Malcolm in the Middle

Season 2 Episode 3

Lois' Birthday

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Nov 12, 2000 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Lois' Birthday
When Lois gives the boys $10 each to buy her a present (and she evens tells them what she would like), they decide to get something for themselves, which causes her to have grief. When Hal also forgets her birthday, Lois decides that is enough, so she escapes until the family finally decides that they need her. Meanwhile, Francis brings home a beautiful African woman.moreless

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  • one of my favorites

    lois is disappointed on her birthday when she gives the boys money for presents, but in the end, they get her worthless stuff and spend almost all the money on candy for themselves. will they (and hal, who also forgot her birthday) make lois realize that they do love her before it is too late?

    good episode, great in fact, one of my favorites from the series. the end is probably my all time favorite end in the series and the episode as a whole is very fun to watch. This episode, without a doubt, gets an A+ from me!moreless
  • where is the video?

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  • Good episode with cake.

    It was an episode with funny moments but what made the show really good was the writing and story. I thought that Lois had a right to be so upset as her family doesn't really pay much attention to anyone else but themselves. I have to say that Lois made the episode really worth watching as she had enough of being unappreciated at home. My favorite parts of the episode had to be where they all fight the clowns at the batting cage. If I was in a fight like that, I would have beat the tar out of them worse than they already were. Thank you.moreless
  • Weird!

    After Lois gives the boys money to buy her birthday presents, they spend it on candy. Hal forgets her birthday and she feels neglected and leaves. Francis comes home with an African American girl. Lois has gone to the batting cages. Hal and the boys try to make it up to her, but she won't buy it until some clowns make a nasty comment and they all get into a fight.

    This was a great episode! I would feel so bad if I were Lois. I wouldn't be that crazy though. This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10 from me!moreless
  • Honestly out of all the episodes I would probably say that this one is my absolute favorite.

    Honestly out of all the episodes I would probably say that this one is my absolute favorite. Everything made me laugh Craig's awful bragging,the boys awful gifts, 20 dollars on candy, Hal forgetting too,Reese cluelessness, and my favorite scene in the whole series the giant clown fight at the end. It was incredible! I love Reese being beat by the clowns, i love Dewey biting the one, Malcolm and Reese tag teaming one, Francis "I have to go" Amanni "I know" "Will you be here when i get back?" "No". Its sad that the family embarrassing themselves in a public place is the one thing that makes Lois happy but hey thats Malcolm In The Middle for you.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The song heard while Lois was inside the batting cage was "Behind Every Good Woman" by Tracy Bonham. And the one heard while the rest of the family was fighting the clowns towards the end is called "You Decorated My Life" by Kenny Rogers.

    • Lois gives the boys $30 to spend on her present(s). Well, they claim that the 3 dumb things they bought totaled up to $8. Later when Francis was arguing with them, he said thet they spent the rest on candy, so the candy totaled up to $22. He later says that there was $20 worth of candy.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Reese: We've established that, we're just going in circles here!

    • Dewey: Mom's not getting me a birthday present?
      Francis: I wasn't saying that.
      Dewey: But it's my birthday.
      Francis: No, it's not!

    • Reese: I'm lost.
      (Francis punches Reese)
      Reese: OW!
      Francis: That's how Mom feels... on the inside.

    • Boy: Hey, lady, are you going to hog that cage all day?
      Lois: (inside a batting cage) I got news for you, kid. I'm a grown-up with a credit card and no curfew. I could stay here all week if I want.

    • (after Francis keeps talking to another girl)
      Amaani: You're wasting your time. She doesn't speak English.
      Francis: Oh.
      Amaani: Which is just as well, because if she understood the crap you were feeding her, she'd laugh in your face.

    • Craig: Lois!
      Lois: Hi, Craig.
      Craig: What are you doing here on your... day off?
      Lois: Oh, I just stopped in with the boys so they could buy me a birthday present.
      Craig: Oh! It-It's your birthday? I'd-I'd completely forgotten. Seems like any other day, actually.
      Lois: Yeah, well...
      Man: (over PA) Craig to aisle seven. Craig to aisle seven.
      Craig: Of course, you can't blame me for forgetting. I've been so busy lately. Seems like I'm always hitting the weights at the gym working on the guns. (laughs)
      Man: (over PA) Craig, aisle seven.
      Craig: Yeah, and when I'm not at the gym, I'm usually with my Dixieland jazz group.
      Lois: Really? What do you play?
      Craig: I'm the costumer. You know, there are four different types of straw hats, and if you ever need those arm garters...
      Man: (over PA) Craig, I can see you!
      Craig: Bye.

    • Reese: This isn't fair. Mom should have never taken us to a store that sells candy. She set us up!

    • Francis: I have my own problems. I have to go to a kegger, party with my friends, and make out with an African goddess with this hanging over my head. Come on, Amanni.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Cold Open: The boys trick their neighbor into thinking it's Halloween to get candy, and that they shoveled her walkway to get money.