Malcolm in the Middle

Season 3 Episode 4

Malcolm's Girlfriend

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Nov 28, 2001 on FOX
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Malcolm's Girlfriend
Malcolm gets a girlfriend, much to the dismay of Lois. He seems really happy, but it has effected his grades, and friendships. Dewey makes a friend and uses him to get the birthday he's always wanted. Francis gets put in jail and is entertained by the guards who live a Soap Opera like lifestyle.moreless

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  • good

    malcolm gets a girlfriend but he gets too jealous when she is with another guy, will they remain an item?

    francis is put in jail, and the cops live a soap opera-y life.

    dewey gets a friend and helps his mom plan a party. but is the party for dewey's friend or dewey?

    good episode, for once i actually enjoyed dewey's plot, mostly because i was expecting dewey to actually care when ronnie yelled at him. overall, a somewhat enjoyable episode, but also kind of boring in some parts, so i think my overall grade for this episode is a B or somoreless
  • Not good.

    Average is the only word that can describe how I feel about this episode. I don't thnik it was bad but in no way do I feel like it was good. Malcolm is just a bore when an entire episode is dominated by him. I have to say that all of the show was about him and his weirdo girlfriend. It was actually a relief because I am gald that we didn't get to see her face! My very few bright moments of the show was when Malcolm got her sick on peanuts. That was actually the only funny part. Stupid, annoying Malcolm. Thank you.moreless
  • Good!

    Malcolm gets a new girlfriend, Sarah. He is totally obsessed with her and is all he thinks about. His grades slip up because of her. Francis is put in jail when he tries to get food out of a dumpster. The jail becomes a like a television show for him. The sheriff's wife is cheating on him and there's a mysterious murder that needs to be solved. When he is let free, he is sad because he wants to keep watching the drama of the jail. Sarah breaks up with Malcolm because he is too clingy. Dewey makes a friend and he ruins his surprise birthday by making the theme cowboys: something Dewey loves and his friend hates.

    This episode was pretty good! I wish we could've seen Sarah's face. I recognized Cristine Rose, who is in Heroes. This episode gets an 8.5 out of 10!moreless
  • Malcolm gets a girlfriend...

    In this episode, as the names suggests, Malcolm gets a girlfriend. The episode is cleverly done, with features such as never revealing his girlfriends face, and Francis's plot of being locked in jail and watching events from his jail cell like a soap opera. Other story lines include Dewey exploiting his new rich kid friend, which although isn't that good a story line, ties in well with Malcom's in the end, when he ruins "Dewey's party".

    I'd say this is a great episode with Dewey's birthday memories, Malcom's paranoid behaviour which drives him to beat up a foreign exchange student, and his dramatic breakup.moreless
  • ...well...

    We finally find out how does Malcolm treats things when he has a girlfriend, he acts completely paranoic, schizophrenic, and on top of all, with jealousy. Malcolm tries to convince himself that is not the fact but is the true, and at the end he ends up with no girlfriend thankst to his stupid jealousy. Well, I kind of like this episode really much, it was somehow funny, its good.
Charlie Stewart

Charlie Stewart

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Malcolm David Kelley

Malcolm David Kelley

Kid #1

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Matthew Dunn

Matthew Dunn

Young Dewey

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Kyle Sullivan

Kyle Sullivan


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Evan Matthew Cohen

Evan Matthew Cohen


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Craig Lamar Traylor

Craig Lamar Traylor

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    • Lois: Sit! Look at yourself, they put you on probation. Probation! If you do just one more thing wrong, they're gonna kick you out of school. Do you know how serious this is? Is this who you want to be? You want to be some little lap dog who ruins his life for some girl? For god's sake Malcolm, you beat up a foreign exchange student! Poor little Zadoc left his country to get away from this kind of abuse.(Malcolm stares) Are you even listening to me?!
      Malcolm: Yes, I'm listening! But you know what, mom? I've got bigger problems! You may not have noticed, but I've been screwing up a lot lately. All because of some stupid girl! I'm on probation! I beat up a kid who doesn't even speak English! I'm going through a lot right now, and you don't even care!

    • Dewey: Everyone, this is Ronnie. As you can see, he is real. (pinches Ronnie)
      Ronnie: Ow!

    • Malcolm: It's none of your business! It's nooooobody's business!! It's not a big deal, okay??!!
      (everyone stares)
      Malcolm: Well, it's not and I would appreciate it if we just drop it!

    • Hal: Your mother's right, son. I had to wait until I was 11 when I kissed my... wait, how old are you?

    • Lois: Malcolm, look at me!
      (Malcolm gives a worried look)
      Lois: Oh, my God, it's true! Malcolm, NO! You do not do this yet!!!

    • Malcolm: I GAVE YOU MY SOUL, SARA!!! I GAVE YOU MY SOUL!!!! (collapses onto the floor, a circle forms around Malcolm and Dabney covers Malcolm with a coat)

    • Reese: Malcolm's got a girlfriend!
      Lois: What?!
      Hal: Son, is this true?
      Malcolm: Reese!
      Reese: Damn, I was saving that one for report card day.

    • Reese: Just turn off your brain. It's easy, watch.
      Malcolm: Reese, you can't just turn off your...
      (Reese stares into wonder)
      Malcolm: Reese? Reese!
      Reese: (comes back) Whoa, how long was I gone?

    • Malcolm: I can go back. (enters the moonwalker)
      Dewey: What are you doing?
      Malcolm: Play. I'm gonna play.
      Dewey: No, you're too big.

    • Reese (about Malcolm and his girlfriend): I saw them behind the Seven Eleven French kissing. That's with tongue, mom.

    • Lois: This is all your fault, Hal. You're the one who bought him that acne medicine.
      Hal: I thought we were safe. I mean, he's still goofy looking. His head is like five times too big for his body.

    • Hal: Lois, please, let's not have this veer off into us somehow not having sex tonight.

    • Reese: Just because you have a girl doesn't mean you should act like one.

    • Malcolm: Just once I'd like to learn a lesson without something exploding.

    • Hal (with knife in hand): Don't be scared, little girl.

    • Malcolm: I have a girlfriend!

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