Malcolm in the Middle

Season 2 Episode 21

Malcolm vs. Reese

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Apr 22, 2001 on FOX

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  • I liked it!

    Francis is home. He has two tickets to a wrestling match, so he makes Malcolm and Reese serve him to figure out who he should take. Dewey has to take care of Craig's cat while he is away. Jellybean, the cat, runs away, so Hal tries to help. Craig's place ends up getting robbed and things only get worse with a bunch of drugged cats in the room. Lois has an idea that ends up getting Craig's house burnt down. Reese and Malcolm are fighting each other to go, but Francis says he met a girl who likes wrestling. They get back at him big time when they report that Francis stole the car. They steal his license and pretend to be hostages in the trunk. Craig comes back and now lives with them. Reese and Malcolm must follow his orders now.

    This episode was pretty good! The plan Malcolm and Reese had for revenge on Francis was really smart! This episode gets a 9.0 out of 10!
  • Who will win?!

    Haha, this is an extremely funny episode! The whole point is Francis is bored so he interests Malcolm and Reese into see who loves Francis the most by inviting them to a wrestling match. He only had two tickets and had to take either one of his two brothers. Malcolm and Reese compete against each other by being his slaves. Until they found out that Francis gave the extra ticket to a girl he met. So, Malcolm and Reese get revenge on Francis which leads him to jail. What are brothers for? LOL!

    Meanwhile, Dewey is taking care of Craig's cat, Jellybean, and it runs away. Hal tries to get the cat back but ends out leaving the window open which Craig's house was robbed. Then he leaves cat food and attracts more cats. Then Lois tries to save the day but ends out burning the house. Finally Jellybean shows up and everything is back to normal. Well, not really. Craig ends up living with the Wilkersons, as Malcolm and Reese are his slaves just after getting rid of Francis. Brilliant!
  • Malcolm vs. Reese in a sibling battle.....

    Malcolm and Reese begin to do favors to Francis in order to get to the wrestling show, but after some time they begin to fight against each other, and later Francis shows up saying that she needs to take out a girl out instead of them, and they get their revenge...

    Meanwhile, Dewey is on Craig's house taking care of Jellybean and accidentally loses the cat, and until the end they must use the final chance they have: Lois.

    This episode shows great rivarly between the brothers and get completely against each other. This episode is great.
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