Malcolm in the Middle

Season 7 Episode 22


Aired Sunday 8:30 PM May 14, 2006 on FOX

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  • Ok but..

    Where can I watch the episode?. All I can do here is read about it.
  • A good way to end a funny show

    That's all I can say.
  • want more

    I love this show and wish it could stell be on the air
  • Im sorry but this shouldnt of been the finale.

    In my opinion this was a great episode but considering the fact that it is the end to one of my favorite shows i have to give it a low score i found this whole episode seeming to be like one of the not so great eps, but if this were an episode with more after it i dont know what but just something funnyier i would of gave it a nice score,I just feel the series ended way to early,one part i thought was a nice touch was lois is pregnet again theres my review i hope it comes in handy
  • Finale

    Malcolm graduates and goes to Harvard

    Reese moves in with Craig and becomes a janitor at the school

    Lois, at the end, discovers she may be pregnant with another child

    Francis gets a job that he actually likes

    All in all, everyone has a finale that is suitable for this show. It isn't the most emotional finale of all time, but it was well-done and well-written. I never loved this show or anything, I was a casual fan who watched at times. But this finale was a pretty decent one. Only thing missing was some sad emotion. Oh well. Still great of course
  • ok.

    this show was pretty good. everyone say's their goodbyes as malcome goes to college rece becomes a janitor. francis getting a job(and trying to kill the grandma) lois is pregnant, and now it's just dewey and jamie. it was a good episoded but......
    the thing is that when i got done watching this episode my thoughts were. great episode. but is that it? the episode just left me wanting more and more. i thought this can't be the last episode!!!!
    it had a really good ending but like i said i was expecting more. nothing much happened. and the episode just moved on so quickly. no one really had good byes to malcome.
    oh well. i would suggest watching it any ways
    (the last episode can be found on youtube)
  • Decent episode.

    I liked the episode and I must say that these kind of finales can get really out of hand and out of touch. This was a decent finale and I thought that it was pretty good in terms of comedy, acting, and normal storylines and outrageous plots. Malcolm wanted to pick his own speech, but it went deeper than that. The family revealed that they were all counting on him to change things because he knows what it is not work for a living. I thought the scene where they all confronted him was great and also summed up the entire series. Thank you.
  • The last episode...

    Lois has Malcolm's future planned out. Hal stresses out on getting enought money for Malcolm to go to Harvard. Reese becomes the new janitor at school and wants to stay for over 30 days to avoid getting fired. Ida even helps him. Francis doesn't want Lois to know he has a job. Reese and Malcolm are graduating. Reese is moving in with Craig. Reese, Dewey and Malcolm want to finally get rid of something they all had bonded over. When they tricked Lois into thinking she had cancer, they can finally get rid of it, but Dewey keeps it. Malcolm goes to Harvard. Lois is pregnant.

    This episode was great! I can't believe it was the last episode! It didn't really feel like the series finale. I do wish it still went on. This episode gets a 10!
  • Great Ending to a Great Show

    I love this show and I loved that they showed us a glimpse of the family's life after the show ended although I would have liked to have seen Reese in a job that had something to do with food especially when he is suppose to be a genius chef. Overall I give this episode a 9.7 because I liked the fact that it didn't do anything different it followed the same format as all the other episodes yet it still wrapped things up and was funny plus meaningful as well. I think the only problem with this series is that it's story lines weren't continuos, they would do something like have lois win a truck then never show that truck again! But other then that I love this Show!!!!
  • Malcolm and Lois get into a heated argument on whether or not he should go to Harvard, or accept a cushy job. Reese tries to get a full-time job as a janitor. One of the cult classic comedies ends, with a brilliant finale!

    Probably one of the best series finales I have ever seen.

    The plot line revolving around Lois and Malcolm was the best i have ever seen. Lois's speech really touched my heart. And im not being lame here.

    Malcolm: So let me get this straight, you want me to be the President of wait, you want me to be the BEST President of America in History!
    Lois: You look me in the eyes and tell me you cant do that.

    If you havent seen this episode, you probably arent even that big of a fan so stop reading this.

    The last scene was kind of nice, with Reese and Malcolm chatting on the phone.

    Way too good. :D:D:D
  • It was a good enough ending. Could have been a tad more heart but still there is closure.

    That's what we need from every series finale. Closure. In fact, I didn't even know this was a series finale when I watched it! But the feeling throughout the episode gave me closure and I came here to check if it was the season finale or series finale. I had an inkling about it being a series finale. It had final chapter written all over it.

