Malcolm in the Middle

Season 6 Episode 12

Living Will

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Mar 06, 2005 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Living Will
Hal is named executor of his neighbor's living will and must decide whether to keep him on life support or pull the plug. In attempting to make the decision, Hal discovers he is incapable of making decisions on his own because he always defers to Lois. Craig asks Malcolm, Reese and Dewey to teach him how to fight dirty to fight off a bully, that turns out to be his dad. His dad tries to convince him to take over the gym he owns, but Craig refuses.moreless

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  • It was so-so.

    Hal is in charge of another man's life. He is very shaky when it comes to making decisions. The man is in a coma and he has to decideo whether to pull the plug or not. Craig comes to the boys for help. He needs training to beat the man he hates, his father. His father was mean to him, trying to get him to exercise. He lies about Craig's mom. Hal finally makes a decision, one that was unseen.

    This episode was okay. Nothing really happened though. There were some funny parts, but that's it. This episode gets a 7.5 out of 10 from me!moreless
  • I didn't even recognize this as one of my favorite shows.

    Though the breakfast choice beginning was clunky, Hal's storyline had potential: making him choose whether an acquaintance lives or dies is an interesting way to explore his character flaws comedically. However, he spent half of the episode unable to speak, and then the ending didn't provide a payoff for the dull string of scenes before it.

    I'm not usually a fan of stories about Craig, and this one was characteristically lacking in humor and charm. I guess I never wondered about Craig's parents, but I can conceive of ways to incorporate them that would be better than this.

    I have the feeling that this episode is an example of why some people don't like the series--it didn't make me laugh once. I did smile a couple times...but I expected more from such a great series.moreless
  • More or less

    This was not the best episode but it was funny. Craig wants to take over his father because of always trying to put him in diet, so he requests the help of Malcolm, Dewey, and Reese as they are masters of dirty work and well it turns out that Craig was not that great at it. Meanwhile, Hal is assigned to put the plug in or kill the guy, but later pretends to have a paralized body in order to not do anything. That was really funny!moreless
  • We cant summarize or review this episode because We don't know how it ends.....the ending is cut off with a commercia....


    a We cant summarize or review this episode because We don't know how it ends.....the ending is cut off with a commercia....the end

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    d We cant summarize or review this episode because We don't know how it ends.....the ending is cut off with a commercia....the endmoreless
Michael McShane

Michael McShane


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Dean Bates

Dean Bates

Young Hal

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Kerry Carney

Kerry Carney


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David Anthony Higgins

David Anthony Higgins

Craig Feldspar

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Craig's father gives him some pills, which he says have three times the RDA of all the basic vitamins and nutrients. RDA stands for recommended daily allowence.

    • The lawyer is conveniently interrupted before he can say Hal's last name- maintaining the series rule of never saying it.

    • This episode has no "Camera Commentary".

    • We never do find out what Hal's ultimate decision was, but it involved a hat, Radioshack, and the coma patient being a bird-lover. In any case, Lois was very impressed with it.

    • Craig mentions that he loves his cat, so either the writers forgot they killed it off, or he has a new one.

    • Hal says that he is afraid of clowns and snakes, but does not know why. Through a flashback we find out it is due to the fact that at one of his birthday parties a clown was being strangled by a snake. It is also the same reason why he has a hard time making decisions.

    • This episode establishes that Craig never knew his mother, thereby contradicting the season 2 episode "Hal Quits," in which he accidentally mails her the Lucky Aide inventory report.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Craig: I need you guys to teach me how to fight. There's this jerk picking on me and I'm sick of it.
      Reese: Why are you asking us?
      Craig: Because this guy's faster and stronger than me. The one chance I've got is if I fight dirty. And, let's face it, your family's legendary for that.

    • Reese: Do you have pride, Craig?
      Craig: Yes.
      Reese: Okay, that's not the answer I was looking for. You show me a man with pride and I'll show you a man with limited options.

    • Lois: You had a very hard choice to make before in your life, Hal, and you made not only a good one, a brilliant one. You decided to marry me. No one thought it was a good idea. All your friends thought it was a horrible mistake. Your parents. My parents! They all said I was a pushy, opinionated loud-mouth, but you knew I was perfect for you. And I am.

    • Vic Feldspar: (shaking Craig's hand) You've actually got a pretty good grip there, son.
      Craig: It's my joystick hand.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Craig says he is a level 14 Elf Cleric. This is most likely a reference to the very popular fantasy adventure role playing game Dungeons and Dragons. D&D was created by the legendary Gary Gygax, and is now in its global 4th edition. It has spawned countless games (both pen and paper and computer) and books, a cartoon, and a movie. It is extremely popular amongst the 'nerdy' sci fi fanatics, of which Craig is a fine example.