Malcolm in the Middle

Season 1 Episode 8

Krelboyne Picnic

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Mar 12, 2000 on FOX

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  • Great

    Malcolm doesn't want to be in the Krelboyne Picnic, because he thinks his ability, his math ability, is just weird.

    Reese gets in trouble with an older boy when he is picking on his younger brother.

    Hal gives everyone actual hot dogs, of which they are not allowed to eat.

    Lois makes an opinionated lady mad at her.

    Francis gets a girlfriend {for the episode, they break up}

    Not my favorite story line, but it was quite decent. It seems to drag on at times, so it isn't a personal favorite for me, but it was pretty well-written and had a few lines that were funny
  • Yes, it was great.

    This episode of Malcolm in the Middle had to be one of my favorite. It had really funny moments, great writing, a good story, and nice acting. It had plenty of hilarious moments and it made for some entertaining television. I had many moments that I thought were really funny, but I can't choose. Parts that did stand out was when Malcolm showed how smart he was and when all the nerds were throwing up because they ate meat. I have to say that I would have said to them to be a man, but it wouldn't have worked. Overall, great episode. Thank you.
  • Almost matches up to Red Dress.

    So, this episode was. . . AWESOME!

    Just really funny, ecspically Reese's plot. And, when the Krellboynes sense Reese is in the bushes, they stand up and start sniffing around. I was laughing for at least 5 minutes after that.

    Then, Stevie's line when Caroline asked if Malcolm was ready. I forget exactly what he said, but it was pretty funny, and that left me laughing for at least 30 seconds.

    I'm glad I got the Complete Season 1 DVD, because that season has some of the greater episodes, like this one and Red Dress.

    So, watch this episode, then watch it again, like I did.

    This was AangPhantom's review for the episode "Krellboyne Picninc"
  • Funny!

    There is a family picnic for the krelboyne students. Malcolm doesn't want to go and perform his act. He and Francis plan an escape route, but things don't go as planned when Francis meets a girl. Reese wants to beat up all the nerds, but has trouble when an older brother shows up to defend them. Caroline is let down when no one watches the acts. Lois is not welcome with the other moms, especially a certain mom. Hal cooks meat instead of tofu and other organic stuff which makes all the nerds gag. Malcolm makes an explosion with Stevie's chemistry set. He cheers Caroline up and things are way chaotic there!

    This was a pretty good episode! It was funny with Reese punching that nerd in the end and the explosion. This episode gets a 9.0 out of 10!
  • Malcolm must save Caroline's picnic after ruining it himself

    I think that this episode is really original and tells us, about many characters such as Malcolm that completely hates being a Krelboyne, Reese that all what he does is hitting them and chasing them, about Lois the way she fights against other people when they dislike her, and Hal that does whatever he wants without caring about what people tell him to do, and I think that at the end the whole family discovers that Malcolm is even smarter than what they thought, and that makes some uncomfortable silence... for a minute...
  • The first episode I ever saw.

    This is the first Malcolm in the Middle episode I ever saw and it got me hooked on the show. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to watch TV at the time and Malcolm is scarcely shown on Australian TV now so I haven't seen many other episodes but this is definitely one of the funniest episodes I've seen for many reasons:

    Francis going through all the steps in a relationship in one day

    The ignorant mother who throws out Lois' brownies instead of giving them back since there was a possibility that one of the kids could be allergic.

    Reese beating up Krelboynes

    Krelboynes being horrified that they were eating meat like normal people

    Malcolm's math experiment

    Overall this episode was definitely a funny one and I'll certainly never forget it as it's one of the classics.
  • How Smart can this kid get?

    I will never forget this episode. This episode accentuated Malcolm’s intelligence. The Episode Krelboyne Picnic was one of the first episodes I watched of this TV series. In my opinion, the idea of this episode {reflecting on Malcolm’s storyline} was to explain how Malcolm was embarrassed of his intelligence so he did anything in his power to hide it. Everyone in his family has a something. Lois was devious, loud, powerful, uptight, and witty. Hal was jumpy, an uptight father, childlike, and inelegant. Francis was a troublemaker, sly, and smooth. Reese was rough, a menace, and daft (a monkey is probably smarter). Dewey was quiet, sneaky, a tattle teller, and the youngest. However, when he received the knowledge that he was a GENIUS, he was subtle. Nonetheless, at the picnic, he decided it was time to show the world his intelligence.
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