Malcolm in the Middle

Season 4 Episode 9

Grandma Sues

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Feb 02, 2003 on FOX
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Grandma Sues
Francis, Piama, AND Grandma Ida are all in town, which forces Malcolm to sleep in the backyard in a tent, putting him in an even worse mood than usual. After Grandma Ida falls on a leaf in the front she sues them. Things get worse when Lois finds out she is pregnant and tries to convince Grandma Ida to stop the lawsuit, but she refuses. Hal and Lois keep everything a secret from the boys, except that Francis knows about the lawsuit. Dewey and Reese come up with a plan to cheer everyone up by buying something really cool, unaware of everything going on.moreless

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  • Lois is giving birth once more!

    Francis and Piama are at the house. When Ida stays over, everyone is unpleasant with her, especially Malcolm, who must sleep in the backyard in a tent. Reese wants to cheer everyone up, so he gets Dewey to help. Ida falls and plans to sue Lois and Hal. They are really worried and crazy. Then, they find out that Lois is pregnant! Now, their finances will be nothing. Ida's lawyer drops the case. Reese's surprise was an above ground pool.

    This episode was great! I can't believe Lois is pregnant, but then again, it's not a huge surprise. I would hate my mom if she sued me like that! This episode gets a 10 out of 10!moreless
  • Grandma sues the family!

    Grandma comes to an uncomfortable visit, along with Francis and Piama, and Malcolm gets kick out to a little tent, soon Grandma finally is leaving and everyone is happy for that, unfortunately Grandma falls down and she decides to sue the insurance company, and also Francis, when Lois and Hal didn't know if things could get worse, the doctor tells Lois that Lois is pregnant (with another future boy) and they just can't believe their "good" luck, later everyone discovers that she is pregnant and the boys act with misbehavior, but later decide to give them some support. What a great episode!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • This is the episode which finally fulfills the pregnancy scare from earlier in the series. Furthermore, with a fifth sibling, Malcolm will actually be the middle child. Malcolm in the Middle!

  • QUOTES (7)

    • (waking up when a bug crawls into his mouth)
      Malcolm: OK, I'm really getting sick of this! Nobody should know a beetle tastes better than a june bug!

    • (off-screen in the bathroom)
      Ida: I'm done with my business! You can't fool me. I know you're out there!
      Francis: OK, whose turn is it?
      Piama: She's not my grandma.
      Franics: OK, I'm thinking of a number.
      Malcolm: Wait a minute. You're just writing down the number so you can't be the one.
      Francis: One! That's it! You're up!
      Dewey: Enjoy!
      Reese: Go ahead, Malcolm!
      Malcolm: This is so unfair! I don't even live here.
      Ida: The longer you wait, the worse it'll be.
      Malcolm: (gets off sofa frustrated) I hate you all!!!

    • Lois (to Grandma): You sue us?
      Piama (about her bet with Francis): Okay, you win this one.

    • Hal: You're suing us?!
      Lois: Hal, keep it down. The boys are in the house.
      Ida: Don't be so dramatic. I am suing insurance company.
      Hal: Our insurance company!
      Ida: You don't think I have a case? You don't think I have pain? That I have suffered? For years I have suffered in silence.
      Francis: Useless, miserable, money-grubbing old hag!
      Ida: Keep talking, tough boy. I sue you, too.

    • Francis: I can't believe what I am hearing. Are you insane or just evil?
      Ida: Aah! Wolves should rip out your throat!
      Francis: What kind of a complete idiot butters their toast like that? Everybody knows it's inside to outside.
      Ida: Come talk to me of toast, when you grow some hair in your pants. Stupid animal thinks he knows about toast.
      Lois: Mom, could you pass the potatoes?
      Ida: I think you've had more then enough potatoes. Does the chair have to break before you stop eating?
      Francis (to Piama): I told you my family is worse then your family.
      Piama: Please, my grandfather chopped the pinky off our milkman because he gave us two percent.

    • Dewey: Goodbye, Grandma, we'll miss you.
      Ida: Even the little one lies.

    • Malcolm: An owl flew into my tent. If I would have known I was missing dinner, I would have grabbed the snake out of his beak.

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