Malcolm in the Middle

Season 5 Episode 5

Malcolm Films Reese

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Nov 30, 2003 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The two guys who arrest Mr. Landon were the same two guys from Hal's flashback "Company Picnic (1)." They had appeared as Hal's bosses when Hal remembered the time he photocopied his butt. Undercover from the beginning, perhaps?

    • If you look on the envelope Dewey takes, you can see that Dewey goes to Groves Elementary School.

    • In this episode, Reese mentions to Malcolm, "If you want to talk like a girl, go find a girl." In the season three episode "Malcolm's Girlfriend," Reese almost says the same thing, "Just because you have a girl, doesn't mean you should act like one."

  • Quotes

    • Malcolm: This is an official apology. I'm a horrible person and I'm sorry. What I did was horrible, even by our standards. And, let's face it, we've set the bar very low.

    • Piama: I still can't believe you convinced the newspaper to give us another review.
      Francis: Honey, you of all people should know how persuasive I can be.
      Piama: You cried?
      Francis: Like a baby.

    • Mr. Herkabe: You are going to secretly conduct an in-case study of a deviant mind. The most deviant mind we have in our disposal. A mind incapable of differentiating between right and wrong, a diseased…
      Malcolm: You're talking about my brother!

    • Dewey: Mom, Dad. I got a question about school. Let's say I'm making some money. I mean, so much money that the idea of going to school is...
      Hal: You have to go to school.
      Dewey: But what if you're making more than $400-500 a week?
      Lois: (sarcastic) Yeah, Dewey. You start making $400-500 a week, you can quit school.
      Dewey: (happily) Okay.

    • Reese: (whispering to a wishing hole in a tree) I wish Malcolm and I could be friends forever.

  • Notes

    • This episode was nominated for a WGA Award (TV) for Episodic Comedy.

    • Cold Open: Hal and Lois prepare to share an intimate moment with Jamie in the room. Lois is worried that Jamie will see them, but Hal reassures her that babies never remember. When they turn on some music, Reese, Malcolm and Dewey all get frightened looks and make an awkward position in their beds.

    • Though credited, Meghan Fay does not appear in this episode.

  • Allusions

    • When Malcolm asks Reese if there is anything he can to do make it up to him, Reese says he can 'fly backwards around the earth like Superman to turn back time'.

      This is a reference to Superman The Movie, starring Christopher Reeves. In one scene, he flies around the earth to turn back time and make Lois Lane live again. Superman is a comic character and licensed property of DC Comics.