Malcolm in the Middle

Season 4 Episode 6

Forbidden Girlfriend

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Dec 15, 2002 on FOX
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Forbidden Girlfriend
Malcolm goes out to teach a girl trigonometry, but ends up falling in love with her, unfortunately her dad is an eccentric veteran who totally forbids him to be with his daughter, so they begin to see each other secretly. Dewey keeps getting money from neighbors for jobs they think he does, but it is actually a kid that looks like him. When Reese finds out he uses it to get back at a bully. Hal and Lois have to go a week without having sex and it actually makes them nicer and do a lot of jobs around the house. Francis has problems with other ranchers who keep on destroying a fence.moreless

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  • Good!!

    Malcolm finds a girlfriend, Nicki. They have to secretly go out as their parents don't approve of them. Reese finds out that a boy who looks just like Dewey lives near. Dewey is getting money from what the other boy does and Reese has a master plan. Lois and Hal can't have sex for a week because of Lois's perscription medicine. They actually get things done though. Francis and Otto have a disagreement with two other ranchers. There is a fence that Otto wants up, but it's keeping the other ranchers from having their cows drink water. Francis comes up with the idea of a gate. Hal and Lois finally have sex and the house is all dirty again.

    This episode was great! Nicki's dad was sort of frightening. I think that's what a married couple should be like. This episode gets a 9.5!moreless
  • Somehow funny!

    Malcolm goes out with a girl's house, Nikki, in order to study algebra with her, but in the end Malcolm ends up falling in love with her, and the other way around, unfortunately Nikki's paranoic, anger, and horrible dad is there to ruin everything, as he tells Malcolm that he is never allowed to see Nikki ever again, fortunately Malcolm and Nikki begin to see each other secretly,and Nikki's dad seems to appear everywhere.moreless
Michael Shamus Wiles

Michael Shamus Wiles


Guest Star

Logan A. Graham

Logan A. Graham

Billy Prescott

Guest Star

Fiona Hale

Fiona Hale

Elderly Woman

Guest Star

Kenneth Mars

Kenneth Mars


Recurring Role

Reagan Dale Neis

Reagan Dale Neis


Recurring Role

Meagen Fay

Meagen Fay


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Francis' ringtone is the tune to the children's song "Knick Knack Patty Whack."

      Knick knack patty whack give a dog a bone, this old man came rolling home. This old man, he played none, he played knick knack on my thumb. With a knick knack patty whack give a dog a bone, this old man came rolling him.

    • In Latin America, Chris Masterson's translating voice changed, but only for this episode.

    • Reagan Dale Neis also played Laura in "Evacuation".

    • Nicki's dad makes mention of being tied to a "Punjab stick" in Vietnam. He likely means a punji stick, a spike usually made out of wood or bamboo placed upright in the ground. It is a crude anti-personnel device, not something you tie a person to.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • (Reese has discovered the existence of Billy Prescott, Dewey's look-alike.)
      Reese: It's common knowledge, Dewey, that every person on this planet has an evil twin.
      Dewey: He's my evil twin?
      Reese: Fat chance! The guy's a saint. You're his evil twin.

    • Reese: There's money and an evil twin. If we can't figure out to make this pay off, there is something deeply wrong with us.

    • Nicki's Dad: Just remember, me and my friends put our asses on the line, just so you could study trigonometry.

    • Nicki's Dad: (face really red) Alright hot shot, consider this your one and only warning. You are never, ever, allowed to see my daughter again!! Is that clear?!?

    • Nicki's Dad: Get your filthy lips off my daughters face!

  • NOTES (2)

    • This is the first episode to feature recurring character, Nicki (Reagan Dale Neis).

    • Cold Open: Hal and Lois are watching the weather, but since it's not raining, they realize it's a tape, so they take it out, put on the news, and automatically know their boys are responsible for the destruction seen.