Malcolm in the Middle

Season 1 Episode 5

Malcolm Babysits

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Feb 13, 2000 on FOX
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Malcolm Babysits
Malcolm's cushy babysitting job provides relief from the trailer the family's using while their house is being fumigated, until Malcolm learns that the trust placed in him in his new position is strictly limited. Meanwhile, the military school's master key leads Francis to a corpse, for which he provides a proper send-off.moreless

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  • Malcolm's Job

    Malcolm wants a new telescope and so he gets a job babysitting a seemingly perfect rich family... until he learns that they have been spying on him. So he quits.

    The family moves into Craig's trailer and it is really hot, and Lois and Hal fight a lot.

    A pretty good episode, the main plot is definitely one to remember. It was a pretty good and really funny episode, probably the funniest, or one of the funniest, from the first season.

    The sub plot was good but not as great, and it wasn't nearly as funny.

    But the episode still gets a perfect scoremoreless
  • It was funny!

    Malcolm gets a good job babysitting for a rich family. It pays good, he barely has to watch the kids and they have a big screen TV! Francis and Stanley find a dead janitor in the underground of the facility. They and the others give him a proper cremation, sort of. When the house is infested with bugs, the family must move out temporarily and into Craig's small, hot trailer. Hal and Lois have a fight. Malcolm finds out that the family he is babysitting for, films him and watches everything he does, so he gets back by faking a terrible act and then quitting on the camera.

    This episode was great! It was funny! If it weren't for the cameras, that would be the perfect job! This episode gets a 10 out of 10!moreless
  • Cool episode.

    Hal calls an exterminator becuase their house in infested with bugs. They have to live in Craig's trailer while they wait for their house to be ready again. When Malcolm's family is suffering in the trailer, he gets to sit back and relax for his new babysitting job.

    It sounds good because it is good. I loved it when Malcolm discovers the Nanny Cam, and then we see the family ( The one he is babysitting for ) Watch the video.

    Malcolm puts a blender on the table. Then, he stirs it up a little. Then, he takes it off. You see him in the backround taking water from the fishtank, and when he comes back, he puts the blender back on the holder-thingy, and you can see water with the fish IN th blender. Then, Malcolm slowy starts to pess te stir button, but stops and says, "Oh, hey!" To the camera! Very funny.

    9 out of 10 for me.moreless
  • malcome gets more than he bargained for in this episode of Malcome In The Middle

    Malcomes house gets fumigated and so they have to go live in a trailer and while in there he want's a new toy so he asks his parents for one and well they say no and tell him to get a job so he finds a job as a baby-sitter and gets whatever he wants until he finds out that they were spying on him and he takes revenge from one of the video tapes that was in the survalance camera.And the funniest part i thought was when malcomes mom tells duey about the story about a little boy who drove his mother so crazy she killed herself i laughed really hard.moreless
  • Malcolm begins to babysit, Francis finds a corpse, and Hal and Lois get into a fight...

    I think that this episode is really, really good because first of all Malcolm begins to babysit to some children that are very educated and that don't even give him any trouble, and soon Malcolm believes that that family is the best, richest, and most perfect family ever, at least until he discovers that they were spying on him...

    Meanwhile, Francis finds the corpse of an old janitor to which he wants to give a huge tribute to, but in the end the corpse of it ends up being just exploded.

    And Hal and Lois get into a big fight that only sex can resolve, I think that this episode is one of the best episodes of Malcolm in the Middle and I think that this episode is really good and I have it on DVD that's why I think that is really good.moreless
Mark Tymchyshyn

Mark Tymchyshyn

Mr. Inkster

Guest Star

Joan McMurtrey

Joan McMurtrey

Mrs. Inkster

Guest Star

Eric Stonestreet

Eric Stonestreet


Guest Star

Drew Powell

Drew Powell

Cadet Drew

Recurring Role

Karim Prince

Karim Prince


Recurring Role

David Anthony Higgins

David Anthony Higgins


Recurring Role

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    • Malcolm (on videotape): I don't know who Melissa is, but she certainly uses a lot of lipstick. Oh, I hear you coming, so I better leave, by the way, I quit. (leaves)
      Mr. Inkster (to wife): And... who is Melissa?

