Malcolm in the Middle

Season 7 Episode 17

Hal's Dentist

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Mar 26, 2006 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • This episode marks the second episode where Malcolm and Dewey suffer from sleep deprivation together in a storyline, the first was the season 3 finale "Monkey."

    • When Reese is telling Malcolm and Dewey that he's been spending his time in the library, the background was the closet with their clothes. But there a little girl's dress in it, too. Now why would they have a dress when there are no girls in their family?

    • Abe and Malik's exchange about Trey "giving up years of medical school to become a dentist" may be a reference to an episode of Seinfeld entitled "The Yada Yada," where a similar joke is told. Byran Cranston (who plays Hal) had a role in that episode as dentist Tim Whatley, who gets offended by a dentist joke told by Jerry Seinfeld.

  • Quotes

    • Reese: You're ashamed of something. I can always smell shame. It's kinda like rotten coconuts.

    • Reese: Mom, you might not know this, but I used to be afraid of a lot of things. Thunder, frogs, mailboxes...
      Lois: You were afraid of mailboxes?
      Reese: I used to imagine that if I stuck my hand in a mailbox, it would slam shut and rip my hand off. But I had something conquer my fear by ripping the lid off every mailbox in the neighborhood! I turned that fear into hate!

    • Trey: Enjoying Lord of the Rings in high-def?
      Hal: Oh, it's unbelievable! No lines, no commercials; I'm bringing Lois here for our anniversary. Oh, I still can't get over all this: (touches the sink) a real sink to spit in; I really don't have to swallow it.
      Trey: Hal, are you crying?
      Hal: They're good tears.

    • Dewey: Whoa, this is brand new! At least, what I think a mattress would look like new. It's got no lumps.
      Malcolm: (getting excited) No weird stains...
      Dewey: (getting excited, too) No springs sticking out of it...
      Malcolm & Dewey: (in unison) It's got tags!

    • Malcolm: Wow, and I thought Reese was the one dragging us down.
      Dewey: Maybe we should see how he's doing with his squirrel.
      Malcolm: If I know Reese, all the good parts are gone by now.

    • Reese: Wait, you see that?
      Malcolm: What?
      Reese: It's a dead squirrel! Gentlemen, our week just built up!
      Dewey: Sorry, not interested.
      Malcolm: Sure, it looks good to you now. It's just gonna wind up in the closet like all the others. Pass.
      Reese: Your loss. See you, suckers.

    • Malcolm: What happened to the new mattress?
      Dewey: What are you talking about?
      Malcolm: The mattress! I know there was a mattress!
      Dewey: Maybe it was a dream?
      Malcolm: It wasn't a dream! The mattress was perfect and white and felt like a cloud! It feel out of the sky and it made me happy!
      Dewey: Was it just a bed or was there a beanstalk, too?

    • Malcolm: Maybe it was a dream.
      Dewey: You were happy, Malcolm. Of course it was a dream.

    • Reese: Oh, it's too hard? Well, why didn't you say so? When things get tough, you got to just give up and run away from your dreams. Lower your expectations. That's fine. I've had my fun. If you want to quit, go ahead and quit.
      Lois: All right, Reese, you made your point. Let's give it a try.
      Reese: No, I was really saying quit.

    • Lois: Hal, you have an infection. You have to see a dentist.
      Hal: I made an appointment with Dr. Voorhees tomorrow.
      Lois: Isn't that the guy we took Dewey's hamster to?

    • Malik: And, Hal, can't you see that Trey is a professional? He went to years of medical school.
      Abe: And then he gave up and became a dentist. (laughs)

    • Hal: You know what? You can tell Trey that this is what I think of his bill. (tears it up)
      Receptionist: That was your parking validation.
      Hal: I know. (whispers) Could I have another one?

    • (Malcolm & Dewey sit on the new mattress)
      Dewey: Wow, it's like sitting on a cloud... with two clouds under it.
      Malcolm: This is amazing. I'm in ass heaven.

    • Malcolm: Nothing exciting ever happens around here.
      (bed mattress falls from the sky, landing on the ground)
      Dewey: Wow, we even have boring miracles.

    • Lois: There's this stupid bike-a-thon at work. Some idiot made a big stink about how the store isn't doing enough for charity.
      Reese: Then don't do it.
      Lois: I have to. I'm the idiot.

    • Reese (to Lois): You're in the middle of an alley trying to get on a bike. You are ashamed of something. I can always smell shame. It's kind of like rotten coconut.

    • Dewey: Listen to yourself. That's insane. This bed is evil. It's draining your soul, Malcolm.

    • Dewey: Do you even know what day it is?
      Malcolm: I don't even know what year it is.

    • Lois: You did what?!
      Reese: Perfect, now direct your anger to the bike.

    • Reese (to Lois): No, lady! I don't want your drugs! (winks)

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • This episode is similar to an episode of King of the Hill (another Fox show). In "Hank's Bad Hair Day" (S4E19), Hank goes to his friend Bill, who cuts hair for the army, for his haircut and is faced with a $900 fee. Hank is furious and refuses to pay.