    I feel that everything has come to a nice close but it was just lacking a little more heart. Throughout the series I've actually grown to like Malcolm less and his brothers more. They've showed more heart than he did. What he has shown more than the other brothers did were spite, resentment and a lot more misplaced righteousness at times when I feel there wasn't a need to. But then again maybe that was what the producers were driving at.

    Still his last speech was just a little too late. He has always been ashamed of his family. To suddenly get an epiphany which wasn't heavy enough for Malcolm to suddenly appreciate his cooky family.
  • I thought the series finale was the best.

    I thought the series finale of Malcolm in the Middle was graet. Too bad it had to end. I think it's funny there's so many people in the family. How many more kids will they have? hahahalol. If there is a Season 8, I can't wait. I'm surprised Francis enjoys working! It's also funny Dewey and Jamie are the trouble makers now, since Malcolm and Reese are starting their adulthood. I think Malcolm's a good character cause he seems really funny, smart, and cool. I also think Hal's a good character cause he's a laugh riot. Anyways, I think malcolm in the Middle is a great show, and I hope one day, it will continue.
  • Lois and Hal will finally get their peace and quiet... for 9 months.

    The series finale was a great one. Reese becomes a janitor. Dewey and Jamie take over Reese and Malcolms spots. Malcolm goes to Harvard. Franics becomes happy and Lois and Hal will have another kid! Even though I always felt a little ashamed for watching this because it was a mid-season replacement for Futurama, which I loved, it was a great show and Im sad thats it over. At least I still have some re-runs I havent seen.
  • Excellent episode!

    This was one of my favorite shows and it had to end. It was so funny and had good moments in it that you wouldn't see coming. Well this epsidoe is about Malcolm graduationg from High School and he is about to go to College. I forgot which College he goes to, but in one episode his Dad goes on dates with the college people where they have to impress Hal so Macolm can get in. That was just one of the very funny things this show did. I forgot most of the epsiode but I do remember that the boys find eroof of something that they did very bad. They burn it to get the guilt off. But that isn't the only bad thing they do in this epsiode, hell no!
  • great ending

    I love the Tv show Malcolm in the Middle and the series fianle completely tied up all the loose ends. Every child has their future set up for them. I think that they should reveal the gender of Lois's baby by having Judge Harm on the Simpsons say it,l since Judge Harm is voiced by the actress who plays Lois. They should have her say something along the lines of "I donj't need to take this. I have five sons and a daughter, don't You tell Me about family life!!" or they could actualy have a simpson malcolm cross - over!!!!
  • Not as good as it could've been...

    I think Malcolm lost what was so good about it by this series but as far as making a decent end to it goes, it does the job. The final conversation between Reece and Malcolm is amusing and in true Malcolm humour. Manages to make a political/social statement, too. Which is unusual for Malcolm. Satisfying.
  • This is exactly how I wished this show would end!

    Awesome! I hoped for it but I never thought they could make an episode this great once again. We know, most shows end with open ends or everyone moves away... boring. Malcolm In The Middle ends the way it started.... hilarious and funny but not too out of the ordinary. We see (once again) how much the kids love it when somebody gets hurt and we get to know how their lifes go on after graduation. Francis got a job, a steady life but refuses to share this good news with his mom, cause it would make her too happy, Reese gets his dreamjob (janitor), Malcolm gets into Harvard and has to work his ass off to finance it (but he´s suppose to become president, so he should work hard! How else would he be able to understand what worries his people?), Dewey finally finds out what little brothers are good for and for Lois and Hal the nightmare goes on! Great ending for a great show!
  • malcolm struggles with his speech to graduate. grandma ida and reese plan a prank, and lois is pregnant again, but is it a boy or a girl?

    why is it the end, the show was doing so well...its been a great show and its sad to see it end. this episode was good but i think it really needed to be a 2 parter. they tried to squash so much into one episode so it didnt seem as good as it should of been. i dont get why we couldnt know if the babys a boy or a girl, i mean, its not like there making another series, stuff like that makes me mad when you can never actually know. oh well though, it was a good last episode and it was funny.
  • extremely funnyreese trys and become a janitor so he makes the 30 day mess which inturn blows up in the car and everyone gets it all over other things dewey doesn't get rid of the nuclear secret and hal is trying to get money for malcolm's college