    • Francis: It's buring really fast. How much gas did you use?
      Cadet Drew: Half a can.
      Francis: Where did you put the can?
      Francis: Oh.
      Stanley: Look, it's heading towards the boat house.
      (bigger explosion)
      Francis: What do you think? Run?
      Stanley: Yeah, I'd run.
      (everyone runs)

    • Lois: Keep it down!
      Reese: Huh?
      Hal: Don't talk to your mother like that!
      Lois: Go sit in the corner!
      Reese: There are no corners!

    • Reese: My butt is sweating.
      Lois: Ah, it just needs to air out a little.
      (Reese starts unbuckling his belt)
      Lois: The trailer!

    • Dewey: Mom, can I have a story?
      Lois: Once upon a time, there was a little boy that made his mom so crazy she decided to sell him to a circus.
      Dewey: An evil circus?
      Lois: No, a nice one with monkeys.
      Dewey: Thank you.

    • Malcolm: (to the camera) They trust me. People like these trust me. I, obviously, have to say something nice to them. This is why my family sucks. I have no training in this. (to the Inkster parents) This job... me like.

    • Francis: What did my Mom send me? (opens a box) Bug-infested cookies. As usual, a mixed message.

    • Hal: Look at that sky, Malcolm. Just think. Somewhere out there, all those stars and planets, there might be at this very moment a space dad who just got kicked out of his space trailer, who's looking down on us. Or would it be up at us? Or maybe sideways?
      Malcolm: Trust me, Dad, they're all looking down on us.

    • (Hal and Lois are arguing when a car pulls up, Hal is in his underwear)
      Hal: (yelling) What are you looking at?! Hey, this is a private conversation buddy. Huh!!
      (the driver stares while Malcolm tries to hide himself)
      Hal: Oh, yeah, like you've never seen this before!!
      Malcolm: My mistake. I'm on the next street over.
      (Hal and Lois continue fighting)

    • Malcolm: It's weird. I think I'm having a spasm. The muscles in my face are pulling from my mouth. Oh, I think I'm happy.

    • Francis: (to Stanley) Did you tell anyone about this place?
      Stanley: No.
      Francis: Huh. Must've been me, then.

    • Malcolm: These people are amazing. They're rich, they're smart, they're polite. What are they going to do next, give a million dollars?
      Mrs. Inkster: Malcolm, do you want a million dollars?
      Malcolm: What?!
      Mrs. Inkster: I said, do you want a sandwich to take home?
      Malcolm: Oh, close enough.

    • Francis: (reading name tag) "Lester." Looks like he was the janitor. How long you think he's been down here?
      Stanley: (licks mummy) I'd say May of '85.
      Francis: You can tell that by tasting?
      Stanley: No, the date on the newspaper.
      Francis: Then why did you lick him?
      Stanley: How often do you get to taste a mummy?

    • Lois: Craig, thank you so much for lending us your trailer.
      Craig: Oh, I'm just glad someone's finally getting some use out of it. I bought it 15 years ago to take on my honeymoon.
      Lois: You were married?
      Craig: No, I live on hope. (crosses fingers)

    • Lois: Say goodbye for a few days, boys. We're moving out.
      Malcolm: This is humiliating. Why can't we just stay at a nice hotel?
      Lois: Because we're giving all our money to the exterminators so they can stay in nice hotels.

    • Lois: You're going to start babysitting next week. Just save up.
      Malcolm: I don't even know what they're gonna pay me.
      Lois: I'll tell you what they're gonna pay you. They're gonna pay you what all jobs pay -- less than you're worth and just enough to keep you crawling back for more.

    • Hal: Besides, son, robots are evil.
      Malcolm: What?!
      Hal: Westworld, Terminator, the creepy maid from The Jetsons... How much scientific proof do you need?

    • Francis: This guy was more than an alcoholic pervert janitor. He was one of us.

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