Malcolm in the Middle

Season 3 Episode 15

Hal's Birthday

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Mar 03, 2002 on FOX
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Hal's Birthday
Francis arrives in time for Hal's birthday, along with his new wife, Piama. Suddenly, that brings trouble among Lois and Francis, who discuss why he always does stupid things. When Malcolm, Reese, and Dewey try to help, they are totally forgotten, so they decide to escape to a fancy hotel somewhere in the city. When Hal, Lois, Francis, and Piama discover this, they try to find them, desperately.moreless

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  • Great!

    It's Hal's birthday, but the boys don't want to celebrate it. Lois has a surprise for Hal. She's bringing Francis back for a few days! Trouble arises when Francis comes home with his new wife, Piama. Lois is furious. Malcolm, Dewey, and Reese steal Hal's credit card and spend it on a hotel because they are tired of their family alwasys yelling.

    This episode was great! I'd love to be at that hotel! I can't believe that Francis is married! How weird. I don't really like Piama at all. This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!moreless
  • Lois got out of control when she found out that Francis got married!

    It was before Hal's birthday, and when Lois was rushing to prepare a special party, she had a really bad temper and often yelled at the boys. And then, when Francis came to Hal's birthday party and brought her wife, Lois got even more out of control. She was yelling at Francis to tell him that marrying to Piama was a stupid choice, and she even threw pieces of birthday cake everywhere. Then Malcolm, Reese, and Dewey couldn't take it anymore, so they ran away to a hotel. Then later, when the adults found where the boys are, Lois finally realized that the reason the boys ran away was she was behaving too out of control, so she then finally used a different way to punish the boys, which doesn't involve screaming. This story has an exciting and interesting plot.moreless
  • Francis gets married!

    Francis comes to home in order to celebrate his father's birthday, and comes with an ungrateful surprise: a wife. When Lois finds out, she begins to shout at Francis for always doing these kind of stupid things, and results in a fight between them, when Malcolm, Reese, and Dewey tried to try to talk with their brother, they are excluded and realizing that their are always being apart from them, tehy escape to a fancy hotel to live there for the rest of their lives, when they discover that boys are gone, tehy desperately tried to find them.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Lois closes her eyes before Piama throws the water on her.

    • Hal and Lois have a contest to see who will go to the parent teacher night. Lois winning is more or less a no brainer. Women have a significantly higher pain threshold than men. In a straight pain endurance situation, statistically a woman will most often win.

    • Francis got married without telling anyone.

    • Once again we see Bernard (Dewey's hamster) roll by. It happens after Hal and Francis have their talk in the car.

    • While Lois and Piama are at the table talking, Lois asks Piama about her bracelet. Going back to every shot, the bracelet is in a different place on Piama's arm.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Piama: (to Lois) Lady, you don't wanna stick your hand in my face.

    • Reese: So this is what a $24.00 hamburger looks like, I thought it was be as big as my head.
      Dewey: Why don't we have a jacuzzi tub at home?
      Malcolm: Because that would make us "happy."

    • Lois: I want those bricks so clean that I'll be able to lick them.
      Reese: Your going to lick the bricks?
      Lois: I want you to lick the bricks.
      (Lois leaves, and Reese take a moment to lick a black sooted brick. He grimaces after doing so)

    • Lois: Boys, would you leave the room a minute so your father and I can talk?
      Dewey: NO!!!
      Lois (amazed) Excuse me?
      Dewey: I'm not leaving. You guys just chase us out whenever you want without even asking us. I'm getting tired of it. Watching TV is the only thing to do in this house thats actually fun. So you're left with two choices. So you can fight somewhere else, or get us a TV for our room.

    • Hal: Should we look in the park?
      Francis: Dad, nobody goes there since they put the lights in.

  • NOTES (3)