Malcolm in the Middle

Season 7 Episode 9

Malcolm Defends Reese

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Dec 16, 2005 on FOX

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  • ..

    I didn't really think this was the best episode. It had some funny moments, and for any other show I might like it, but for Malcol In The Middle it was really a below average episode in my opinion.
    None of the story-lines are that memorable. The one with the most potential was probably the Dewie one, and we saw little of that. Though, the car scene was fantastic.
  • Great!

    Malcolm and Reese have an award-crazy teacher who has a personal grudge against Malcolm (and by extension Reese). Jamie's babysitter is driving Lois up the wall. Meanwhile, Hal is trying to get Dewey in a relationship.

    Scenes with Malcolm, Reese, and that crazy professor are pretty good. Not sure about them, though. Monkey dance! Monkey dance! Reese makes me so mad.

    Love Jamie's babysitter! Those sections of the show are just perfect! I love listening to funny old people complain! I sympathize with Lois. Poor her!

    Hal's obsession with Gena is just typical of his personality. Some of the funniest moments in the entire series lie in this story line.
  • Brotherly love!

    Mr. Herkabe is humiliating Reese at school because he is so dumb. Malcolm can't take it, so he talks to Herkabe. It seems that it's Herkabe's plan all along to get Malcolm to lower his GPA so he can keep his "Highest GPA" award at school. Hal gets involved with Dewey's love life. He does everything for Dewey, which results in a bad allergic reaction. He even tries to apologize, but it makes it look like he is a kidnapper because he bribing her to get in his car with candy. Lois goes crazy from the new babysitter. She talks way too much, so finally Lois tells her to leave!

    This episode was great! I liked how Malcolm stood up for Reese. I would hate if my dad did what Hal did to Dewey. This episode gets a 9.5!
  • Reese getting tortured by horrible teacher who thinks he's better than everyone else.

    I really liked this episode. I felt so sorry for Reese there's nothing worse than feeling stupid in front of the whole class. Yeh we know he's stupid but come on there was no need to pick on him. I liked the fact that Malcolm defended him only to get the teacher back. I also liked the fact that Reese kicked the crap out of Herkabea(sorry about the spelling) in Dodgeball. It shows that even though Reese and Malcolm fight constantly they will still defend each other whether it's academically in Malcolm's case or in something physical in Reese's case. A brilliant episode overall.
  • Jaime's new babysitter is driving Lois crazy...until Lois unleashes her rage and kills her. Meanwhile Hal takes over Dewey's love life...leading to disasterous results Malcolm defends Reese from Herkabe's torture, only to rea

    I thought this was a very original episode....Malcolm still has life left in it. Will Claire\'s sister stick around? What about Dewey\'s new girlfriend?

    I loved how the show\'s writers make effort to provide continuity to each episode...and Herkabe on screen = GREAT episode.

    Overall a fantastic episode with some aspects that will need to be built on in the future...I say Malcolm one more season!!