to sneak off for their wild adventure, leaving their women behind. Meanwhile Malcolm, Dewey and Reese are held captive in their own home by a bully.moreless
    • Victor's Other Family
      Season 5 - Episode 20
      When Lois' sister from her dad's other family calls her, she takes the boys (minus Dewey and Hal) to Canada to visit. She discovers a lot of secrets while there especially once Ida shows up. Malcolm thinks his half cousin is just like him, but turns out to be a much cooler happier version. Reese tries to connect with the other cousin, but is too rowdy for him. Back at home, Hal is determined to keep his promise to Dewey of running in a race with him.moreless
    • Jury Duty
      Season 3 - Episode 20
      Lois gets jury duty and refuses to allow anyone to leave until all the facts have been sorted out. Hal and Abe discuss the trial they believe Lois is working. Malcolm, Reese, Dewey and Stevie get lost in the sewers and start arguing with each other. Francis, Eric, Artie and Pete go ice fishing, and get stranded when a bear surrounds the cabin.moreless
    • Day Care
      Season 4 - Episode 22
      Now that the fifth child has arrived, Lois and Hal must find a way for someone to take care of Jamie. Later on, they discover that the church has a day care of their own, so they pretend to be Christians in order to get accepted, which makes Dewey and Reese start finding out the joy of life believing in God. Hal makes their Christian fellows to build up the broken wall, and Lois takes care of another child. Meanwhile, Francis tries to attract people to the ranch by faking a UFO sighting.moreless
    • Living Will
      Season 6 - Episode 12
      Hal is named executor of his neighbor's living will and must decide whether to keep him on life support or pull the plug. In attempting to make the decision, Hal discovers he is incapable of making decisions on his own because he always defers to Lois. Craig asks Malcolm, Reese and Dewey to teach him how to fight dirty to fight off a bully, that turns out to be his dad. His dad tries to convince him to take over the gym he owns, but Craig refuses.moreless
    • Dirty Magazine
      Season 5 - Episode 9
      Malcolm alerts the A.C.L.U. when he encounters censorship working on the high-school literary magazine, which only backfires on him. Hal tries to flirt with the woman in his office responsible for cutbacks. Reese tells Dewey that he will gain power if he can make a seed sprout in a pile of dirt that he must hold in his hand, however it is actually a rock. Francis helps Otto learn to waltz for his 25th anniversary.moreless
    • Clip Show
      Season 3 - Episode 19
      When Lois and Hal think that the boys have ruined the car, which they claim innocence to, they are taken into therapy where they tell the psychologist about their family.
    • Forbidden Girlfriend
      Season 4 - Episode 6
      Malcolm goes out to teach a girl trigonometry, but ends up falling in love with her, unfortunately her dad is an eccentric veteran who totally forbids him to be with his daughter, so they begin to see each other secretly. Dewey keeps getting money from neighbors for jobs they think he does, but it is actually a kid that looks like him. When Reese finds out he uses it to get back at a bully. Hal and Lois have to go a week without having sex and it actually makes them nicer and do a lot of jobs around the house. Francis has problems with other ranchers who keep on destroying a fence.moreless
    • Poker #2
      Poker #2
      Season 3 - Episode 18
      It's Hal's turn to host poker night, but it turns out to be more about competing over minor things than about poker. One of the guys brings his daughter and she brings a friend. Reese helps Stevie get one of the girls, by making up that he his dying. Malcolm finds a gun in the purse of the other girl and hides it. Dewey keeps on getting kicked out of every room of the house. At first Francis is fine when Piama says that an old friend is coming over while he is at work, but after talking with Eric he gets more and more uncomfortable with the idea.moreless
    • Clip Show #2
      Season 4 - Episode 17
      Clips from past episodes are interwoven with the current squabbling of Hal and Lois, who set out to draw up a will and wind up at odds over their legacies and their kids.
    • Dewey's Opera
      Dewey's Opera
      Season 7 - Episode 23
    • Company Picnic Part II
      Company Picnic Part II
      Season 7 - Episode 23