Malcolm in the Middle

Season 5 Episode 19


Aired Sunday 8:30 PM May 02, 2004 on FOX
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Malcolm and Stevie attempt a science experiment but can't figure it out. Reese volunteers to help out and when they step out of the room, he somehow does it, but can't remember how. When Dewey's annual candy selling event for school comes up, he lies to the customers in order to sell them. Hal fantasizes about the prizes that Dewey could win. Francis takes a pig under his wing to try to toughen him up, so that he can get milk from his mother, and not be killed by another rancher.


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  • A great episode!

    Malcolm and Stevie are working on an important experiment. Reese wants to help, but they don't really want him to. Francis takes care of a piglett. Dewey has to sell chocolate bars. He lies to people in order to sell them. Hal wants Dewey to win a prize for selling them. Reese does something to make the experiment work. Malcolm and Stevie beg him to tell them what he did.

    This episode was great! Reese was funny in this episode! Dewey is really smart! The scenes of Hal imagining were funny! This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!moreless
  • Aww. Blelow! Very funny.

    I love this eppisode. One of my all-time favorites! I loved Reese, I felt so bad for him. I loved the Blelow part and Stevie rolling over Reese. I also loved Francis after he finished telling Lois that she thought everything they did was stupid and then he has a dressed up pig, and the part where Hal is daydreaming about the moon-shoes and the go-cart. This eppisode just really made me laugh alot.moreless
  • And here we are with a superb episode!

    This episode is amazingly classic! Some great lines in here and so-on. The main plot with the experiment is very funny, especially the concept of Reese outsmarting Malcolm & Stevie. The scenes in which he tries to explain what he was doing in the room on his own was hilariously funny - especially the scene where he gets Malcolm’s shirt of the wardrobe and rubs it around his ass! Absolutly classic! The expression on Frankie’s face is just brilliant!

    The sub-plot where Dewey tries to sell chocolate bars is mildly amusing but the really sweet (no pun intended) part of that plot is Hal fantasining about Dewey’s prize, classic once again!

    This is a really good episode this and I would say it was the best of Season 5 if I could - but I can’t as Season 5 is just so damn amazing! Highly recommendedmoreless
  • Good episode!

    Malcolm and Stevie work in an experiment in order to get money for a college or something like that, but later Reese says that he wants some credit so he can be recognize by something, while Malcolm and Stevie go out to watch out Jamie, they discover that their experiment work thanks to an accident because of Reese, later they tried to recreate exactly what Reese done but it does not works how they expect until the end. In the end, they create a formula that will cure millions of people and that will make million of dollars, and they all got is pencils' cases. Cool episode!moreless
Helaine Lembeck

Helaine Lembeck


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Regan Burns

Regan Burns

Middle-Aged Man

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Susan J. Leslie

Susan J. Leslie


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Emy Coligado

Emy Coligado

Piama Tananahaakna-Wilkerson

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Craig Lamar Traylor

Craig Lamar Traylor

Stevie Kenarben

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Reese apparently failed to learn all his colors as he didn't know Green was the proper term for mixing Yellow and Blue.

    • It is discovered that asbestos is in the family's ceiling, and the house has to be detoxified. Asbestos was popular in housing construction because of its resistance to heat, and many older houses still have it. However, asbestos is highly toxic, especially when inhaled. Even a small portion inhaled can, and usually does, lead to breathing abnormalities; most notably mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis. Particles that are dislodged and spread in the air, as Reese does when bouncing the ball, are particularly worrisome. However, even worse was the time the boys caused the ceiling to cave in during season one's episode "Red Dress," which rained down dust and particles and covered the boys.

    • Malcolm and Stevie take 2 pints of blood from Reese, plus another pint that Stevie sneaks. That's 3 pints total. The human body only holds between 6 and 8 pints of blood, depending on the size of the person. This would equal a substantial blood loss and definitely make Reese weak. It would also probably cause temporary anemia that could take days to replenish as his blood platelets built back up.

