Malcolm in the Middle

Season 7 Episode 22


Aired Sunday 8:30 PM May 14, 2006 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The future of the entire Malcolm family:

      Lois and Hal: Once again, they find themselves pregnant, but is it a boy or a girl?

      Dewey and Jamie: Filling the void of Reese and Malcolm, Dewey and Jamie wreak havoc in the household much like Dewey, Malcolm, and Reese have done all these years.

      Reese: Reese settles in happily as a janitor after taking Ida's advice, living with Craig.

      Francis: Now that he has a job he loves much like Hal's, which he refuses to admit to Lois, he and Piama are happy together and plan on having kids soon.

      Malcolm: Malcolm finally gains some happiness down at Harvard, however, he is also doing janitorial duties amongst other jobs to afford his tuition to reach Lois' dream of him becoming the U.S. President.

    • Only in the pilot episode is the last name of Malcolm's family made known. Francis calls home from the academy and the name tag he is wearing plainly says "Wilkerson" on it.

    • After Malcolm said to his parents "This is unbelievable, you actually expect me to be President?", he was holding a white towel in his right hand in the shot from behind, but after the next immediate shot, he wasn't holding any.

    • The family lives in California, as it as been seen on numerous episodes cars with the California license plate, which also explains why there was never snow and why it was so far a drive to Francis at military school.

    • When the family is sitting at graduation and there are no people sitting around them due to their smell, this is a reference to the first episode when no one will sit near Malcolm because he is smart.

    • When Reese and Craig are joining Malcolm, Dewey, and Jaime to burn the nuclear option, we see Reese and Craig carrying bags that say "Beds and Baths." This relates to the department store "Bed, Bath, and Beyond."

    • Reese tries to make a mess that will take 30 days to clean up, but instead he could have just made a huge mess on the 29th day, so they would have to keep him the extra few days.

    • When Malcolm name is being introduced for his graduation speech, his last name cannot be heard due to the microphone squeaking.

    • When Francis drops his employee card, on the card it clearly reads "FRANCIS NOLASTNAME."

    • When Lois opens the closet in the living room, it looks nice and clean inside and looks like a regular closet. But didn't they discover that in "Therapy" that the closet was a second bathroom?

  • Quotes

    • Malcolm: I have been suffering all my life!!!

    • Reese (on the phone): ... and when they found the peepholes in the bathroom, they fired Al and brought me on full time. Grandma's right, it's good to have a patsy. So, how is it going with you, Mr. Ivy-League-Big-Shot?
      Malcolm (on the other line): It's great. It's a whole new world. Listen, I got to get to my Calculus class. I'll talk to you later. (hangs up the phone and puts a mop bucket away and runs off)

    • Hal: This is so nice. Reese is gone. Malcolm's off to Harvard. I don't know how you did it, but everything worked out exactly as planned.
      (Lois comes out of the bathroom, shocked)
      Hal: What's wrong?
      (Lois lifts up the pregnancy test stick and it turns out positive; Hal screams)

    • Principal: And now with the valedictory speech, please welcome Malcolm... (feedback from mic)

    • Lois: I'm sorry, Malcolm. But you don't get the easy path. You don't get to just have fun and be rich and live the life of luxury.
      Hal: That's Dewey.
      Dewey: Really?!

    • Malcolm: You know what?! I'm glad! This is appropriate. Now my life looks exactly how I feel! How could you screw me over like that?!
      Lois: Because you were going to take that job and we're not going to let you throw your life away.
      Malcolm: How is being rich throwing my life away??!!
      Lois: Because, it's not the life you're supposed to have. The life you're supposed to have is you go to Harvard. And you earn every fellowship and internship they have. You graduate first in your class and you start working in public service, either district attorney or running some foundation, and then you become governor of a mid-sized state and then you become president.
      Malcolm: What??!!
      Lois: ... of the United States.
      Malcolm: Dad?!
      Hal: I'm sorry, son. It's true.
      Francis: I thought you knew.

    • Piama: Well, we might as well go ahead and have kids. I'm not afraid of changing diapers anymore.
      Francis: Good job, Reese!
      Reese: Hey, I am the victim here. Those are my hopes and dreams you're scrubbing out of your cracks.

