Malcolm in the Middle

Season 3 Episode 1

Houseboat (1)

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Nov 11, 2001 on FOX

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  • Houseboat

    Malcolm and the family join Stevie's family on their houseboat for a summer trip. But nothing goes right:

    Dewey gets severely sun burnt.
    Lois and Hal find Kitty and Abe boring and think they are too rude
    The boys all want to just get out and go find some hot girls.

    Back at Marlin Academy, Francis is absolutely sick of the way he has been treated, and decides he needs a change. But what kind of change? At the end of the episode everything is back to normal, except one little thing: Francis has been emancipated, which sets the stage for the next episode
  • A boat is funny.

    I really enjoyed this episode of the show. It had some really funny parts and the story was good. I think the writing was decent and the acting better than average. I usually am a big fan of vacation episodes and this was no exception. I really had a fun time watching Reese and Stevie go after the cheerleaders. That was funny as they actually got some action. I also thought that the best was when they came back from the other side of the lake with bras. Overall, this was a funny episode and one that was done very well. Thank you.
  • Good!

    The family goes on vacation with the Kernabins. Malcolm and Hal have father/son fishing time, while Reese and Stevie party with cheerleaders at a nearby camp. Abe and Kitty are fighting but quicky make up. Dewey is pretty much left alone. After an accident, Francis gets emancipated and quits military school.

    This was a pretty good episode! I'm glad Francis quit school. I wonder what will happen to him. There were some weird parts in this episode, but I enjoyed it. Some parts were boring though also. I think I will give this episode an 8.5 out of 10!
  • And we start on season 3!

    This episode has some great moments in it and some not so great moments in it. It starts of great in the sports shop when Hal gets locked out of a changing room wearing only a Speedo! Absolutely classic!

    Another great moment in this episode was the Francis subplot. Very funny especially in the lawyer’s office.

    I didn’t care for the whole Reese & Stevie going away to find girls plot. I find it hard to believe that those two could become friends.

    The scene with Dewey hanging down from a rope swing was relatively funny, it came into its own when we see him later with bandages on.

    All-in-all this episode is not superb as it falls in some places. But when it gets good, it gets good!
  • Good episode!

    It is a cool episode, the whole family go on a weekend vacation toward to houseboat in the middle of the ocean, and they soon regret they have not. Malcolm tries to get close to his father in order to apologize for something he did, but it turns out different when he finds out that he was just being evade because of a little surprise to him, but soon wishes he has not when cute teen cheerleaders offer the boys a little bit of action... and every thing is really cool in this episode, is one of my favorite.