    • This is the second time the house has been fumigated; the first time was in season 1's "Malcolm Babysits", and was due to a bug infestation. This time it is because of asbestos.

    • When Lois discovers the box of candy and pulls the candy box out of Dewey's backpack, you can see the company that made the candy's name is on the box. It says "Allegheny". But when Dewey is talking on the phone with Francis and Dewey is sitting on the swingset you can clearly see the change in the name on the box siiting next to him. The box of candy's name then says, "Alleghney".

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Man: Sorry, I don't eat candy.
      Dewey: Oh, these aren't candy bars. These are "America Bars."
      Man: What are you talking about?
      Dewey: You know, "America Bars." Well, actually, I prefer the term, "Freedom Bars." You love America, right?
      Man: Well, of course, I do.
      Dewey: Well, there a lot of people out there who are hoping we won't do our part.
      Man: What do you mean?
      Dewey: You know. People. People who don't have this country's best interests at heart.
      Man: So, these candy bars help fight terrorism?
      Dewey: With every chocolatey, nougaty bite.

    • Dewey: (on the phone with Francis) They're doing a candy bar drive at school and we've all been given a ton of candy bars to sell.
      Francis: Ugh, I used to hate that.
      Dewey: And you know what Mom did?
      Francis: What?
      Dewey: She forbid me to sell them. She said I'd never be able to sell a single one.
      Francis: Oh, she did? That is horrible! I'll buy a dozen right now, Dewey.
      Dewey: She even compared me selling candy to you getting married.
      Francis: You know what? Make it two dozen.

    • Malcolm: This is important. Restriction enzymes are used for chromosome mapping, DNA testing, gene splicing. It's for a big national competition. If we win this, our paper will be published in a scientific journal. We'll probably be able to write out ticket to any college in the country.
      Stevie: Then everyone... will pay.
      Malcolm: Only our incubator keeps breaking down. Plus, we're running low on agar, we're completely out of blood, our yeast keeps getting contaminated.
      Reese: Maybe I can help.
      Malcolm: That's okay, Reese. If we need a head caught in a wastepaper basket, we'll give you a call.

    • Stevie: (after discovering the green coloring in the test tube) Blellow!

    • Stevie: (about Reese) Outwitted... by a dumbass.

    • Piama: What happened?
      Francis: (carrying Ralph, the piglet) The other piglets were mean to him.
      Piama: Francis, you said last week you'd put that thing back in its pen.
      Francis: I tried, but he's just so good-natured and sweet, the others won't let him feed. I am not putting him back in there until I teach him to be more assertive.
      Piama: Either you return Ralph to his pen tonight or he's gonna be looking up at you from an omelet.

    • Reese: Guys, guys! I've made a discovery! When you mix blue and yellow, you get an entirely new color! (holds up green test tube) I'm gonna name it... "blellow."

    • Francis: Do you have to?
      Fred: (about the piglet) Well, listen, he's half the size of the rest of the litter. The other piglets won't let him feed. It's the humane thing to do.
      Francis: Fred, you can't do this! Look at his face. He knows you're gonna take him out and kill him.
      Fred: Well, he does now.

    • Dewey: (about selling candy bars) Fine, I'll do it! But I just want you to know, if some crazy couple steals me and then raises me as a girl, it's on your head.
      Lois: No, it's not.

    • Malcolm: Stevie, come on. Jonas Salk would've solved this days ago.
      Stevie: He wasn't... working with... an idiot.
      Malcolm: You're calling me an idiot? You want to make a type-two-restriction enzyme in yeast without using any bacteria, and I'm the idiot?
      Stevie: Yes... and yes.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Francis intervenes to save the runt of the litter piglet and hand feeds him with a bottle. This is nearly identical to the initial events of both the book and movies of Charlotte's Web. (Written by E.B. White)

      Furthermore, the piglet is then named Ralph. Ralph is the name of a nationally famous pig (There is more than one, but they are all named Ralph.) that performs stunt shows at Aquarena Springs in New Braunsfels, Texas. The pig is called Ralph the Swimming Pig.