    • (Hal is hosing off Jamie with a water hose)
      Hal: I'm so sorry, Jamie. I didn't know I had you hanging upside down after that last layer of gunk came off.
      (Jamie smiles)

    • Lois: All right, Malcolm, I know you're angry. You might as well say what you have to now and get it out of your system.
      Malcolm: I...
      (sewage can explodes inside the car)

    • Loanshark: You want $8,000?
      Hal: Yes.
      Loanshark: All right, the way this works is you come back next week...
      Hal: That won't be necessary. I'm not going to pay you back. Hear me out. There's no way I can get the money to pay you, but instead of making you go through that whole, stupid charade where you keep calling me and I keep making lame excuses until you hunt me down, I am willing to go straight to the leg-breaking.
      Loanshark: Really?
      Hal: Yes. Whenever you say, I just show up and you start snapping bones. Arms, legs, whatever. Invite anyone you want. I promise, I will scream and cry and beg for mercy, and make it so loud and so horrible that no one who sees it will ever miss another payment again. Now, you can't buy that kind of publicity.
      Loanshark: Couldn't I just not give you the money and still break your arms and legs? Wouldn't that accomplish the same thing?
      Hal: True. But... then I think your point starts to get muddled. Maybe we should sleep on it. (runs off)

    • Ida: Show it to me.
      Reese: It's beautiful, Grandma. I just cracked the lid a quarter inch and it burned off all the hair in my nose.
      Ida: Good. Who takes the fall?
      Reese: Huh?
      Ida: Your patsy... who is your patsy? It's a good thing you called me. If you're going to make this big mess, they're going to blame someone. And you can make it anyone you want. A teacher, a neighbor. If you're lucky, a whole family goes down. And you get to sell their dog.
      Reese: You are amazing. If you ever brushed your teeth, I would kiss you.

    • Piama: Lois, I really think he's going to do it this time! You've got to stop him!
      Francis: (grabs poker) There you are. I drove by 80 miles of blunt objects just to get to you. (to Ida) I hope you run!
      Ida: You better make that first swing count, Princess!
      Lois: (slams the door in front of Ida) Hi, mom. Put your cigarette out and I'll make you some lunch.

    • Craig: Sorry we're late. You wouldn't believe the fight we got in over shower curtains.
      Reese: Those dolphins were gay.
      Craig: You think all dolphins are gay.
      Reese: All dolphins are gay!
      Craig: Dolphins can kill sharks.
      Reese: Gay guys can kill sharks, and they're still gay!

    • Reese: I mean, what if there was a mess -- a mess that was so big and sticky and disgusting that it was impossible to clean up in less than 30 days?
      Al: It's a beautiful thought, kid. But there's no such thing as a 30-day mess.
      Reese: Yeah? Well, they also said they'd never put a man on Mars.

    • Craig: Guess what. We have the same Quiet Riot CD, roomie.
      Reese: Stop calling me that. I'm not your roommate for another two weeks.
      Lois: 12 days! The second you graduate, you are out of this house and into his!

    • Malcolm: (to the camera) I got accepted into Harvard. We don't know how we're going to pay for it, but we've got to fine a way. It's my dream school. It's 2,000 miles away from Mom.

  • Notes

    • Jane Kaczmarek and Brad Whitford's (who is Jane's real life husband) show The West Wing both ended on this night. They went up against each other, with The West Wing on at 8/7c and MITM on at 8:30 EST. They also both lasted 7 seasons.

    • When this episode was first aired, it was on Mother's Day.

    • Final Cold Open: Malcolm, Reese, and Dewey are watching Hal fix the TV and pretending it's an actual show. Lois enters and tells Hal to call a repairman, but Hal refuses because of money until he zaps himself with electricity. The boys are laughing.

    • After this finale, Frankie Muniz hopes to set aside his acting career and become a race car driver.

    • The episode ends with the song "Better Days (And the Bottom Drops Out)" by Citizen King. This same song was first played at the end of the pilot episode back in January 9, 2000.

    • Reese (Justin Berfield), Dewey (Erik Per Sullivan), and Hal (Bryan Cranston) appeared in every episode. Malcolm (Frankie Muniz) appeared in every episode, however, in "Clip Show #2," he had no new footage. He only appeared in flashback material. Lois (Jane Kaczmarek) appeared in 147 episodes and Francis (Christopher Kennedy Masterson) appeared in 113 episodes.

    • This episode premiered at a special time of 8:30 PM EST/PST, pre-empting The War at Home.

    • May 14 is the same date of the Seinfeld series finale, which was on May 14, 1998.

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