Malcolm in the Middle

Season 2 Episode 25


Aired Sunday 8:30 PM May 20, 2001 on FOX
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Episode Summary

During a pregnancy scare, Hal and Lois look back at the eventful births of their four sons via flashbacks.

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  • A fantastic example of why to watch this show! Excellent writing and a great story!

    While parents Hal and Lois are engaged in a pregnancy scare, the episode flashes back to the births of all four boys. It is a sweet episode, or at least as sweet as this show gets.

    The flashbacks are all great foreshadowing of how the kids will eventually turn out. We see the origins of Malcolm's genius, that Reese's cruelty seems to be a genetic defect since it is with him in the womb, and why perhaps Dewey is a little strange--don't stand too close to the microwave!

    When the show does sweet, it does it very well. The episode never borders on sappy, but the genuine affection the family feels for each other is definitely present, even in their cruelest moments.moreless
  • I liked it!

    Lois thinks she may be pregnant. Hal and her start fighting and Dewey is worried that they will get a divorce. Lois and Hal have flashbacks of when all four boys were born. Francis was born pretty much at their wedding and Reese was born early after Lois pushes him out because he kept hurting her. Malcolm becomes a genius because of Hal's trying to teach Reese. Dewey is born at home in the backyard during rain. It turns out that Lois isn't pregnant.

    This episode was great! I liked seeing the past. It was a pretty creative idea! This episode gets a 9.5!moreless
  • This was a very cool flashback episode!

    It was really interesting to find out how the boys were born, because you would've never expected the way they were born.

    It was really unbelievable that Lois was pregnant before their wedding, because Francis, their eldest son, was born in the middle of the wedding ceremony!

    Reese's birth, out of all the boys, was the only believable event, because him, just like most other kids, were born in the hospital.

    Malcolm, however, was born right on the front lawn of the house because Francis locked the car's door when he thought Lois was taking him for a shot!

    Dewey's birth was even more unbelievable. Because Malcolm's chemistry set got chlorine gas all over the house, the family had to get out of the house, and it was in the middle of a night, and it was pouring!moreless
  • This was an interesting episode.

    This was an interesting episode, but it wasn't one of my favourites. It wasn't really interesting, and the flashbacks weren't that were played didn't really catch my attention. Overall I think that it was a good episode, just not the best that it could have been.

    The kids were not really played in this episode, exept for the small space inbetween the flashbacks. It probably wasn't the best way to end a season, but it was still ... OK. I guess.

    What I do wonder is what would have happened if the test came back positive, that would have been interesting.

  • Cool!

    In this episode we find out a lot about Malcolm and all his brothers, how were they born and how were they educated and every thing, and is pretty interesting and is really cool how were all the kids born and every thing is really cool and I like it very much that every time it was worse and worse the way the kids were born, Francis at the wedding, Reese at the hospital, Malcolm at home, and Dewey at home in the middle of a storm, and is really cool!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • There were a couple of things in this episode that showed Malcolm acting like a genius at the age of four, such as playing with a chemistry set. However, until the pilot episode (which was when he was 11/12), no one had any idea and it was presumed that he acted like the other kids, not playing with science equipment.

    • During the cold open, just after the ball is thrown into the sewer, a lighting rig can be viewed quite clearly to the left of the screen.

    • Goof: In the flashback prior to Malcolm's birth, toddler Reese is 2 years old and has blue eyes. But Reese is supposed to be a little more than 1 year old than Malcolm and has brown eyes.

    • When Lois goes into labor with Malcolm, she runs outside taking Francis and Reese with her. When Francis says "You're a liar, you're a liar!" watch the back window of the car and you will see the camera and camera operator reflection in the window.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • (Chlorine gas is inside the house due to Malcolm's experiment)
      Lois: I'm having a baby.
      Hal: Oh. Well. That's good. Because the car keys are inside the house! So, I can either suffocate by going back in there to get them or you can have another baby out here on the lawn!

    • Hal: What's going on?
      Neighbor: Your wife just gave birth on your front lawn. Congratulations, I guess.