    FABULOUS i means everything perfect about an episode! ! !
    i give it a 10/10. i mean the reese and the 30 day mess things works perfectly inside its own self. dewey keeping that nuclear secret thing is genius. and francis trying to kill grandma i fell on the floor laughing. then trying to get malcolms college money was funny aswell and when i heard malcolms speech it brought a tear to my eye. and then evrything working out in the end in EVERYTHING!!!!! it was just an over all great episode and they did it in a way that if they wanted to start it over again with something like dewey in the middle or jamie the last one out or something like that they could and it'd be great. its kind of sad knowing its the last episode but hey they made it the best
  • good episode

    Malcolm struggles with his speech when he's elected valedictorian of his graduating class at school. However, Lois refuses to listen to any of his complaints and reveals that she wants him to become President of the United States. Meanwhile, Reese does everything he can to get a permanent job as a high school janitor, which includes creating the most disgusting mess ever. In the meantime, Hal has problems with Malcolm's Harvard tuition, while Francis finally gets a real 9-5 job that he actually enjoys. Also returning for the family celebrations is Grandma Ida, as they all say goodbye to Malcolm when he leaves for college. But we never find out malcolms last name.
  • Brilliant Episode!!

    This was a great finale. Here is how I feel about the characters:
    Malcom - A great ending for him. I hope he becomes president of America. Lois was right. At least he'll care about poor people.
    Lois - Oh God!! Pregnant.......again. I don't know if we'll ever find out but I hope it's a girl.
    Hal - Still the same, crazy Hal. Maybe he'll be stuck with his awful job for the rest of his life.
    Reese - He seems to enjoy his janitor work. He'll keep Craig company.
    Dewey - As Hal said, Dewey will get the easy life. Good for him. He's my favourite character.
    Jamie - He and Dewey will now cause havoc together.
    Francis - I think he and Piama will have kids. He'll argue with Lois for the rest of his life.
  • Bye bye Malcolm, see you in reruns... NOT!

    I always found this show to be incredibly annoying, I can't stand watching an entire episode, the brothers are way too mean to each other, the mother is a control freak, for a person who is a genius Malcolm does really stupid things and takes a lot of crap from people who aren't as smart as he is and I don't really mind the father. this episode reflects all of this.
    They didn't let Malcolm choose the life he wanted, they made the choice for him and told him how unhappy he would be and how much he would have to suffer, Reese is happy being a loser and Hal and Louis have another kid (they kind of deserve it, he should have had a vasectomy long ago). Am I the only one who finds this not only not-funny but incredibly obnoxious?
    This series ended like it started, so I guess it is a good finale (if you like the show).
  • Good!

    This episode was a sort of drag on as it did not end the Series Of Malcolm In The Middle very well although it did not fully end as I thoght it would have as did never reveal the last name of the family for the record it is Wilkerson this is revealed in pilot when Francis is on the phone to Louis, Malcolm and Reese the light shines on his name badge! Also I thoght it could have had all the cast saying goodbye or somthing to actually end the Program of Malcolm In The Middle I think it was a good enough send off and it was enjoyable to watch 7.5/10!!! Glad to beable to watch this program!
  • Best written scene in sitcom history

    As a casual viewer of \\\"Malcolm\", the finale made me wish I watched the show more before. Not much else sticks out for me in the finale except for the scene involving the whole family out in the yard after Reese\\'s gew tub explodes in the van. It\'s a very poignant scene, with Lois and the whole family telling him what he\\\\\\\'s destined for. The best inspirational moment I\\\'ve heard from a tv series in a long time came from this scene, when Lois calmy looks at a griping Malcolm and tells him \\\"you look me in the eye and tell me it can't be done."(his becoming President). This scene is a good balance between the funny and the serious the show has always exercised. It\\\\\\\'s funny because of their smelly disgusting situation yet also serious the way it deals with the fact this is a struggling lower middle-class American family which has never had it easy, ignorant of the word luxury.
    I feel finale's should leave one positively wondering about the characters' fates since it won't actually be delivered to them and at the same time providing a sense of closure. \\\\\\\"Malcolm\\\\\\\" does that.
  • This is the series finale of one of the best sitcoms in television history!

