Malcolm in the Middle

Season 2 Episode 9

High School Play

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Dec 10, 2000 on FOX
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Episode Summary

High School Play
Malcolm gets a role in the high school play and is so captivated by high school gossip that he forgets his lines. Lois discovers the joys of massage. Hal and Dewey build a society of model buildings in the living room. Francis tries to show his individualism at school when the commandant cracks down on personal belongings.moreless

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  • It was good!

    Malcolm gets the lead in a high school play. He makes friends with high school girls and gets in on all the gossip. His nerd friends keep reminding him of their secret project. Dewey and Hal build a Eutopia out of Legos. The secret project is a rocket. Caroline has her baby. Francis wants to take a stand against Commandant Spangler when he tries to get rid of everyone's personal belongings. Lois has extra time, so she gets a massage from an Asian old guy. Unfortunately for Malcolm, he forgets all the lines in the play during the play.

    This was a pretty good episode! I thought the Lego city was cool! It was funny when Lois destroyed it! This episode gets a 9.0 out of 10!moreless
  • Some parts are funny

    Well, this was not the best episode of Malcolm in the Middle, it was kind of boring, the only thing funny is when Malcolm in the end forgets all of his lines, so Lloyd must take over his place, which makes Malcolm embarrased himself all by himself, and is really funny, also the thing about the rocket was really hilarious, with Caroline having her baby and finally retiring from the show, well I think that this episode was not as good as I will like it, but it was sort of entertaining.moreless
  • Malcolm gets a spot as a lead character in a High School play

    Malcolm volunteers to sign up to be in a High School play of "A Midsummer Night's Dream", just so he can get out of class. He is originally going to get a small part, until he proves how great he is at acting and instead gets the lead part. Meanwhile, his fellow Krelboynes work on a forbidden secret project that Malcolm still needs to put his work into. This episode has a pretty good story, but a somewhat predicable ending.moreless
Natasha Melnick

Natasha Melnick


Guest Star

Octavia Spencer

Octavia Spencer


Guest Star

Arsenio "Sonny" Trinidad

Arsenio "Sonny" Trinidad

Mr. Li

Guest Star

Will Jennings

Will Jennings


Recurring Role

Craig Lamar Traylor

Craig Lamar Traylor

Stevie Kenarben

Recurring Role

Daniel Von Bargen

Daniel Von Bargen

Edwin Spangler

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Hal and Dewey use literally thousands of dollars worth of Lego's. It is unlikely, considering the oft mentioned state of their finances, that Hal would have access to that sort of money.

    • In this episode, Caroline (Catherine Loyd Burns) gives birth (due to a rocket explosion). We also learn that the father is a Janitor of the school.

    • When Lois destroys Hal and Dewey's Lego city, the camera pans up at Lois from below, revealing not a ceiling, but drywall (or wood) with distinct gaps separating the sections.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Reese: You get to play a fairy.
      Lois: Not just any fairy. He's the biggest fairy in the whole play.

    • Lois: You went from a kid with no lines to the lead of the high school play.
      Hal: That's great! It's not a musical, is it?
      Malcolm: No.
      Hal: That's great.

    • (after Lois has collapsed on the lego city)
      Lois: Ow!

    • (Lois has fallen over destroying the model city)
      Reese: No fair! You did it without me?

    • (Reese is looking at model city)
      Hal: You wanna destroy it, don't you?
      Reese: Yeah.
      Hal: Well, son, you've shown a lot of restraint, so here. (hands him a radio and a hammer) Go nuts.

    • Dewey: Dad, you're embarrassing me in front of my men.

    • Hal: So, Dewey, I'm thinking our little community could use a school.
      Dewey: Don't need it, everyone's born smart.
      Hal: Oh, that's beautiful, son, it's a utopia.
      Dewey: And anyone stupid will be ground up for food.
      Hal: Oh, it's a cannibal utopia, interesting.

    • Lois: I have the next 25 minutes free.
      Cashier: How did you manage that, did you leave a kid somewhere?

    • (the play has finished and Reese wakes up)
      Reese: It's over? But you promised me partial nudity.
      Hal: That was a lie.
      Reese: And ice cream afterwards?
      Hal: That, too.

    • Dewey: Live, live live, die. (throws away figure) Live, live, live, die. (throws another)
      Hal: What happened to the judicial system presided over by a council of wise elders?
      Dewey: I had 'em lined up and shot.

  • NOTES (3)