    • (Hal walks inside the house with Reese)
      Lois: (to herself) Ah great, ignore the eighth month pregnant woman carrying the boxes.

    • (Lois is giving birth to Reese. She yelps in pain)
      Hal: Another contraction?
      Lois: (in pain) No, he's kicking me in between contractions. What the hell is with this kid?

    • Hal: I have been the leader in sales for this company for five years running, no one has ever done that before. And all I'm asking is to cut back on my hours, just a little tiny bit, so I help out at home. You have kids. You know how it is.
      Hal's Boss: Absolutely, Hal. Don't worry. We'll find a way to make this work.
      (cut to next scene, where Hal's desk is right next to the toilet entrance)

    • Hal: What do you want from me? I'm only human.
      Lois: Oh, please. The minute you crossed that threshold into the bedroom, you became more beast than man!

    • Francis: How long does it take to get me a soda, Dewey?
      Dewey: Mom and Dad are fighting.
      Francis: Really? Well don't worry, Chief. Everything will be fine. Trust me. You know what'll take your mind off it? Making me a sandwich.

    • Lois: Why don't you take that stick and shove it up your...
      Dewey: (from inside, takes two banana pieces and plugs it in his ears)

    • Hal: Want the rest of my Slurpee?
      Lois: Leave me alone, Hal!

    • Lois: (crying in pain) I'm having a baby!
      Woman: (jogging) Congratulations!

    • Hal: (sees an angry Lois) Okay, let's hear it! This has to be my fault somehow. So, go ahead. Say it, come on. I'm the cause of all that is bad in the universe. Everything that I touch turns to crap. And now... (screams) ... I BRING YOU RAIN!!!! (thunder)

    • (young Reese has a ball in his mouth as Hal is taking it out)
      Hal: Oh, for God's sake, hold still.
      Lois: That's not gonna work. Drive him to the emergency room.
      Hal: We do not need to got to the emergency room.
      Lois: You're gonna force it further in his mouth and he's gonna CHOKE TO DEATH!!!!
      (Reese squeals)

    • Lois: You're always telling him about tales of your wild youth.
      Hal: Those are cautionary tales.
      Lois: Cautionary tales do not end with "It was so cool!"

    • Hal: (to Malcolm) Malcolm, will you please pick up your stuff! (to Lois) What is a 4-year-old doing with a microscope, anyways?

    • Malcolm: How can I put this in a way you'll understand... SHUT UP!

    • Doctor: (newborn Reese kicks) My God... he kicked me in the nose!!

    • Lois: You put the baby in the closet?
      Hal: You left the milk out on the counter?

    • Reese: (looking at the bug zapper) Ha, ha, stupid bug. (sticks his finger inside the bug zapper and zaps himself) Ahhh, stupid... (punches the bug zapper and injures his hand)

    • Francis: (outside the bedroom door) Mom, can I have the last--
      Lois: Go away!

    • Lois: (to baby Francis) I'm never gonna let you out of my sight.

    • (Hal is trying to educate 2-year-old Reese)
      Hal (singing to the tune of 1812 overture): Art / Mona Lisa was by Da Vinci / Science / The Radio was made by Marconi /Math / 9 is the product of 3 times 3 / Natural Science / Darwin once said we all come from monkeys / BUT NOT Literally.
      Lois (9 months pregnant with Malcolm): Someone's benefiting from that, and it's not Reese.
      (close-up of Lois' enlarged chest)
      Lois: He's two years old and still calls you "phone".
      (Hal leaves)
      Young Reese: Phone go bye-bye.

    • 4-year-old Malcolm: I tried to make invisible ink, but I think I made chlorine gas.

  • NOTES (4)

    • This episode was nominated for a Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series.

    • Cold Open: Malcolm and Reese trick Dewey into grabbing a tennis ball when it falls down the sewer, and never playing with him after he gets it.

    • The scare Lois and Hal have that made this episode comes true in season 4.

    • Noteworthy Relevations: Francis was born at Lois and Hal's wedding, Hal got a severe cutback at work, Hal was inadvertently responsible for making Malcolm a genius, and Lois had both Malcolm and Dewey at home.