Malcolm in the Middle

Season 7 Episode 14

Hal Grieves

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Feb 19, 2006 on FOX
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Hal Grieves
Hal's father dies, but he seems emotionless about it. After having a dream that his children laugh during his own funeral, Hal spoils the boys with a day of fun so that they will love him. Malcolm realizes that it is wrong, but Reese and Dewey take full advantage, and get him to buy them things. Lois and Abe try to come up with a way to help him grieve and Abe is determined to get him one of the stars of Star Trek to visit.moreless

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  • George Takei!!

    Hal learns that his father has died. He does not shed a tear because he never really knew him. He does not want his sons to think that they never knew him, so he plans a big day of fun for them. Lois tries to help Hal with Abe. Abe just wants to see Star Trek cast members. Malcolm realizes Hal's emotional state, but he doesn't care when Hal offers to get him a car! George Takei stops by to see Hal. Dewey and Reese take advantage of Hal's emotional acts.

    This episode was great! George Takei was so funny! I love his voice! This episode gets a 10 out of 10!moreless
  • Great episode!

    Hal recieves the news that his father has just died, but he does not seems to care about it, later on he begins to think that as he did not care about his father dying, his kids won't do that either, so he begins to give them expensive and really great gifts and all what they want in order for them to remeber him, Malcolm later discovers it and decides to drop it, but Reese and Dewey want to squeeze Hal until the end, Malcolm is angry with his dad, at least until he tells Malcolm that he will buy him a car. While Abe tries to bring a Star Trek actor in order to help Hal.moreless
Maurice Godin

Maurice Godin

Car Dealer

Guest Star

Nolan North

Nolan North

Voice of Leonard Nimoy

Guest Star

Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson

Voice of Bob Hope

Guest Star

Gary Anthony Williams

Gary Anthony Williams

Abe Kenarban

Recurring Role

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    • Malcolm: Look at what you're doing. Look at the money you're spending! Look at the reason why you're spending it! Something is very wrong!
      Hal: (sighs) I hear you, Malcolm. I understand that things have gotten a little... unbalanced, and... and I know what I need to do.
      Malcolm: Thank God.
      Hal: I'm going to buy you a car. (Malcolm and Reese gape)
      Malcolm: (to the camera) It's moments like this that really define character. (to Hal) I love you, Daddy! (hugs Hal)

    • Malcolm: Reese, he's crazy!

      Reese: Mom's crazy! But she's the kind of crazy where all she does is yell at us and punish. Now, Dad's crazy in the way where he buys us an Xbox 360. And you wanna mess with that?!

    • Reese: They say money can't buy love, but they're wrong.

    • George Takei: Would it be all right if I came inside for a glass of water?
      Dewey: No, I'm not allowed to let anyone in. But you can wait outside and drink from the garden hose.
      George Takei: With pleasure.

    • Lois: Abe, Hal's father died.
      Abe: And I will not let him die in vain. I will call Sulu. I will call Chekov. And if they say no, so help me, I will call the Gorn.
      Lois: Abe, stop, just stop. I appreciate you're trying to help, but I don't need any of this. I'm going to take Hal to a bed and breakfast for a nice weekend, and that's it. He just needs some emotional comfort.
      Abe: So, you think a weekend of nurturing and sex is going to get him through this? Do you even know this man?!

    • Reese: You think Dad could really be doing this to buy our love?
      Dewey: I guess.
      Reese: I say we squeeze him for all he's got.
      Dewey: It's the least we could do for him.

    • Dewey: This is so awesome.
      Reese: Yeah, I don't know what alien worm burrowed into Dad's brain, but I'd like to shake its hand.

    • Leonard Nimoy: (over the phone) I'd be very happy to help your friend. It's very sad when a man loses his father. I've been through loss myself.
      Lois: Oh, that's very kind of you, Mr. Nimoy. I'm his wife.
      Leonard Nimoy: So, will this be charged to your credit card?

    • Abe: (about Hal) How's he doing?
      Lois: Well, he seems to be doing fine, but he can't be. His father just died. He got more upset when his transmission gave out.
      Abe: Well, he did just have it rebuilt.

    • Malcolm: It was weird going to Grandpa's funeral. We hardly even knew we had a grandpa, and now we don't. Reese is taking it really hard.
      Reese: (crying) Why?! Why?! Why couldn't he die before he lost all his money?!

    • Reese: I get three meat toppings for the price of one!
      Dewey: No, no! Buy two pizzas, get one free!
      Reese: That's two free cheese pizzas! I'd rather eat vomit!

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