    This episode was great. It was great how every recurring character appeared in the finale. Each storyline of each character was true to what the character was like throughout the entire series. Francis always enjoyed angering his mother and the series ended that way. Reese was always dumb and wanting a janitor job rather than college was something he would want. Malcolm going to Harvard was true to Malcolm because he was always a geniuos with an IQ of 165. Dewey and jamie continuing the tradition of getting into trouble was true to them because they were always doing that, even Jamie who was only in the show for three seasons. Seeing Hal and Lois extremly happy that Malcolm and Reese left the house was true to their character because those boys caused a lot of pain for them. Ending with Lois being pregnant was great and also true to their character because the entire series they could hardly keep their hands off eachother. Plus, throughout the entire series bad things would always happen to them and having a sixth child who will probably turn out to be bad like the others was great. Malcolm's speech was perfect and it shows that after all these years, he has respect for his mother. One of the best finales I have seen and the show will truely be missed, but will go down has one of the most memorable sitcoms in history. Afterall, it was the first sitcom to not have a laughing track, which lead to other shows like The Office, My Name Is Earl, Everybody Hates Chris, and The Bernie Mac show to do the same.
    The funniest show ever!!
  • It\'s the series final of Malcolm in the middle...

    So... the last Malcolm-Episode

    All in all I found it medicore. The episode hasnt really been funny and nothing really happened... they just tried to squeeze in every character in this last one. which made it very unoriginal as there have been to many \"stories\". The episode may have been a lot better if it were an hour-long one...

    I also found it sad, that they didnt tell us what happened to each carachter in the future...

    This is, although I LOVE the show, the worst season final I have seen in a very long time.

    However, we will all miss you Malcolm!
  • Anticlimactic.

    I was fairly unimpressed with the show\'s season finale. There wasn\'t anything special to the episode. The only unique part was showing what happened to the characters three months after the episode aired.

    The whole mess storyline with Reese was typical, but stupid. He could have just made a mess towards the end of the 30 days, rather than making one that would last 30 days.

    It was nice that Cloris Leachman came back for the finale. She\'s always amusing.

    The whole X-ray thing between the three boys was cute. However, it would have been better if they had made references throughout the series.

    Francis\'s ending was the most surprising. Everyone else pretty much ended up the way you would have expected.

    A very average ending to a funny series.
  • Great episode, Great show, but they should be more

    Dont get me wrong i love malcolm, but i feel it ended in a kinda crap way. Alot of questions go unaswered. Malcolms future is completely unkown, i feel that they could have made another season. I meant for example, will Malcolm go on to become president, and what will happen to reese or his other brothers? Maybe a small insight to the future would have been better, not just a 3 month view of how things will be then. However its still a superb tv show, wouldnt really change anything about it. (well until the last episode that is).
  • Malcolm in the Middle should be proud for exiting so finely!

    I never actually had the intention of watching this episode, but since I taped Fox for an hour, intending to watch the Simpsons and then saw that Malcolm was on the second half hour, I decided to watch it. And I\'m very glad I did.

    Nice to see the Grandma return. Also nice to see Francis and his wife. Loved that Reese loves being a janitor. Loved that the three children had something in common: making Lois think she have cancer in order to make her sign their report cards.

    The scene when Malcolm exploded and made the tank of yucky-tarry-smelly-skunky stuff that Reese made blow up as well was hilarious. But the best part, and the part that I\'ll most remember, and the part that will leave a good impression of the show, was when Lois tells why she didn\'t want Malcolm to take the job offer. She wanted him to the president of the united states....not only that, he has to work from the bottom and slowly, slowly climb up his way to become the best commander in chief in US history. Powerful! Good acting props for Jane Kacsmarek!

    Nice that Francis finally has a job. Nice that Dewey has Jamie to lead on the rascal pack. Hilarious that Lois is pregnant again. Nice that Reese blamed the janitor for the mess in order to keep his job. Happy image that Malcolm has janitoral duties as well, right before he has to go to class.

    Good work writers, producers, whatnots for ending your show in such class.
  • A great way to end a great show

    I rather enjoyed the series finally, here's why:

    It works well with what I thought of as the whole premise of the show "Life is unfair."

    Malcom had a chance at the easy path but his family wouldn't let him take it. He wasn't meant for the easy path (that was Dewey's) he was meant for the long drawn out hard road that would make him a great man, a great President. I rather enjoyed the whole scene and how he was the only one who didn't know that.

    I liked how Francis followed in his father's footsteps but refused to let his mother know. It worked well with their dynamics. And the fact that he loved the job made it all the better.

    Plus the "Nuclear option" was kinda funny and fit well with the way the kids reacted to each other and the fact Dewey couldn't get rid of the x-ray was nice as well.

    Reese and the big mess story was also funny and fit well into his personality. I could definitly see Reese finding his nitch as a highschool Janitor. Plus I seriously loved Grandma.

    Malcom's graduation speach was done well to. I loved the look on Lois' face when he read it. No matter how much animosity the kids had for their mother, you realize how much they love each other.

    All in all a great way to end a funny series.
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